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The Majorca is among the Balearic Islands of Spain popular for its amazing tourist attractions including Santa Margalida which is a municipality situated in the northeast section of Majorca. There are basically three different sections of this area but Santa Margalida happens to have the highest population among them. It is present 10km away from the sea so it is not difficult to drive to the coast or enjoy the fun activities inland. The development is good here because it is only 45km away from the island’s capital city. The municipality of Santa Margalida is hardly 100m above sea level has a swamp in the northwest with a wide variety of animal species living there. The locals earn their living mostly through agriculture by farming various crops and raising livestock. The settlement was thriving even during the time of the Ancient Rome and was named Hero. It also went through Arab rule and grand estates were built here for the elite. This place is currently named for the myths and legends surrounding St. Margalida.   

Vacation rentals in Santa Margalida

You need to get plenty of rest in order to explore the island properly during your trip to Majorca so it is important to choose the right place to stay. Fortunately, CuddlyNest provides the perfection solution with excellent hosts and high rated vacation rentals in Santa Margalida. You will be able to have all the modern facilities that you are accustomed to because the tourism industry here is flourishing these days.

Tourist attractions in Santa Margalida

When you visit this municipality you will have access to the entire island and it is convenient to get from one point to the next. You can also go to different coasts and islands nearby via boat and explore incredible beaches in this part of Spain. Many people love to participate in water sports here and go diving under the waves to look at the aquatic life.

Cases de Son Real

Spanning around 395 hectares, this park is a slice of pure natural beauty in between the hustle and bustle on the island. Cases de Son Real is quite close to the coast at Can Pica fort so you can also reach it from that side. If you love taking long walks in the park and exploring species of flora and fauna you will enjoy spending time here. There are four paths for you to take within Cases de Son Real and you will encounter ducks and geese along the way. People love biking here and passing by majestic peacocks flaunting their beauty in the open air. You can rent a bike from the shops here with your friends. There is also a path that takes you to a secret beach for some solitude. There are ruins of a prehistoric tomb in the park as well. The museum that shares the history and culture of the island does not have an charge so it is a great place to visit with your family.

365 Calvari Steps

One of the most famous tourist attractions on the island is an half an hour drive from Santa Margalida in Pollensa. The Calvari Steps of Spain are 365 in number so it is important that you go on a day with pleasant weather and make sure that you are feeling fit as well. Go to the central square of Pollensa and you will be able to climb up this ancient staircase made out of stone as a path to the small church on top. You will learn the true meaning of “Good things come to those who wait” because the views from the top of the Calvari Steps are absolutely breathtaking. Don’t worry, you may rest along the way and there are some stores going up the steps too. Even if it is sunny there are cypress trees on this path that will offer some shade. There is a famous Easter procession here with a re-enactment of the crucifixion that you should definitely attend.     

Buggy Xperience

People who are interested in sports that involve driving should sign up for a thrilling Buggy Xperience that is available just a 14 minute drive away from Santa Margalida to Can Pica fort. You will have the amazing opportunity to drive around in buggies on the island where there are beautiful sights to be enjoyed everywhere you look. The instructors will guide you on the operation of buggies, handling it in various environments and safety precautions. The instructors are multilingual so you won’t have to worry about miscommunication. You can drive the buggy on the road as well as wild paths outside of town. Since you will be able to stop at different places for quick breaks, these are the ideal times to snap a couple of great photos to save precious memories. There are eateries all around so it is not difficult to find a restaurant that suits your personal taste. Depending on your preferences, you may drive for hours following the lead of your guide.

Port d'Alcúdia

If you are looking for a main port on the island, you may visit Port d'Alcúdia which is situated just half an hour’s drive from Santa Margalida. It is a wonderful place for those who desire a taste of the local coastal towns in Majorca. Those who appreciate the beauty of the ocean and coast will be delighted to take pictures and videos of this port. It can get crowded during the season so it totally depends on you whether you want to visit during it or off-season. In the perfect weather, you can spend the day taking in the amazing sights of the port and the town. There are several restaurants and bars at Port d'Alcúdia where you may try the local delicacies made from freshly caught seafood. Enjoy the culture with the beautiful handicrafts being sold at the shops there. The Old Town of Alcúdia is close by for those who wish to explore more of what it offers.


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