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Bournemouth is a lovely resort at the seaside on the southern coastline of England. It is most famous for being the home of about seven miles of beaches, as well as some Victorian architecture and a lively nightlife scene in areas like the Triangle. The resort is also where you will find the Bournemouth Pier, a center for activity with facilities such as a zip line, an obstacle course, and a climbing wall. The Bournemouth Gardens are another notable attraction set with an aviary and rock gardens, complete with species of plants collected from three continents arranged on two miles of land. Bournemouth fosters a polished, dignified image as a refined Victorian seaside resort. This has much to do with its plentiful gardens that are lush with sub-tropical specimens like ferns and palms that flourish in the warmer microclimate of the area. Bournemouth has a vibrant history rich with literary inspiration and the therapeutic benefits of the sea air. There is plenty for the culturally inquisitive to explore, such as the local museum house and an assortment of art galleries and spaces for performances that showcase a budding selection of fine art. Besides the cultural treasures, Bournemouth’s warm sea temperatures and presence of four Blue Flag beaches mean you can have that relaxing beach-themed holiday as well! These beaches are some of the best to be found in England, edged by green cliffs, and accessible via funicular railways that were built during the prime of Bournemouth’s Victorian era. The ruggedness of the cliffs is broken in some spots by a ravine –called a chine on the South Coast – where you can find gardens. If you like ecclesial architecture, you can find plenty of religious buildings and churches built in a variety of historical styles. In one of the town center cemeteries is the burial place of Mary Shelley.

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Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach is often hyped as best in the country and the name “Bournemouth Beach” normally is used to refer to the central area located near the Lower Gardens and the pier. This area has a widespread belt of golden sand, bordered by the Undercliff Promenade dotted with cafes and ice cream parlors for all your refreshment needs, along with windbreaks, parasols and deck chairs for hire. The beach can be accessed from paths leading down the cliff, or by riding one of the three Victorian funiculars from the boulevard overhead. The Land Train also goes along the promenade towards Boscombe and west towards the Branksome Chine.

Lower Gardens

It looks as if all paths interconnect at this glorious one! The Lower Garden is at the end of a three-kilometer long sequence of green areas on the passage of the Bourne, and is only five minutes away from the central beach and pier, as well as Bournemouth’s main shopping zone. In the summers, you can relax in the shade of the lofty pines and cedars while taking in the fresh air. There is also an aviary, crazy golf course, and the Pinewalk Bandstand where artists display their work is worth a visit too. If you visit in August, there are selected days when you can witness the magical Candlelight Nights. This is an old tradition going back to a hundred years, during which thousands of candlelights or tealights in colored jars are organized in creative designs that are a delight to see.

St Peter’s Church

Located in the center of Bournemouth, the 62-meter tall spire of this elegant Gothic Revival church is an iconic local landmark. George Edmund Street, most famous for the Royal Courts of Justice at the strand in London, designed St Peter’s, while some more notable architects of Victorian architecture added to the interior. The chancel is above all one of the most richly designed and has frescoes and stained glass made by the renowned Clayton and Bell workshop. The church is also where you will find the Shelley family vault, and is famously the final resting place for Mary Shelley, her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Sir Percy Florence Shelley, their son. Mary had initially been entombed at St Pancras with her distinguished parents (Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin), but her remains were shifted by her son.


Grab the kids and get ready for an aquatic adventure! This is an aquarium at the seafront in Bournemouth. It famously reconstructs ten diverse marine and river settings from around the world. These include the Amazon, the Great Barrier Reef, Key West, and the magnificent Mediterranean. All of these habitats serve as a home for species that are native to these environments. You can expect to see aquatic animals such as zebra sharks, clown fish piranhas, stingrays, green sea turtles, puffer fish, otters, and dwarf crocodiles. Humboldt penguins are a more recent addition to the Oceanarium in a carefully designed beach habitat where you can catch a glimpse of these marvelous birds from both on land and below the water as they go about their lives. There is also a play zone for kids, and a schedule of feeding times for everyday to get a look at the more elusive animals.

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