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The Ukraine is a country located in the eastern part of Europe, surrounded by many other countries. The chief language is Ukrainian, but over twelve other languages are commonly spoken here. Ukraine succeeded in becoming independent of the USSR. The capital city and largest city in Ukraine is Kiev, and worth a stop on your itinerary.

The Ukraine has likely been occupied since prehistoric times. The Black Sea is to the south, and in 2002 became a neutral state, besides the Crimea, which is under dispute from Russia. When visiting the Ukraine you must avoid the regions under war and the Chernobyl site, but there are still many other safe locations that visitors flock to during the year.

Here are some helpful suggestions for what to do during your trip:

  • Resorts: There are many resorts in the country where you can book in and never have to leave, as they offer many daily activities, and restorative spa sessions.
  • Carpathian Mountains: These mountains are nicknamed “The Green Pearl of the Ukraine.” Here you’ll find many resorts and tourist attractions. You’ll find largely unspoiled forests and meadows, with people living in harmony.
  • Kiev/Kyiv: This is the capital of the country, and it’s right on the Dnieper River. This city has been the center of trade routes between the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean. You can find many museums containing world treasures here, along with interesting architecture.
  • Lviv: This city is a nice blend of old and new with its winding medieval streets covered in stones. The council has done its best to preserve its heritage. Back in ancient times, the city was the capital of a Slavic state.
  • Odessa: This city has been called “The Pearl of the Black Sea.” It’s the third largest city on the Black Sea and is an important trading point. It has warm waters and a mild climate that is perfect for sunbathing on one of its many beaches. The city has some shaded lanes suitable for strolling and viewing the buildings and squares.
  • Chernihiv: This city has been a settlement for over 2000 years, with records dating back to 907. It has a lot of history behind it. It used to be northern Ukraine’s capital. Here you’ll find monuments such as Spassky Cathedral, and the Church of the Assumption in the Yelets Monastery.
  • Poltava. This city is known for its battle in 1709 between Mazepa’s Cossacks and Charles XII’s Swedish army. This led to Russia’s success and position in Europe. The Column of Glory and Spassky Church are notable sights. The church has a wooden structure inside that is protected by an exterior. Inside the city have been found Paleolithic dwellings and Scythian remains.

For travelers who have already seen the usual sites in Europe, a trip to Ukraine will fill in the gaps in your history. You’ll also get to enjoy cities that have preserved their Ukrainian heritage. Ukrainian food is also delicious, and you’ll get to sample many different perogies during your visit here.

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