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Bristol is both a city and a county; located on the lower southwestern side of England. It’s been considered one of the top ten world’s travel destinations due to its history, beauty, and activities. There’s much to see and do in this city.


Bristol is part of the picturesque Cotswold and is situated on a large region of limestone that runs through the Mendip Hills. It’s on the Rivers, Avon and Frome. The River Trym flows past the Blaise Castle in the northern part of Bristol, an 18th-century mansion house, with an open museum.

Bristol offers modern-day entertainment at one of its many film theaters and a 3D planetarium. For more formal entertainment, you can dress up to visit the Colston Hall, where they offer symphony orchestra classical music.

Here are a few more suggestions for your trip:


  • Bristol Cathedral: Bristol Cathedral is a well-preserved Church of England church from 1148. It contains many interesting relics and artifacts related to the faith. The church is in Gothic style with two large towers and stained glass windows. 
  • Queen Square: This area was built during the Georgian era and is comprised of over 5.9 acres of grassy land with sidewalks. Buildings, many of which have listed status now, surround it. A statue of William III on horseback is located at the center of the square.
  • Portland Square: Portland Square is a smaller grassy region that was created in the 18th century as part of the city’s first settlement. Today, many of the buildings in the square are listed, but unfortunately, a lot of area has fallen into disrepair. Still, it’s a tranquil spot away from the busy city life.
  • Broad mead Shopping Area: This shopping center has its roots in history. You can find this region to the north of the main town walls. This is where you’ll find all the stores and shops of the city. It’s completely walkable so you can browse from shop to shop.
  • The Docks: The Floating Docks was where old industry flourished, but today it has been moved to Avon mouth Docks and Royal Portbury Dock. The Floating Docks is now used for festivals and community events.
  • The Festival of the Sea: The Festival of the Sea is held in May annually to celebrate maritime industry. It’s been running since 1996 and is affiliated with the International Festivals of the Sea held in other UK ports. There is a broad range of family activities.
  • Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge: This suspension bridge is a toll bridge to transport vehicles over the River Avon. It can be seen framing ng the background of this part of the city at a distance. The bridge was an idea for about a century until it was completed in 1964.


    Bristol is one of the warmest cities in the UK, with a nice mild climate and less rainfall than much of the rest of the country. Much of the city is walkable, so plan on seeing a lot of attractions during your stay.  

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