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Travel information about Phuket

 Phuket is a famous province in Thailand that has more than 30 islands including the country's largest and the most beautiful island. The province lies in the Andaman Sea and connects to Phang Nga by the Sarasin Bridge. The island holds great importance in history because it was once one of the major routes of trades between China and India. It was also used by English traders, French, Dutch, for ship logs.

Phuket is one of the rare areas where you can find everything that a traveler loves on a beach including the sea, sand and the sun. This particular province happens to be the answer to many questions of travelers. The visitors enjoy the holistic pleasures at this place. The beaches in this province are also worth visiting. Since the area is being used as a famous tourist destination, there are also many vacation rentals to accommodate both local and foreign tourists.  

What Phuket Offers You

Phuket is a one-stop solution for all kinds of travel needs. Whether you need water, trees, or mountains, Phuket has everything to show you with more uniqueness. The city of Patong to Ao Bang Thao, rainforest, and the mountainous island attract thousands of local and foreign tourists across the world. The Kata Beach, James Bong Island, Khao rang Hill viewpoint, are some of the leading tourist attractions in this province.

The island of Phuket invites you to capture some of the most serene moments in Thailand. It gives you a great opportunity to take selfies with your beloved ones at this outstanding place.  To facilitate both local and foreign tourists, Phuket has also got lots of big and small vacation rentals that are rich in facilities and are affordable also. 

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Phuket

 CuddlyNest is a reliable platform to book your favorite vacation rentals in Phuket online even prior to your arrival at the island. We provide all kinds of rental properties including houses, apartments, villas, condos, and cabins also.  Other than Thailand, we also offer rental properties in many other countries including Croatia, Florida, Argentina, New Zealand, and the United States also. 

In case you own a property in Phuket, you can make money by listing your property on our website. Through our platform, thousands of travelers book hotels in different cities and countries. The best thing about our vacation rentals in Phuket is that they are located near the beautiful attractions of the town. 

Top Attractions in and around Phuket

Like all other provinces in Thailand, Phuket has also got lots of wow-factors that you must pay a visit to. Here are some of the best attractions in and around the province:

Two Heroines Monument

It's a famous monument in Thailand that is visited by a number of foreign tourists throughout the year. It's actually a memorial statue of Thao Thep Kasattri and Thao Sri Suthon who were heroines. They both went famous when they fought against invaders after the death of the governor. They bravely fought against the Burmese invaders and compel them to leave the place. For their heroic acts to save their territory, both are remembered till today. People visit their monuments, read their story, and get a lesson to live with brave. Women particularly come here to get inspired by the story of the two sisters.

Thalang National Museum

This museum is quite near to the monuments of the two heroines. You must remember the famous Thalang war. This Thalang National Museum was made after almost 200 years of the war. You can find many things in the museum including a permanent exhibition about the life of the old Phuket, many remains that were discovered from the coast, and lots of ancient artifacts. The museum also contains the materials that were precisely used in the war against Burma. You can visit this museum with your friends or family, see things here, and can recall the time of the Thalang War. CuddlyNest can provide you highly-facilitated vacation rentals near this museum at affordable rates. You can easily spend a whole day here in the museum and can go to our nearby vacation rental to spend a wonderful and peaceful night. 

Kamala Beach, Hot Kamala

It’s one of the famous and the largest beaches in Thailand. Having a length of approximately 16 kilometers in the north side of Patong beach, the beach pleases thousands of tourists every year by its neat and clean water and adequate facilities for both young and adults. When the season is high or where there are peak months, you’ll thousands of people wandering at the coastline. Otherwise, in the low season, the beach remains peaceful, quiet, and an ideal place where you can gather mesmerizing feelings that’ll help you forget all your woes. When you for your home after spending the beautiful attractions of Thailand, you actually take a refreshed soul back to your home. 


 In the province of Phuket, Patong is a famous beach town that is visited by most travel lovers. Over the island of Phuket, it’s the main tourist point that is famous for its natural beauty and nightlife. This particularly place receive guests through the world, particularly from European countries who have made this a world-famous tourist spot since the 1980s. To accommodate both local and foreign visitors, Patong has also got many big and small vacation rentals.

The beach is particularly known for its nightlife that is centered on two main areas; the Paradise Complex and the Bangla Road. Both these areas have got lots of discos, bars, restaurants, and some prostitution centers also. The disastrous tsunami of 2004 also badly hurt Patong. In Phuket, Patong was one of the most affected parts. However, today, everything is delightful and pleasing for tourists that come from far and wide places to spend their holidays with their beloved ones.  

So, plan an exciting trip to Phuket with your friends or family and book our vacation rentals in the province online, prior to your arrival!


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