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Kamala provides a haven for those who prefer the quieter life. Although the southern end of the beach can get busy in the high season, the northern end is peaceful all year round. "Rim Haad" (Beach Road), at the southern end, has a number of small 20-30 room hotels for the low/medium budget traveller. Friendly service and village feel and a diversity of restaurants and small bars can be found on this small road. Cheaper food options/market stalls can be found on the main Kamala Road. Kamala is easily walkable. You can also rent motorbikes or even pedal bicycles at several shops. The only public transportation are the blue songthaews that run north and east toward Surin Beach Town, which can be caught from the beach road in Kamala or a bit north on the main road just outside the Kamala Post Office.

While shopping opportunities are fairly limited, they are more local-centric, giving you a genuinely Thai experience as well as some great bargains. Despite its great popularity with holidaymakers, Kamala has not been totally overrun with tourist-oriented establishments and parts of it still have a very local feel to it, particular the parts furthest from the beach. To help you make the most of your first visit to this relaxed destination, we have prepared this survival guide for your first day in Kamala.


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Visiting Kamala Friday Market is the best way to get a glimpse into the fascinating local culture of Southern Thailand. Kamala, despite its beachfront development, could retain a large part of its culture and tradition, and there’s no better place to discover the soul of this small Muslim fisherman village than its local market (which is true for mostly any village in the world). In here, you will discover a great range of products vegetables, fruits, meat and seafood produced in or around , as well as a the opportunity to sample delicious Thai food takeaways. A section of the market is also dedicated to clothing and accessories at bargain prices.


pre-wrap;">Laem Singh Beach is one of most beautiful beaches and hides on the west coast between Kamala and Surin beaches. Being nestled in a steep-sided bay, lined with nodding palm trees and dotted with giant boulders, it has the feel of a secret beach. It’s not a very well-kept secret, though, as it’s overlooked by a popular viewpoint along the coastal road. The northern part of the beach is good for body boarding. The swimming and snorkelling is excellent in the southern part, with loads of fish to see around the rocky headland which separates the beach from Kamala Bay. Being a little challenging to get to, you can find a peaceful, remote vibe without having to travel too far from the popular resort towns.


Kamala is one of the favourite surfing spots after Kata Noi and Kalim beaches. Kamala Beach features three clear sections, each of them offering an southern part of the beach from the temple to the village with its gentle swell is the right spot for beginners at medium/high tide; the central area from the village to Fantasea is more recommended for advanced surfers as it hosts sandbanks creating three-metre high waves; the northern end of the beach is the best spot but requires excellent skills as a tricky swell is created here by a small reef point break.


The dining scene in Kamala seems to be changing faster than the seasons. Kamala was famous for the many small restaurants and bar set all along the beach on a 1 km strip. These restaurants are not always legally built, so they tend to come and go, making it difficult to tell which is open or closed at the time you arrive. However, there are still a few of them to enjoy in the middle area. Those are nice for a slow and cheap continental breakfast by the sea. Recently Cafe Del Mar and  HQ Beach Club opened at the northern part of the beach next to Novotel Kamala.


During your first time in Kamala Beach, you are sure to fall in love with the quiet town’s relaxed atmosphere. Among the most family-friendly of the beaches, Kamala’s nightlife is more about fun shows and quite drinks than wild parties. The long, pleasant, sandy beach is lined with a great selection of restaurants, with a good choice of budget and high-end choices available around the town. Kamala Beach is one of the few beaches that could retain a strong local touch despite its popularity. This genuine south Thai touch makes it a charming place to spend a relaxing holiday with children. You’ll find in Kamala a good range of hotels for all budgets, as well as a lively restaurants scene, including beach clubs. Shopping and nightlife entertainment options apart from the notable FantaSea Show  are not exceptional, yet you’ll find in Kamala all that you need to spend a great holiday with CuddlyNest.

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