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The United Kingdom is a sovereign country located on the west side of Europe. It comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Often it’s also called Britain, related to the ancient Briton from the tribes who used to live there. The UK is quite picturesque, being surrounded by the North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Celtic Sea, and the English Channel on all sides. Even though it comprises 93,600 square miles, it’s the 21st more populous country in the world today.

The UK has a temperate climate and gets a lot of rain throughout the year. Winters are generally mild, making almost any time of year a good time to visit, though some areas do have warmer temperature throughout the year.

The UK has preserved many of its cultural traditions. There are plenty of protected nature reserves and listed landmarks. Many national museums are free for everyone to enjoy. Even today, archaeologists are still finding artifacts from Roman, Celtic, and prehistoric times.

Don’t miss what each country has to offer in Britain:


  • England: England is sprawled out a bit more than the other countries; making it imperative you carefully plan your itinerary. London is the capital city and the first stop when flying in. Other large cities include Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, and Bristol. Bath is a quaint town from Roman times, and the ancient structure of Stonehenge is on many people to-do lists.
  • Scotland: Scotland takes up about a third of the country in the north. It was established in the middle ages and passed to England in 1707. Edinburgh is the capital of the country, with Glasgow being the largest city. Glasgow is noted for its art nouveau and Victorian architecture while Edinburgh has the Castle and Holyrood Park. There is a lot to do and see in the country. Here you can see the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet, and the National Theatre of Scotland. The country has some notable museums and an active music scene.
  • Wales: Wales is a small country in the southwestern UK. Cardiff is the capital. Here there are hundreds of protected UNESCO sites to see, from the Conway Castle to Caernarfon Castle. The Millennium Centre has world-class concerts and shows. For a bit of nature, you can head into the hills at Snowdonia National Park where there are lakes, glaciers, and hiking trails.
  • Northern Ireland: Northern Ireland is located on a separate island to the west of England. Its capital city is Belfast. Visitors may head to the Titanic Quarter to see where the famous ship was built. The Titanic Belfast Museum is good to visit. The country is also full of Norman Castles and Celtic monuments, and if you desire fresh air, there are plenty of hiking trails and golf courses.

    The UK is also home to its professional football teams and many other national sports teams. You can sightsee in the day, and take in a show or game at night. The country has a vast railway network, making it simple travel from city to city.

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