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The beach and the surrounding landscapes add a relaxing touch to your vacation rental in Choeng Thale. Vacationers staying in this relaxing and romantic city particularly appreciate its spa, golf, and rowing. Places like Patong Beach and Phuket Fantasea are some of the must-see attractions in the area. And if you book a vacation rental? In addition to an equipped kitchen and a spacious living room, one can sometimes find a jacuzzi for a stay under the sign of relaxation.

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Charming beaches and many other treasures await you at Choeng Thale! Cuddlynest brings you the most cost-effective and hassle-free vacation rental services for pre-booking a place to stay there. By opting for this service, you can book an entire house, apartment, condo, and villa or cabin 2-7 beds at $76-$3230with all the facilities and amenities. You and your family are going to love the lodgings and the services which you can exploit at reduced service fee. Avail the opportunity and make unforgettable memories!

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Are you looking for the best activities in the city? Travelers love activities like swimming and golf. Feel free to go out of your vacation rental to discover what makes Choeng Thale an ideal holiday destination. Here are some of the sites to discover within 50 km of the city center:

Phuket Fantasea (5.7 km)


To make the most of your stay and fun under the Sun, March, February, April, and January are the best months to go since temperatures are generally around 34 ° C.


Discover Choeng Thale from its beaches and natural treasures. Whether you are looking for a great adventure or just want to spend some time contemplating the scenery, Choeng Thale is the perfect place to rejuvenate as it is Renowned natural jewels in the area, less than 50 km from the center.

Patong Beach (12.4 km)

Promthep Cape (27.7 km)

Chance to read the books of Paradise:

vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Koh Tao is not an island where people go to find books, does not mean that if you are looking for books can not find them. Appearances are misleading: in this corner of paradise wait dozens of volumes in many languages that will enchant polyglots, romantics and those who devoured literature at high speed. He is a little daring to talk about "libraries" in Koh Tao. It is better than the stores where the books are sold. In Chalok Ban Kao for example, you will find a cover tienduca covered tomes full of dust too. You will find books in German, English, French, Dutch and maybe even Spanish. Gleaning well, who knows? It is clear that someone took all these letters there, on the other side of the island, but also to the south, on the street parallel to the beach of Sairee (road "Las Rocas"), there is also a shop where you can get books and, most importantly, press. Also, sell crafts and have a sign that I like it. He reads, "When things are going to read well when things go wrong to read more." I'm a fan says The truth is that it's unfortunate that there are no libraries in Koh Tao. If when things go badly read on "I'm a fan says The truth is that it's a pity that there are no libraries in Koh Tao. If people knew how nice it is to read these beaches, ask for it surely and put a shot. Until now, I'm afraid that's what you get. When things go badly read on "I'm a fan says The truth is that it's a pity that there are no libraries in Koh Tao. If people knew how nice it is to read these beaches, ask for it surely and put a shot. Until now, I'm afraid that's what you get.

Bangtao Beach: Great getaway to relax and ...

Sunset on Bangtao Beach, North of Phuket IslandGreat getaway to relax and enjoy a sea of turquoise blue water and a white sand beach located far from the main area of Patong Beach. Little rain, deserted and every night like that. Here they accompanied by some boys playing football on the shore ...

Leam Singh Beach:

Twenty minutes from Patong the Leam Singh Beach is located, to the north. It is a public beach with sun loungers and fee umbrellas. It is mostly frequented by Italians and French. It is a beach that is not visible from the main road. To reach it you have to go down a steep path. Ideal for diving. There are also several Thai bars and restaurants. If you do not believe me type "Leam Singh Beach" in any search engine and you will be surprised.

Karon Beach Beach:

Thailand has a very variable climate, especially in some parts of the country. There is also a period (between May and September) in which the much-feared monsoon arrives from the Andaman Sea.

Sugar And Spice Traditional Thai Food Rate this Location Favorite:

If you do not know where to eat in Kata, I suggest the Dome Resort's restaurant, Sugar and Spice Traditional Thai Food. The dishes are generous, service A1 and the owner, Ohn, who speaks impeccable English, will make you travel with his authentic Thai cuisine. I tell you, you are going to have lunch, dinner, and dinner for as little as $ 2.00 to $ 8.00 per meal. Go ahead and mention Gabriel the Canadian black which makes the dive send you ... You will receive the royal treatment!

Restaurant Oh there in Kamala:

Very nice restaurant, with a superb menu of Thai dishes, probably the best far round, at very affordable prices. For travelers who are saturated with Thai cuisine, there is a great choice of European dishes (French, Swiss and Italian). The pizzas are excellent. Note that everything is done by the minute and with fresh products. Francophone atmosphere very friendly. A place to recommend.

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