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About Salou
Salou is a town and municipality in the comarca of Tarragonés, province of Tarragona, autonomous community of Catalonia, Spain. Having a population of more than 26,000, the town lies on the north-east of the country. It is a small town with an area of 15.1 square kilometers. It is connected with the world via the international airport of Barcelona that is less than an hour’s drive from the town. It is a small yet lovely town with amazing beauties and wonderful adventures you would never want to miss.

Used as a Greek and Roman port once, Salou is a small town with a rich history. The historic importance of Salou lies in the fact that the fleet of James I of Aragon departed from the port of Salou to conquer the Balearic Islands to create the Kingdom of Majorca in the start of the 13th century. By the end of the 13th century, King Alfonso III of Aragon also departed from this port to conquer Menorca from the Moorish. After this, the region became the nest of pirates. Salou was then considered as unsafe so the Archbishop of Tarragona decided to erect a new defense tower; now known as “Torre Vella” in the second quarter of the 16th century. It was in the second half of the 19th century when the development of the town started. 

What The Municipality Offers Today
Salou is the land of fun and lovely points of interest. The town is mainly known for its beaches. You can savor the exquisite cuisine of the area, take memorable pictures with the monuments or the Salou Landmark, take a walk along the coastline with the Coastal Path and enjoy the eccentric views, behold the best sunrise or sunset from the Morisca Cove Viewpoint, pray at the church of Santa Maria del Mar, or visit the old watchtower. If you are into historical settlements then you can pay a visit to the Iberian settlement of “Punta de la Cella”. 

CuddlyNest Allows You To Bring Your Home Along
Salou is a hidden gem in the province of Tarragona. It is visited by lesser people and that’s why is known to be a secret gem which needs to be explored by tourists like you. But finding a perfect accommodation in this coastal town is a bit difficult for a foreigner. That’s why CuddlyNest is the best option you can opt in this town of the municipality of Salou. CuddlyNest is known for providing the best vacation rentals round the world. The vacation rentals at CuddlyNest are comfortable with basic facilities like Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Internet Connectivity, Free Parking, Air Conditioning, BBQ Grill, Iron, Hair Dryer, TV, Washer and so much more. The diverse range of our accommodations at Salou can be home to more than 20 guests of all ages. 

Traveling to Salou
Salou is situated in the northeastern part of Spain. The nearest domestic airport to the town is that of Rues Airport. The distance from the airport to the lovely town is even lesser than 10 km. If you want, you can take a detour to the Barcelona – El Prat Airport which is an international airport and at a distance of less than 85 km away from the town. For traveling to the town from the airport, you have options to rent a car or share a shuttle or maybe a cab will be suitable as well. The rentals by CuddlyNest are on the best locations so you can reach there easily, unpack your luggage, get over the jet lag and then enjoy the town of Salou as much as you want.

Beaches of Salou
Salou has more than 34 Blue Flag Beaches which are traveled by many so that they can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and the cool and calm breeze. You can get indulged in your favorite outdoor games like volleyball, football or sand castle making at these beaches, take the thrill of high rising tides, go kite-surfing, get relaxed with the beautiful soul-reflecting water, take a swim with your friends and family, take a jet ski and enjoy the best you can, or else you can take a quad bike and then can stroll along the coastline as well. These beaches offer all you can get from them. The famous beaches at and around Salou are listed below:

  • Llevant Beach

  • Platja de Ponent

  • Platja dels Capellans

  • Platja Llarga

  • Platja Cala Crancs

Historic Buildings and Monuments of Salou
Salou is a town of history and culture. There are certain places that you need to behold before you leave Salou. These places are listed below:

  • Church of Santa Maria del Mar

  • Torre Vella

  • Monument of Jaume I

  • Fountains of the Font Illuminosa

  • Monument to Fishermen


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