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Chalong, located on the east central side of Phuket, is a colourful combination of a port, residential area and shopping hub. Here, you will find the spiritual centre of the island with the striking hilltop Big Buddha and the beautifully ornate Wat Chalong. Chalong Bay is also a departure point for the many surrounding islands such as Coral Island with its sensational diving and snorkeling opportunities. Chalong's muddy East Coast shoreline makes it rather unsuitable for swimming but it's an ideal and natural spot for yacht mooring. As well as the Boat Lagoon, Yacht Haven and Royal Phuket Marina, Chalong is a centre for intense boating activity. Early mornings and late afternoons are the busiest times at Chalong, when diving and day trip groups are bundled on and off boats.


Best Rental Vacation in Chalong:

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Chalong Beach Front Residence welcomes all guests with pool and luxury seaview rooms, fully equipped kitchens, granite countertops and other facilities. Just a few minutes away from Chalong Circle, this is a great accommodation to avoid the chaos and crowd. Enjoy the stunning view of the swimming pool at superb location in a quiet place of Chalong Bay. This area is located nearby convenience stores, laundry service, shops, bars and restaurants. It is the perfect choice for your holiday.


Phuket Zoo:

Phuket Zoo is a display of all the exotic flora and fauna of Chalong. It is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you are traveling with kids because it is an interactive zoo where you can touch or play with the animals. There are several types of species of birds, fish and land animals like monkeys, elephants and crocodiles. The zoo has a breeding program so every year new animals are acquired, propagated and exchanged with other zoos.

The tropical scenery makes the zoo very inviting for a day walking tour under the shade of giant trees while you cross little bridges that connect the sections of the entire zoo. There are also life-sized statues of dragons, animals and cartoon characters where you can take your mandatory picture taking. Entertainment comes in

the form of various animal shows featured at certain times of the day and all through the week. For refreshments, ice cream and cold drinks are sold in several parts of the zoo.


Phuket Bird Park:

Phuket Bird Park is the only bird park that is privately owned on this island. It features hundreds of species of birds from all over the world. The beautiful garden has a natural waterfall and lush foliage that serves as the nesting ground of the birds. Visitors will enjoy roaming the forest like surroundings. They are entertained and educated by the amazing bird shows on their huge stage. There is also a souvenir shop inside the park where you can buy tokens like t-shirts, mugs, caps, magnets, postcards and other gift items to remind you of your visit to the bird park.


Botanic Garden:

The Botanic Garden is the only garden you will find in south Phuket and it is located near Wat Chalong Temple. It features a collection of various plant species gathered from South East Asia and all over the world. There are several tastefully designed landscaped gardens complete with miniature waterfalls and koi ponds. There is also a mini butterfly garden right beside the winter garden which is an air-conditioned enclosure containing exotic plants. It is easy to navigate around the gardens because there are numerous signs that will show you the way.


Amazing Bukit Safari:

The Amazing Bukit Safari is an eco-adventure tour right inside Phuket town. You will experience a 30 minute elephant ride while trekking into the natural forest. There are other animals featured in the property like monkeys and water buffalos. It also features a number of animal shows. There is the exciting snake show which features a variety of poisonous snakes. You can touch and take a picture with a Cobra! There is another show wherein the trained monkeys perform their tricks. There is a baby elephant show that features the animal playing a harmonica which is just one of his many tricks. Another feature of the safari is a cooking demonstration where you also get a taste of the local Thai cuisine.


Coral Island:

Coral Island is among the most popular and beautiful islands, ideal for a getaway that you could access thru Chalong Bay. Thousands of tourists every year are drawn to its shores because of its multicolored coral reefs, two beaches with long stretches of pure white sand, pristine waters and a bounty of underwater fauna. To get to the island, you will have to ride a Long Tail boat or speedboat from Chalong Pier.

The island tends to get crowded due to the numerous water activities and awesome natural scenery it offers. You could swim, dive, snorkel, parasail, sea walk, ride the banana boat and much more. Book a reservation with one of the many rentals that are on the island. Usually the resort has their own beachfront where you can have some privacy to enjoy the waters.

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