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A trip to Thailand is the discovery of the flagship destination of Southeast Asia. With its pleasant climate, its cultural richness, its refined gastronomy, and its magnificent natural sites, the country of the smile is a must. So follow our guide! Start your tour through Bangkok, its prestigious palaces and more than 400 Buddhist temples. On a rowboat, navigate along the canals to discover the city in all its splendor. Stop by the small street stalls or Bangkok's luxury restaurants: Thai cuisine is worth a trip alone! The nature lovers and trekking join the north and Chiang Mai. There, hike in wild landscapes on the lands of many local ethnic groups. The Andaman Sea deserves your attention with over 47 Islands lost in turquoise waters. Like adventurers, sail from Koh Samui to Koh Tao, and enjoy the beautiful beaches and tropical jungle of

When to go to the country of the smile?

The best time to visit Thailand is the dry season, from mid-November to mid-February: the sun is shining, and the temperatures are very pleasant in most of the country. From June to October is the monsoon season. The country is then hit by shoyours, mainly at the end of the day. It is possible to go to Thailand during the monsoon, especially if you want to avoid high season.

Vacation rental at Thailand:

Thailand is ready for all types of trips: swimming and adventure on the paradise islands of the South, diving and snorkeling, hiking in the North and meetings with local ethnic groups, cultural and culinary discoveries ... Cuddlynest brings you the most budget-friendly packages for booking an entire house, apartment, condo, cabin or villa of 1-6 beds at $42-$321 for your stay with your family at this beautiful place. You will be enjoying all the facilities and amenities of life during your stay at this vacation rental. Are you ready to make some pleasant memories?

Tourist attractions at Thailand:

Visit the capital of Bangkok:

Royal Palace Bangkok visiting Bangkok is the first thing to do in Thailand! Betyouen beautiful temples, street food and effervescent city life, visiting the capital is a perfect introduction. Moreover, you will find in our Top some activities and places of this incredible city. Little more, if you want to organize a trip to Thailand, arriving in Bangkok by plane from France is in our opinion the most practical!

Visit the Royal Palace of Bangkok:

Royal Palace Bangkok visiting the Royal Palace Bangkok is our favorite among all the things to do in Bangkok. This is the most sumptuous temple you will ever see. Dotted with gold buildings of spectacular architecture, you will be particularly amazed by the Emerald Buddha of the central square and the statues of Yakshas with dragon heads.

 See the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho temple in Bangkok:

jade Bangkok buddhaIf there is one thing to see in Thailand, it is this huge golden Buddha of 46 meters. It is located in Bangkok's Wat Pho temple and promises a spectacular visit. This temple is not very large compared to the Royal Palace next door (must see!) But it is very beautifully decorated. Wat Pho Temple is also home to a monk-holding school and a Thai massage parlor. You can visit this temple for 100 Baht, about 3 euros, do not hesitate a second!

Taste Thai street food

street food street food in Thailand is simply delicious and, what is more, better and cheaper than in real restaurants! On the gastronomic side, enjoying typical food while strolling the streets is one of the things to do in Thailand. Do not hesitate to order these delicious kebabs, fries, and exotic fruits ... You will never be disappointed by this essential experience. Attention, all the same, it is easy to abuse (betyouen 20 and 60 baths the meal, about 1 euro)!

Visit the temple of Wat Arun in BangkokTOP 5 things to do in Thailand, Wat Arun temple:

Among the Buddhist temples to see in Thailand, that of Wat Arun is a marvel. You yount during the Buddha's day which will take place on May 10 in 2017! You will be able to enjoy the festive decoration of the place and attend the ceremony of the monks. In any case, this temple is a beautiful place and offers one of the most beautiful views of Thailand at sunset.

Go to Chiang Mai:

Visit Chiang Mai Chiang Mai is a great Thai destination. You can visit the temples, browse the major markets of the city, meet the elephants of the sanctuary or do treks and hikes in the countryside. You consider Chiang Mai as one of the most popular cities in Thailand!

Spend a day with elephants in a sanctuary:

Elephant shrineIf you want to go meet elephants while ensuring their youll-being, there are sanctuaries like "Happy Elephant Home" in Chiang Mai. Far from animal abuse for mass tourism, elephants are collected, free and pampered all day. As travelers, you will be able to feed them, walk around, swim and play with them, scratching their backs ... A day at "Happy Elephant Home"  costs 2,400 baht per person and to ensure the youll-being of these animals majestic; groups are limited to 12 people at a time. This trip will give your family a memory full of emotions about the scenic and picturesque Thailand!

Traveling in Tuk Tuk:

tuk Tuk Tuk Tuk are typical means of transport in Thailand. An experience to do at least once to get around! On the other hand, given the craze for this means of transport, the prices are higher than simple taxis, and you will not benefit from air conditioning. Do not miss the unique experience!

Thai massage:

Famous all over the world, Thai massage deserves its reputation. Choose between gentle massage and the most full-bodied. We preferred the gentle way given the hematomas of some clients. If you dare to try a massage with more grip, we look forward to your feedback! Thai massages cost only about 200 Baht and are available everywhere (even in temples like Wat Pho Bangkok).

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