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Thailand is always a famous spot for romantic getaways. Rawai is the off-beaten path of Phuket loved by people and a fascination for Thai Fishing life. There is no such thing as timing to visit this stunning landscape. You can always grab your passport, plan a journey and fly to Thailand. It is a family place. Romantic island and also a kid place. So, go alone, take your spouse or spend some memorable time with family in Rawai, you will always have a thrilling experience. Activities to enjoy the fisherman life is boating, fixing the boat and capturing photos of breathtaking blue skies and gleaming sunrise.

What you should do in Rawai?

Rawai is itself an iconic city. Discover the fishermen life and live by the truth of mesmerizing beauty. Say a ‘good morning’ to the fresh day with the breezy environment, shining sun and clean waters. However, let’s go through the temptations of the land. Yes, we are talking about the attractions for tourists and visitors. There is a list of places that people will fall in love instantly. The uniqueness, charm and a fine series of activities are just mind-blowing.

Islands in The area

Explore the sparkling beauty of the land. Expand your spectrum of vacations and leave the room for your own good. By room, we meant the beaches of Rawai, let’s go to another part of this area. These refreshing trips while sailing at the waters will give your mind a much-needed break. You can opt for Island hopping tours, they have some amazing series of trips lined up and you will love spending time in the water. There are half-day tours and full day plans. Choose the one that suits your routine and planning of a vacation.


Amaze by the view you might come up with your new poem or an idea for the painting you have been craving for years.

Rawai Beach                   

The beach is one of the top fascinations among other tourist spots. Like it or not, you will always want to come back to this place. It is tremendous in the summers and super amazing in winter. So, there is no way to miss this sparkling beach with its concrete sand and crystal clear waters. It will offer you a calm environment which is usually free of the noisy crowd. It also depends on the season and months of visiting. Sometimes things get a little crowded, but still, the beach will offer you comfort.

Seafood Market

The inspiring life of the fisherman will lead you to the seafood market. It is one of the ways to let your taste buds explore the delicious food. The selection of the food is made by the experts and every dish has its traditional touch. The nearby restaurants are serving a delicious menu that will not bring any turbulence in your pocket.

So, enjoy the party in the market and live your foodie life. It is something that you will get fond of and a memorable journey will follow you back to the hometown. You’re a foreigner or local, this is something worth remembering for everyone.

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Sweet and savory moments are always memorable and valuable times of holidays. Crepes village is one of the restaurants offering you the same experience with its finest food items. Choose it from the menu and surrender yourself the aroma of it. A cozy ambiance for romantic couples that love spending loveable moments. It is a perfect place to celebrate your relationship that is also a combination of sweet and sour moments. Make it another day to remember for the next year on your coming wedding anniversary.

Seashell Museum

A trip without art is just a waste of time. Nature is itself an art, but the expression of the art is only learned by seeing through the work of artists. The Seashell Museum is one place that will take you by the hand and introduce to the art of the city.

There are fossils which told to be 400 million years old. You have a chance to explore some history. Live by the tales and enjoy discovering the past of this old town in your own way. This museum is for the students and history enthusiast who are always eager to go beyond in their researches.

Rum Jungle

The name is already reflecting a theme of the restaurant. It is a family restaurant serving Italian cuisines. Sit among the vibrant green plants and get comfortable in the cool environment while enjoying your delicious food. It can be the sizzling experience of your life in Rawai or an unforgettable treat for the taste buds - plus a comfortable ambiance to get cozy and relax for the moment.

Martial Arts training centers

It is not something for the tour, but the opportunity is for everyone. Therefore, you might want to prolong your trip for this one purpose. There are experts of the martial arts with an amazing skill set. Get the training along with the exposure from experts. However, this is fun for people who enjoy sports.


The best thing about Rawai its unpopular charm among the tourists. It makes it peaceful and attractive for lucky visitors. So, often you will find it with less or no crowd. This is the main charm of the place because the joy that this place can bring is tremendous in its own way. You will enjoy the delight of the place with pure attention and no distractions.

Hotels in Rawai

One thing you need to plan ahead of time is the accommodation in Rawai. We will recommend a book before your arrival. Don’t leave it for the last minute as you can get stuck with few quality hotels. In order to avail the luxurious opportunity, book your accommodation with Cuddlynest. We have a wide range of places and villas to make your stay a memorable experience of life. So, what is left to ponder? Contact us now or book your hotel online within your budget.

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