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Sa Pobla is a town and municipality in the judicial district of Inca, comarca of Raiguer, province and autonomous community of Balearic Islands, Spain. Having a total population of less than 13,000, the town is relaxing, tranquil yet fun place on Earth to visit. The town stretches in an area of 48.5 square kilometers which are ideal for relaxation and fun. It is at less than an hour’s distance from Palma, the capital of the Island of Mallorca. The town is a gem hidden from several tourists who visit the surroundings but don’t know about the city because of the several tourist attractions and the things that the town has to offer. According to the literature and official documents, Balearic Islands were conquered by Romans by 123 BC. But the culture of the region is said to be a descendent of that of Talaiots. The evidence of this theory is found in the fact that a Bronze bull’s head was found in the region which dates back to the Bronze Age. Romans were later defeated by Vandals who took over the region in 5th to 6th century AD. They were incorporated into the dominions of Byzantium. Until 7th century AD, the Balearics were dominated by Byzantium and Muslims. In the 13th century, the Catalans’ leader James I defeated the Muslims and conquered the region.

What The Town Offers Today

The old town of Sa Pobla offers much more than you expect. You can stare and explore the religious monuments, take a walk along the past with the Museums, participate in local fairs and festivities and have all the fun in the town within your reach. The ruins and landscapes from the Roman times are still intact and well maintained as well. All you need to do in the region is roam around and explore things by yourself. The climate, atmosphere and historic aura of the town will make you fall in love with it automatically.

CuddlyNest Provides You with Comfort and Coziness on Your Vacations

When travelling to a cozy, loving, and beautiful region like Sa Pobla, you need an accommodation where you can feel at home and relax as much as you want. CuddlyNest is what provides you with that element of comfort and relaxation with enough facilities and options to choose from. The options at CuddlyNest differ in the accessibility, number of guests/companions you are bringing along, the facilities you require and the views and the locality in which the accommodation is situated. You can get a villa with a shared pool or a part of a house, or an entire chalet at the center of the town to reside in for your stay in the town. The facilities provided at the rentals include Internet connectivity, oven, heating, spacious parking, and microwave oven, washer and so on. You can choose the size of the accommodation by yourself according to the number of guests you can travelling with. Located at the most accessible routes, the locality of the rental will be of your choice and will be at under pocket-friendly price tags. For sure, CuddlyNest is what makes you feel home everywhere.


Travelling to Sa Pobla

Sa Pobla is in the east of Spain, on the island of Mallorca and autonomous community of Balearic Islands. Traveling to this lovely piece of land is easy as all you have to do to get here is to take a flight from your homeland to Palma de Mallorca Airport which is less than 50 km away from the village. If you want you can take a detour or choose Menorca Airport for your departure from the town as that might give you an opportunity to explore more of Balearic Islands and that is the best international airport in the region. The Airport is just 103 km away from the town of Sa Pobla.

S’Albufera Natural Park

If you are a nature enthusiast, S’Albufera de Mallorca Natural Park should be the first in your list while visiting Sa Pobla. Birdwatchers come here from all around the Europe to watch rare species which are migrants or locals. Rare Species include Montagu's harriers and Eleanora's falcons, stonechats, moustached warblers and the long-eared owl and many more. The park has facilities like footpaths, cycle trails, bird-watching hides and a visitors center (about 20 min walk from the car park) with an audio visual display room where you can listen to birdsong.

Fairs and Festivities of Sa Pobla

If you are travelling to Sa Pobla, you definitely should be travelling at the time of fairs or festivities. This is the time when Sa Pobla is the most fun town to be living in. The town is known for these fairs. These fairs take place around the year on annual or semi-annual basis. Some of the fairs and festivals are mentioned below with their months:

  • Fires d’oportunitats (April / October)
  • Fira Nocturna de sa Patata (July)
  • Fira de Tardor (November)
  • Sant Antoni (16th and 17th January)
  • Sa Rua (February / March)
  • Setmana Santa (March / April)
  • Encontre d’Escriptors. Dia del Llibre (April)
  • Santa Margalida i Sant Jaume (July)
  • Festival de Jazz (August)
  • Sopar a la Fresca (August)

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