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Situated in East Sussex nestled in the district of Rother is the charming village of Camber is located almost 5km from Rye. Geographically, this village rests behind River Rother’s estuary where sand dunes dominate the natural landscape. This is the location of Camber Sands that is a hot tourist attraction in this part of the United Kingdom. This land has undergone significant changes geographically speaking and with regards to administration. There used to several fishing villages where the present day village of Camber now exists. The main reason for the explosion of tourism in this region is golf. Due to increasing interest in using this area for golf courses, the Rye Golf Links was established in Rye Bay with the Royal William Hotel opening the very same year. This resulted in the expansion of the village and a greater burst in the local tourism industry. In order to facilitate the transport of gear between the various golf clubs, the Camber Tramway was opened up registered members in 1895 but it was shut down due to the Second World War. Moreover, a major point of interest in this region is the majestic Winchelsea Castle that was constructed on the orders of Henry VIII. It was meant to protect the exposed western side of the village of Camber. This 16th century castle may be reached from either Rye or Winchelsea since it was built halfway between these two places. In 1956, the parish of Broomhill and the parish of Saint Thomas were officially combined to make the parish of Camber. Owing to the precious wildlife found in these particular areas, many scientists and researchers take interest in conducting studies on the native flora and fauna. The sand dunes, salt marshes, saltwater lagoons and shingle are important in this respect. These natural habitats offer exciting recreational opportunities for people who are interested in learning more about the species that inhabit these areas and the conservation efforts taking place to protect them from various threats. If you are planning to visit the village of Camber during the winter, you might want to aim for a November trip because the Rhythm Riot Festival takes place in this month. You may attend the festival with your family and friends.

Vacation rentals in Camber

You will be able to find the best vacation rentals in Camber by checking out the excellent listings available on the website of CuddlyNest. There are many gracious hosts in the welcoming village of Camber who will gladly accommodate your special requests and make your stay here more pleasant and memorable.

Tourist attractions in Camber

The natural beauty of this region pulls tourists towards the villages and towns here at different times of the year especially in the summer. The different species living in the diverse habitats located in and around the village of Camber are more active in the spring and summer. People come from all over to visit the golf clubs that have been established here for decades.

Camber Sands

The biggest tourist attraction in this region is Camber Sands that is the only sandy beach in these parts of the United Kingdom. There are nearly 2miles of beautiful sand dunes and majestic waves to enjoy with your friends and family. You may sunbathe, swim or dive in the clear waters. There are boating tours for those who wish to explore more of the shores here by boat. Bring your sports equipment or rent it from local stores to have hours of fun on the sand and in the water.  There are restaurants, cafes and bars where you may refresh yourself and souvenir shops as well.

Camber Castle

The beautiful Winchelsea Castle is also known as Camber Castle due to its location. This impressive structure dates back to the 16th century when Henry VIII wished to create a fortification to prevent attacks by the French on Camber from its western border. This castle rests on the middle point between Rye and Winchelsea so it is readily accessible from either place. While most of the fortifications were built between 1512 and 1512, a change in strategy brought about reconstruction in 1539, 1542 and 1543. The final design of Camber Castle comprises of a keep in the middle and four bastions around it.

Rye Harbor Nature Reserve

There are guided walks that you may take with local experts who are familiar with the untouched layout and variety of species living within the Rye Harbor Nature Reserve. Some of these parts may be crowded but most of the reserve consists of quiet areas where only the sounds you can hear are the natural sounds. Moving within the reserve you will come across a great range of landscapes each with its unique ambiance. Make sure to take your camera along to record rare sightings of the native animals living here.  

St. Mary's Parish Church

Take a step back from the busy markets and natural reserves of Camber to find spiritual guidance at Saint Mary’s Parish Church. This beautiful old church dates back almost 900 years and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This is located in the old town on a high hill that provides spectacular views of the area surrounding Rye since it is the parish church of Rye. You may get the full experience of the views by climbing up the tower carefully after reading the instructions listed on the site.   

Ypres Tower Museum

This tower is said to be constructed in the beginning of the 14th century and historically, it is the second building that was opened to the public in Rye. You may climb to the balcony of the Ypres Tower to treat yourself to some gorgeous views of the region filled with natural reserves. There are a number of exhibitions in this museum telling the story of the town and sharing elements of the local culture. Besides original artifacts there are also replicas that show various objects in their full glory as they would have been seen before.    

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