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Cambrils is a municipality and a coastal town in the comarca of Baix Camp, province of Tarragona, autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain. Having a population of almost 33,000, the town lies on the north-east of the island. It is a small town with an area of 35.2 square kilometers. It is connected with the world via Rues Airport that is less than a 20 minutes’ drive from the town. It is a lovely, tranquil town with perfect vacation atmosphere and excursions that you would never want to miss. The town lies at the distance of one and a half hour’s drive distance from the capital of the autonomous community of Catalonia; Barcelona.
The traceable history of the town goes back to the pre-historic era but the growth of the town started in the Roman era. The proof of the Roman existence in the region is the archeological site of La Llosa and the Roman capital of Tarraco. By the medieval period, there were already settlements on the banks of Alforja Torrent. In the mid of 12th century, when the kingdom of Aragon defeated the Moors, they granted a series of privileges to encourage the repopulation of Cambrils. The foundation of stable a population center was laid in the 12th century. The area had good maritime connections as well. 

What The Town Offers You Today
The town of Cambrils offers you a lot to do during your stay on the premises. You can enjoy the best you can at the beaches in the town. These beaches are known to be some of the most entertaining ones in the region. As they are children-friendly and even allow pets. Apart from beaches, there are adventure parks in the region which allow you to tale on the challenges of survival with safety and precautions. You can take your dose of adrenaline from this or relax at the lush green parks of the town. You can even learn at the town through all the museums with excitement, and fun.

CuddlyNest Allows You To Bring Your Home Along
Cambrils is a lovely coastal town in the autonomous community of Catalonia. It is visited by lesser people because not many people know about it yet. Finding a perfect accommodation in this coastal town is a bit difficult for a tourist or foreigner. That’s why CuddlyNest is the best option you can opt in this municipality of Cambrils. CuddlyNest is known for bringing you the feeling of comfort, affection, and warmth as your home does. That's why we say that CuddlyNest allows you to bring your home along on your vacations. The vacation rentals at CuddlyNest are spacious with facilities like Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Internet Connectivity, Free Parking, Air Conditioning, Iron, Dishwasher, TV, Balcony and so much more. The diverse range of our accommodations at Vecindario can be home to more than 22 guests of all ages. The cozy apartments and luxurious villas at CuddlyNest make you fall in love with the town so much that you want to revisit the town soon in the near future.  

Traveling to Cambrils
Cambrils is situated at the northeastern part of the autonomous community of Cambrils. The nearest international airport to the town is that of Barcelona – El Prat Airport. The distance from the airport to the modern town is even lesser than 90 km. If you want, you can take a detour to the Rues Airport which is another airport but is a domestic one and at a distance of less than 15 km away from the town. For traveling to the municipality from the airport, you have options to rent a car or share a shuttle or maybe a cab will be suitable as well. The rentals by CuddlyNest are on the most accessible routes so you can reach there directly, unload your luggage, get over your jet lag and then enjoy the town of Cambrils as much as you want.

Beaches of Cambrils
Beaches are the best and most valued attractions of Cambrils. Here, you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate, enjoy the traditional nautical sports or relax in the sun. You can get indulged in volleyball at these beaches, take the thrill of surfing the tides, go kite-surfing, get relaxed with the beautiful soul-reflecting waters or take a swim with your friends and family. These beaches offer all you can get from them. Some of the famous beaches of Cambrils are mentioned below:

  • L’Ardiaca

  • La Llosa

  • Horta de Sta. Maria 

  • La Riera

  • Prat d’en Forés – Regueral

  • Cavet

  • Squirrel

  • Vilafortuny

  • Cap de St. Pere

Parks of Cambrils
The town of Cambrils is home to several small parks and lands where you sit in the sun and enjoy quality time with your family. These parks are what make Vecindario’s atmosphere clean and fresh. These public parks offer you a place of peace, love and tranquility. Some of these parks are mentioned below:

  • El Parc de Pinaret

  • Jumpland Aventura Ecologica

  • Parc de Pescador

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