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If you are looking for a beautiful and peaceful location to cast off your year long stress and spend your vacation at, Selva is the perfect spot for you. A small picturesque village sited at the foot of Tamuntana Mountain, Selva is sensation for tourists visiting Spain.

This little area is a coastal town in Spain, uniquely divided between 2 provinces; Barcelona and Girona. It is a municipality or, locally known as, comarca located on Mollarca or Mojarca which is the largest, autonomous Island among the Baleiric Islands of the Mediterranean. It was not until 1300 AD that Selva was considered a town on its own by King Juame II. Because of its peculiar yet unique location and history full of rebellions of the inhabitants, Selva is rich in Mollarcan culture and can make it a worthwhile adventure for anyone in search of traditional Mollarcan experience.

Climate Conditions of Selva

If you are deciding what time of the year you should visit Selva, here is good news for you. The weather at Selva stays pleasant all 365 days. There can be seen very little fluctuation in the temperature of the place. The averegae maximum temperature recorded is around 30°C, in July, while the average minimum temperature recorded is around 6°C, in January. Which also tells January is the coolest and July is warmest month of the year at this Island. Since it’s a coastal town, the weather stays toward the cool side, with blowing from the sea. throughout the twelve months with an average of 150 - 300 hours of monthly sunlight. July is the driest and October is the wettest month. The summers are short, warm and mostly clear while winters are long, cold and comparatively cloudy. It stays humid, windy and wet almost all year long. The temperature does not get low enough to cause trouble but on average, considering the beachy side of the place, July and August are voted as the best months to pay a visit to Selva in.

Vacation Residence in Selva

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Closest landing for Selva

The nearest airport to Selva is the Palma de Mallorca Airport (also known as the Son Sant Joan Airport), which is the third largest and busiest airport of Spain after the ones at Barcelona and Madrid. Palma de Mallorca airport caters flights from various international airlines. From Palma de Mollarca, Selva can be reached in 4 ways; by train, by bus, by taxi or by car. All these services and facilities are provided to tourists at reasonable rates by various trip organizers. The distance from Selva to the airport is approximately 41km by road (about 30 minutes to max an hour drive). In case there are no flights at Palma de Mallorca airport, Girona-Costa Brava International Airport and Barcelona – El Prat airport are the nearsest international airports for people visiting from worldwide.

Attractions and what to do in Selva

Selva is the best location to relax and recharge yourself. It lies on the Mediterranean and the beaches, the sunset and scenic beauty of the place makes it one of the top go-to places for tourist seeking peace and seclusion. There are several beaches surrounding the location. When in Selva, one can easily go and spend time by the shore, sunbathing or making sandcastles. Exploring Serra De Tramuntana is also another well-known activity around Selva. The majestic mountain range is a great tourist attraction. Hiking, climbing, taking the rocky route are some of the common sources of adventure when spending time around the hilly areas.

Selva is famous for its visitors “Hitting the rocks” or “Hitting the sea”, but if you want to take a break from nature, there are numerous lavish restaurants and market places, like the infamous Inca Market, not very far away, for you to pass time and have fun at.

Other than that, there are historical places and pieces of architecture like Santuari de Lluc, the beautiful church with great scenic value and Ecovinyassa which, because of its staff and vibrant environment, is a must visit for people travelling to Mojarca, are of great cultural significance and fascinate sightseers and tourists.

Selva overall is one of the top locations on the list of holiday places. A place with natural as well as architectural beauty, offering a time of peace and seclusion from the outside world and its problems is among the favorites of most frequent travelers. It is safe to say Selva can be called Paradise on earth for the fulfilling experience it offers to everyone visiting the place.

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