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On the Atlantic Ocean, at the Gran Canaria Island among the Canary Islands, there exists the capital city of Las Palma, also termed as the city of beaches. This incredible city owns a busy urban life with a good population and diversity, standing as the ninth biggest Spanish city and so the fascinating culture, cruise ships port, festivities, conventional centers, libraries, museums, theatres, exhibition halls, hot climatic conditions, furnished transportation system, squares and parks, dining spots, cafes,, bars and pubs, make it is worthy tourist city. Duty free shopping is also what Las Palmas is popularly known for.

However, let’s look deeply into what this exceptionally lively land has for the passionate tourists. Truly, Las Palmas has a lot to offer to you, you need to be an eager tourist to go to a plenty of places and embrace ton pack to fun therein.

Sunny Tourist-Friendly Climate

Classified as a tropical city, Las Palmas experiences with hot climate being so ideal for those looking for Sunny holidays. Warmest month is August while January is the coldest one so, plan your trip according to your weather likeness. Rain falls only 22 days at average and the region has never recorded to gain any snowfall.

City Night Life

The bars, pubs, discos, night clubs, festivities especially like carnival, restaurants and major squares make it a city that is lively all the time. You will love to be at this big urban center full of midnight freaks and diversity.

Easily Accessible Transportation

Reaching destinations with quickest and easiest means is no problem in this mega city thanking its efficiently structured transportation system. Roads, highways, airports, seaport, buses and railway accessibilities, all making a worthwhile convenient city for never tiring travelers.

Aesthetic Landscapes

Las Palmas is naturally blessed with alluring landscapes among which its four beaches top the attraction list.

Las Canteras Beach being the largest one, stretching 3100m, is all the time crowded by locals and tourists. Sheltered from the strong Atlantic currents by a naturally occurring coral stone barrier known as “the bar”, the safety prevails its popularity. The beach is one of the only three Spanish beaches to have received ISO 14001, an environmental management setup.

Las Alcaravaneras Beach is wholly facilitated by the promenade and stretches only 800m with its golden sand. The promenade makes sporting recreationally capable for running, walking, cycling while the water currents for canoeing and sailing, and beach for beach volleyball, beach soccer, futvoley, and the existing court for indoor soccer, basketball and court volleyball. Also, the tranquility of the overall place is worth spending a complete day there for.

La Laja Beach is a favorite surfer’s beach due to its currents. Extending 1200m with grey sand, and its broadwalk facilitating pedestrians, it is a nice vacay stop.

Confital Beach: excellent for surfers with qualifying rounds of world Surfing Championship happening at the spot, and a great coastal strip, all make it an enchanting tourist spot.

Jaw Dropping Buildings and Squares

Being a big urban center, La Palmas has magnificent buildings art and squares for you to sightsee with jaw-dropping sighs and wide eyes. You will love your La Palmas journey thus, throughout.

Cathedral Beauty

Blessed with the presence of eight cathedrals and churches, Las Palmas is such a sweet fruit to your soul.


Pleasant Marketplaces

This city is a giant market place, having a surprising number of shopping spots. To an estimation, at least 30 specialty shops, plazas, malls and centers are there in Las Palmas.

Enthusiastic Festivities

The city is home to Theatre and Dance Festival, Dance Center, Canary Island Music Festival, Jazz Festival, Fantastic and Terror Film Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Opera Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and so many more.

Las Palmas also owns Auditorio Alfredo Kraus, Palais des congrès de Gran Canaria, and Center for Initiatives of the Caja de Ahorros de Canarias, with latest technologies and giant accommodations where brilliant concerts, conventions and conferences keep taking place. By being there, you peep into the ordinary lives of the locals as a tourist.

Theatrical Art

Possessing Cuyás Theater, Guiniguada Theater, Teatro Pérez Galdós and Sala Insular de Teatro, La Palmas caters your entertainment craving soul with exciting plays.

Flawless Nature Parks

This region is a hub of nature parks around 15 in numbers at least. You must be an intense traveler to visit a majority.

Intriguing Museums

The city obtains around 12 museums in numbers, all very informative, charming, intriguing and wonderful. Splendid Statues and Monuments, many in numbers are also there for you to sightsee.

Outdoor Fun and Tours

There is a huge number of service providers for touring this amazing city, by different means, whether it be through buses routes, or boat sailing, scuba diving, segwaying, biking, hiking, canyoning, climbing, walking, paddle surfing or so much more. They also provide courses for you to enjoy the experiences better.

Delightful Food Affair

This land is a foodie heaven paying tribute to the diversity present there. your foodie self will get crazy coming across incredibly plenty of food options.

Sporting Extravaganza

With many sports practiced, like, basketball, volleyball, scuba, diving, skydiving, paragliding, soccer, windsurfing, kitesurfing, swimming, cycling, gold, tennis, rowing mainly, and being home to three professionally major sports teams, La Palmas is a sporting giant, loved by sports freaks.

Hassle-free Vacation Accommodation Encounter

Firtly, to mention; this is definitely not the last best thing of gorgeously wonderful Las Palmas. There is so much more than what is mmentioned above. Anyways, Cuddlynest being a marvelously efficient and convenience providing online rental accommodation site has its service network in Las Palmas that is your tourist treat in disguise. Along with its cozy vacation rentals, the complimentary vacation packages are a delightful marking.

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