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Alicante is also known as Alicante and is a capital city and port in the Province of Alicante. It’s located right on the coastline of central eastern Spain. In the past, the Romans called this city Lucentum. It’s located on the southern point of the Valencian Community and is the second largest city located here.


People have inhabited this region for over 7000 years, including by the Romans. There is much to interest the history buff.

Alicante has been a historic port in the past. Besides fishing, there are plenty of charters that offer boating and yachting trips around the seas.

Here are a few additional suggestions for your trip:


  • Tossal de Manises: To learn more about Lucentum visitors will want to head to the archaeological site. Here, skyscrapers frame a site with many crumbling remains.
  • Monjas-Santa Faz Square: Just outside the city is a square where there is the Monastery of Santa Faz, dating from the 15th century. This has been built in Baroque style.
  • Basilica of Santa Maria: This church dates from around the 14th to 16th centuries, and was built in Gothic style. There used to be a mosque on the site, and likely remains are beneath it. Inside, you can view the high altar that has been designed in Rococo style, and see the portal, which has been made in Baroque style. Both were added in the 18th century.
  • Defense Towers of the Huerta de Alicante: There were a series of towers built to protect against Barbarian pirates in the 15th to 18 centuries. Today there are still twenty full towers remaining, with many in ruins.
  • Gravina Palace: This lush palace was built from 1748 to 1808 for royalty. Today, it contains the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts. Here you can view paintings, prints, sculptures, and other art forms from around the world.
  • Playa del Postiguet: This is a beach located right within the city. It’s host to the yearly Bonfires of Saint John or Fogueres de Sant Joan, to mark the summer solstice in June. There are competing companies that fight to win a prize over seven nights of fireworks and pyrotechnic contests.
  • Centro de Technificacion de Alicante: This sports arena is the host for the Spanish basketball league, and the home team, called the Lucentum Alicante Basketball Club.
  • Castle of San Fernando:  Visitors who are fond of palaces can head over to the Castle of San Fernando. At one time the castle was meant to defend the city and be an entry point inside. It was primarily built to prevent a French invasion during 1813, during the Independence War. Luckily, the castle has never been used for more than holding captive foreign enemies.



Alicante is a vibrant city for tourists and residents. It also has a large student population at the University of Alicante. There is a vibrant nightclub life throughout the year, and one of the hottest spots for musical entertainment and dance is at the Playa de San Juan on St. John’s Beach.  

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