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Extending along the Mediterranean coast in South Eastern Spain, lies the beautiful city of Cartagena. It is situated in the Region of Murcia as a prominent naval station speaking of the rich legacy of Spanish sailors. Cartagena was established as part of an ancient civilization that dates back about 2000 years. Those who interested in military history will understand its significance as a major defensive port in the West Mediterranean region. Owing to its cultural heritage sites from a number of interesting dynasties, Cartagena is a popular cruise destination nowadays.

Vacation rentals in Cartagena

While you explore ancient ruins and shopping hubs, CuddlyNest will solve the problem of where to stay in Cartagena. Just enter your desired features using the search filters on our website and several attractive options will pop up. Depending on your budget for Cartagena vacation you may check out apartments, homes, bungalows and villas. There are modern amenities aplenty including air conditioners, kitchen appliances, internet and even swimming pools. We can connect you to the most suitable host according to the places you want to visit in the city.

Tourist attractions in Cartagena

This city is one with a long history of conquerors including the Moors and the Romans so predictably it is a historian’s Paradise. Additionally, those who are intrigued by military affairs will find it irresistible. Lovers of architecture will not leave Cartagena disappointed.

Naval Museum

What would a naval port be without a naval museum? Of course, Cartagena has a brilliant one! Interestingly enough, it was a naval college not very long ago but the government decided to open it up to the public and showcase the naval might of Spain. The country’s navy is its pride and has won many wars for Spain. Not only are tourists invited to see naval weapons and navigational equipment but also hear the true stories that determined the outcomes of battles between the Spaniards and their opponents.

Mining towns

The second sector that the inhabitants of Cartagena take great pride in is mining. Not only do these people excel in their craft but they have opened local mines to tourists who wish to learn more about the city’s industrial heritage. You must visit La Unión Mining Park and the Las Matildes Mine to understand how important mining has been to this city. In the former, the Agrupa Vicenta mine even boasts an underwater lake! You will be able to see the different areas where mining operations are carried out and how coveted metals are extracted from deep underground.

Playa de Calblanque

On those days where you just desire some peace and quiet, a trip to the beautiful beach of Playa de Calblanque is totally worth the half hour drive from Cartagena. The unique thing about this beach is that it is completely wild and untouched by any kind of development. Since it is not usually crowded, you can spend hours pacing the golden send and watching giant waves embracing the shoreline. However, you must remember that this is an undeveloped area so there are no facilities like you would find in a modern beach.

Roman Theatre Museum

The Romans certainly left the biggest impact on Cartagena which is apparent in everyday life and becomes obvious when you take a glance at the city’s architecture. If you are a fan of the Roman Empire your first stop in Cartagena must be the Roman Theatre Museum. It is nearly 2000 years old and absolutely spectacular even in ruins. Surprisingly, it was discovered in 1988 during the Spanish Civil War when the Old Cathedral happened to be destroyed in military action. The theatre was then restored and excavations were carried out. These produced artifacts including statues of Roman deities and ceramic creations.

Casa de la Fortuna

If you want to explore everyday life in Ancient Rome more head over to Casa de la Fortuna which welcomed visitors at its back entrance with a Latin inscription that translates to “good luck”. It was home to a wealthy Roman family in the 1st century A.D. that lived by the main road, the remains of which can be seen to this day. The restoration allows visitors to view the intricate mosaics on the floors and wall paintings. You can walk around the different rooms and see how the Ancient Roman architects designed residential spaces.

Batería de Castillitos

If you want to dive deeper into the military history of the city, you may drive 25km to its west arriving at Batería de Castillitos. Three batteries were built in 3 years (1933-36) on the ridge of the beautiful cape Cabo Tiñoso. These were meant to fortify the city after World War I with two huge Vickers anti-shipping guns. The engineers cleverly built these batteries so that they would not be visible from the sea. This is a great place for those who interested in military architecture and engineering but remember bring a flashlight to walk the surrounding tunnels.

Calle Mayor

Coming to modern architecture, you will find Calle Mayor exemplary in form and design. Open to only pedestrians, this is a striking street covered completely in gorgeous blue marble tiles. Calle Mayor is lined with wonderful cafes, high-end shopping outlets, fine dining restaurants and bars where you can enjoy to the fullest day or night. The buildings in this area reflect the interests of the elite of Cartagena who profited mostly from mining and transformed the city with their splendid architectural feats.

There are other amazing places to see in Cartagena such as the glorious 100 year old town hall, Palacio Consistoria, ARQUA, Marine Archaeology Museum, Municipal Archaeology Museum, Military Museum, Spanish Civil War Museum, etc. Just so you may save money on travel expenses, CuddlyNest can help you find affordable accommodations close to historical and cultural sites that you want to visit on your trip to this unforgettable city. Take a look at the comfortable affordable vacation rentals in Cartagena full of the authentic Spanish charm that you are looking for.

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