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Muro is a Spanish municipality located in the comarca of Pla de Mallorca, island of Mallorca, province of Balearic Islands, autonomous community of Balearic Islands, Spain. Situated at the coastline with the area of more than 58 sq. kilometers, the town is a soul-soothing place. Having a population of less than 7000 inhabitants, the locality is calming, beautiful yet energetic. It is located in the northeast of Mallorca, and is visited by hundreds of tourists annually. The locality is at less than 50 km from the main city of the island of Mallorca. The region is said to have quite a breath-taking climate and tourist attractions.

What The Municipality Offers Today

The municipality is at the beaches of Mallorca, that provides enough spots for a dip or go fishing. It has the best restaurants with the most perfect savory, you can take a workout session at the beaches, roam in the midst the historical lanes and buildings, visit the oldest churches, oratories or baptisteries in the region, enjoy the nature, have some air at the famous greenish parks, go paragliding, and much more. Whatever you want to experience, our small municipality gives you that.

CuddlyNest Provides You With Additional Comfort On Your Vacations

With so much on the list, all you want to do is to fly to this coastal heaven on Earth and get things off your bucket list. But the most important thing about planning a trip or vacation is thinking about the accommodation. CuddlyNest brings you a diverse range of options to choose from; a villa, an apartment, a cabin in the woods, a beach viewing bedroom, a horizon viewing balcony and so much more. You can always choose between our options as per your requirements. Our rentals offer facilities like spacious parking, best furniture, mesmerizing views, Internet connectivity, shared pool and so on. Seems dreamy? Check our website, book a rental under economical price tags and live your vacations to the full.

Travelling to Muro

The beautiful coastal town of Muro can be accessed easily. All you need is to get a flight to the Palma Mallorca Airport, and then you can rent a car or hire a shared shuttle. The distance between the airport and the village is less than 45 km. Another way to reach this mind-blowingly beautiful region is to get a ferry to Port of Alcudia or Port of Palma de Mallorca. Port of Alcudia is almost 5 km away from the town, whereas, the Port of Palma de Mallorca is less than 50 km away from the region.

Beaches of Muro

The most important reason of travelling to the town of Muro is its intoxicatingly beautiful beaches. Some of these beaches have a rocky seabed and some have fine sand for you to enjoy lying on. You can play volleyball at these beaches, take the thrill of surfing the tides, go kite-surfing, get relaxed with the beautiful soul-reflecting waters, take a swim with your friends and family, go camping at the night with a barbeque night and some chilly ghost stories, take a relaxing spa at the beach, take a jet ski and enjoy the best you can, or else you can take a quadbike and then can stroll along the coastline as well. These beaches offer all you can think of. The famous beaches at and around Muro are listed below:

  • Playa de Muro Beach
  • Platja de Muro
  • Playa del Muro
  • Platja dels Capellans
  • Casetas des Capellans
  • Torre d’enfilacio
  • Platja de Santa Margalida


Other Landmarks of Muro

Apart from Beaches, the beautiful municipality of Muro has a museum which is definitely worth a visit.

Museu de Mallorca- Secció Etnològica

Museu de Mallorca- Secció Etnològica (also known as Museum of Mallorca), was founded in 1960s as a museum for fine arts and archeological collection. Today, the museum is hugely funded and caters the disciplines of archeology, ethnology, ethnography, fine arts and decorative and industrial arts. It is a place best for scientific research, study and consultation, learning, exploration, discovery and enjoyment, referred to in the field of history, art and of the culture of the Mallorca Island. The Museum is a witness to history and creativity and the characteristics of the different cultures from the past.

Climate of Muro

The climate of Muro is rather hot. The highest temperature goes to 31° C, and the lowest temperature goes to 4° C. The months with highest temperatures are July and August, whereas, the months with the lowest temperatures are December, January and February. But for this kind of temperature, almost every vacation rental at CuddlyNest has shared pools and balconies for you to calm your nerves and maintain the temperature, you want to be in.

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