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Cambrils is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of the Costa Dorada in Spain. It is undoubtedly the ideal destination for a trip to some faraway place with your family. Cambrils is the sea, the beach, gastronomy, family tourism, sport, and aquatic tourism; it is both leisure and relaxation in a beautiful small maritime town.

Vacation rentals at Cambrils:

If you are looking for a cultural offer, Cambrils will not disappoint you. Its history museum and the Cambrils Music Festival will provide you with a refined cultural experience of this amazing place. There are all kinds of places to enjoy the night of the Costa Dorada: restaurants of all types, bars, beach bars, pubs, karaoke, live music, and discos. Also, the climate and pleasant temperatures of the city invite you to stroll, dine and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Worrying about your accommodation? Opt for vacation rental services of Cuddlynest for booking an entire home, villa, condo or Cabin of 2-16 beds at $58-$560.

Tourist attractions at Cambrils:

Port of Cambrils in Spain:

The immense offer of aquatic leisure activities deserves a chapter on its own: sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, diving, kayaking, but also on land: mountain biking, golf, hiking, spas ... so if you come to Cambrils with energy, you will not find an excuse not to spend it!

Gastronomy of Cambrils:

If you are pleasure-seeking, then Cambrils is the place to be for you as it is the gourmet capital of the Costa Dorada. Its restaurants are acknowledged because of the delicious recipes of its cooks who have inherited from their ancestors. More than 150 restaurants of its restaurants are awarded two Michelin stars.

The best beaches of Cambrils:

Following are other renowned beaches of Cambrils:

Ardiaca beach, the farthest from the city center but frequented by holidaymakers from neighboring municipalities. It is characterized by small coves separated by jetties

Beach El Dorado, located south of the port of Cambrils, it is a quiet beach, with more than one kilometer of fine golden sand.

La Llosa beach perfect for escaping the crowds, without giving up all comforts: showers, sinks, red cross, umbrella rental, sun loungers and beach bars in one of the least frequented and most the commune.

Playa Horta de Santa María, south of the fishing port, there is this beach of coarse sand and semi-rocky bottoms. Make the trip to enjoy a delicious paella at Chiringuito El Marino.

Beach La Riera is the smallest and most central beach in Cambrils. Animals are accepted here.

Playa del Regueral, the most popular, in the center of Cambrils, 1.2 km wide. You can do all types of water and beach activities, and this includes drinking a mojito at the bar — the beach.

Horta Beach Santa María is the perfect beach for paddle surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing or snorkeling

Playa del Esquirol, one of the best beaches in Cambrils because it is close enough to get there by walking and far enough away from the center to not be too crowded. Also, she has all the necessary services.

Festivities of Cambrils:

The Festivities of Cambrils, or Festa Major in Catalan, are essential events. The festivities celebrate St. Peter, the Patron Saint of Fishermen, from late June to early July. If you are here, do not miss the parades of giants, "capgrossos" and all the other celebrations taking place in Cambrils on this occasion.

Town of Cambrils:

It is also known as "la vila." It is also worth a visit. Do not even consider spending a holiday in Cambrils without spending an afternoon strolling through its old town, because you will miss the most beautiful part of Cambrils. In its cobbled streets and hidden squares, you will discover a city different from what you expected and risk being pleasantly surprised. If you like history, another place not to be missed is the Roman site of La Llosa, where you can enjoy the archaeological remains of the 1st century BC. until the 5th AD.

Cultural heritage at Cambrils:

The Castle of Vilafortuny and the Plaza del Setge, or the Samà Park, which is a majestic colonial garden declared cultural heritage of national interest. Created by the same creator of the garden in Ciutadella Park in Barcelona, ​​this garden enclosure is located between the municipal districts of Cambrils and Montbrió del Camp, four kilometers from the coast.

Recreational activities for children at Cambrils:

Cambrils is one of the main family tourism destinations. The city seems to have been thought for the family, and not in vain because Cambrils is a tourist town certified by the quality label of the Generalitat de Catalunya as a family tourism destination. The city is equipped with playgrounds and oases for children on the beaches, parks, safety guides, and children's entertainment. You will also find in Cambrils many restaurants and bars adapted to the needs of children: bracelets, identification bracelets, children's menus, high chairs and adapted chairs, children's pools, changing tables, bottle warmers, protection of the catch, etc.

Leisure activities for children at Cambrils:

Cambrils offers a wide range of leisure activities for children, with many cultural and sports activities for children, especially in summer: street shows for children, sports equipment, water sports, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling. As well as amusement parks and water parks. And speaking of theme parks, in case you did not know it yet, Cambrils is only 14 kilometers from PortAventura. A train connects the city to the famous theme park that makes all children dream.

Parks in Cambrils:

A good alternative to the beach if you do not want to go every day during your holidays in Cambrils is to spend the afternoon in one of the most beautiful parks in Cambrils. The Pescador Park for example, next to the port and in front of the beach, is the most frequently visited and oldest visited by tourists. Parc del Pinaret is the largest and most recent park in Cambrils.

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