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Palafrugell is a municipality located in the comarca of Baix Emporda, in the province of Girona, in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain. Situated in the Mediterranean Costa Brave, the municipality has a total population of more than 22,000 and has it boundaries marked with villages named “Llafranc”, “Calella de Palafrugell”, “Tamario” and “Llofriu”. Known for its beaches and other attractions, the municipality is a summer holiday spot and hosts more than thousands of guests from all over Europe. It is also known to be the largest city of the comarca just because of the population it holds.

What the City Offers You Today

Being at the coast, Palafrugell offers you comfort, enjoyment, pleasure and a lot of water with a suitable climate. You have opportunities to hike, bike, take a walk in the past with contemporary museums, take an eagle eye view of the city from the numerous lighthouses, visit national parks, sightsee at hill sides, take a swim, visit monasteries, enjoy at the mild tides of the ocean via sailing, fish in the well-stocked waters, or have an unforgettable nightlife at the beaches. With the most suitable weather for a vacation, Palafrugell is the city you would like to stop by every year. A perfect venue for your next vacation.

CuddlyNest Adds the Element of Comfort in Your Vacations

With extreme sports on the platter and a day full of fun, you need an accommodation where you can feel at home and relax as much as you want and with as many facilities as possible. CuddlyNest is what provides you with that element of comfort and relaxation with enough facilities and options to choose from. The options differ in the accessibility, number of guests/companions you are bringing along, the facilities you require and the views. You can get a beach facing villa, a hill facing house or an apartment at the center of the city to reside in for your stay in the town. The facilities provided at the rentals include Internet connectivity, shared pool, dishwasher, spacious parking, microwave oven, drier and so on. The size of the villa or house ranges as per the size of your family but you may find rentals with 2 bedrooms to 7-beds. Located at the most accessible routes, the locality of the rental will be of your choice and will be at under pocket-friendly price tags. For sure, CuddlyNest is the key to ideal vacations.

Travelling to Palafrugell

If you are set to visit the city of activities, all you need to do is to get a flight to Girona – Costa Brava Airport which is approximately 43 min from the city if you are travelling by a car. You can rent a car, or take the bus transfer as they have the most comfortable and economical buses.

Beaches of Palafrugell

The city of Palafrugell has enough water for you to enjoy with. At the beaches, you can enjoy famous mouth-watering cuisine of Catalonia while viewing the tides, surf on them, kitesurf, take a quadbike and ride along the beach, play with your friends and family on the beach sand or simply get a bit tan. Apart from this, there, you can learn surfing or kitesurfing, get fitness training, learn yoga, go stand-up paddling, skate, take the challenge of mountain biking, and so much more. These activities of the beaches are economical and are a tourist attraction. Except this, you can hire a yacht or a ship to sail in the sea from the marina and party all you want. You can enjoy the tides, do parties on board and have as much fun as you want. These beaches are children-friendly and the coastline doesn’t have any kind of interruption and is still safe for your family and friends. Some of the spots are mentioned below:

  • Cala de I’Illa Roja
  • Aigua Blava
  • Aigua Xelida
  • Cala d’Aigua Xelida
  • Platja Cala El Golfet
  • Platja de Tamariu
  • Playa Cala Aigua Blava
  • Cala Estreta
  • Illa Blanca
  • Cala Marquesa
  • Cap Roig
  • Cueva de En Gispert
  • Cala Roca Bona
  • Cala del Crit
  • Badia de Tamariu
  • Cala Gamarus



Towers and Lighthouses of Palafrugell

Who doesn’t enjoy having an eagle eye view of the entire city with water at the end? Palafrugell has enough spots for you to have a panoramic view of the city and enjoy the pure sea breeze at a height. The sight is breathtaking and the sunrises or sunsets at these lighthouses are worth a try. If you are not acrophobic, and Palafrugell is your next destination, these must be somewhere in your list. The lighthouses are well maintained and are safe for everyone. Some of the lighthouses of the region are mentioned below:

  • Far de Sebastià
  • Sant Sebastià de la Guarda
  • Poblat ibèric de Sant Sebastià de la Guarda
  • Puig Gruí
  • Sureda Tower
  • Tower of Can Mario


Museums and Foundations of Palafrugell

Culture is an integral element of a city, town or country. The city Palafrugell has rich cultural and preserves everything which needs to be preserved. One talks about the culture and history of the cork industry of Catalonia, another one is dedicated for the lovers of art, the other one talks about the Catalan author Josep Pla’s literature works and another exhibits breath-taking art of sculptures. These museums and foundations are a vital part of Palafrugell and are a must visit. With traditional buildings these are the attractions, most of the tourists arrive to Palafrugell to visit. The museums and foundations are listed below:

  • The Cork Museum
  • The Josep Pla Foundation
  • The Cuixart Foundation
  • Can Mario Museum


Other Landmarks of Palafrugell

Apart from museums, foundations, lighthouses, towers and beaches, there is one historical site as well.

Sant Sebastià de la Guarda

The historical site of Sant Sebastia de la Guarda consists of a 15th century watchtower, an archeological site dating back to 6th - 1st centuries BC and a 19th century lighthouse on a hill of almost 156m. The lighthouse is believed to be constructed to protect and defend the region from pirate attacks.

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