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Croydon is a town located close to Charing cross in London, England. It connects London with North Downs. This town is famous among tourists for the shopping opportunities it provides. Nightlife here is amazing with five-star bars and restaurants. With an area of about sixteen square kilometers Croydon houses about 4 million inhibitors according to the latest census by England census beaurue. The typical London districts Coombe and Selsdon are located in the south of this town the other part of town has hilly and green lands. The industrial areas lie in the west that are included in the London Borough of Sutton. 

River Wandle that is a tributary from the river Thames lies in this area. It falls into Corydon after passing from Putney and Wandsworth. The climate of this area is local steppe climate. The rainfall is not much rainfall through out the year. July is the wettest month of year and November is the hottest month of the year. Average temperature here is about 21.1 °C. and the average rainfall in this area is a 736mm per year. 

What Croydon offers you?

Croydon is a hub of culture and tourism. It is one of the most visited town of great London that receives millions of tourists each year. There are parks, cinemas, churches, shopping centers and much more that makes it an ideal place for vacationers. The tall buildings show the glory of the great England. You can visit parks including Wandle Park Addington Park, Beddington Park, South Norwood Country Park, Selhurst Park, Crystal Palace Park, Croydon Road Recreation Ground. The Museum of Croydon, Addington Hills, Lunar House, The Croydon Flyover, Croydon Clocktower, Rise Gallery, Crystal Palace Dinosaurs and Mitcham Common are worth visiting. 


You can visit Church of St. John the Baptist, St Michael’s Church and St Mary’s Catholic Church, Coombe Wood Gardens, Lloyd Park and Bethlem Museum of the mind at Croydon. You can visit art venues too including the Fairfield Halls which consists of a large concert hall often used for BBC recordings, the Ashcroft Theatre and the Arnhem Gallery. Fairfield is the house of the London Mozart Players. An ideal place is Queens Gardens located adjacent to the town hall and Clocktower art center it hosts many concerts and exhibitions too. plan a trip to this beautiful town and enjoy your life at this best. Bring your family and friends with you and have fun. Click photos, wander, explore, shop and lot more. 

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Top attractions at Croydon

  • Wandle Park 

Wandle Park in the Broad Green Ward of Croydon, South London, England. The total area of the park is about is 8.5 hectare. This park was inaugurated by the lord mayor of London as an open and public area for recreation and enjoyment. There are lots of opportunities if fun and enjoyment provided in this park. The River Wandle flows through the park, a boating lake is also located here that is also a spot for flamingoes’ sightings. 

Mostly dog walkers, footballers, joggers, skateboarders and families for picnic purposes visit this beautiful park. A basketball and tennis ball court are also present. With play spaces and lush green grounds this park gives a landscape views in the center of the city. you can visit this place with your friends and loved ones. It is ab ideal place to spend a day at Wandle park if you are on vacation with your family. Cuddlynest provides rentals near this park.

  • Croydon Clocktower

Croydon Clocktower is situated on Katharine Street in Croydon, London. It is an arts and museum complex which poses a regular program of art house and independent films. It has a Youth Ambassadors group, intended to bring more young people to the Clocktower with a cafe and bar. Close to this tower Braithwaite Hall is located which was used for concerts, theatre and children's shows. There is a central library located at the floors of clocktower that provides wide range of books, CDs, DVDs and informative videos in many languages. The museum of Croydon is also located here. Visit this metropolitan place with your family and fellas. Cuddlynest provides rentals near clocktower.

  • font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Bethlem Gallery

The Bethlem Gallery is located at Beckham, Bromley, England. This gallery is built is housed in an Art Deco building combined with the Bethlem Museum of the Mind. Since a long time, this art gallery provides facilities for collaboration, experimentation, and skills exchange. The history of Bethlem Royal Hospital is exhibited here. Most of the art exhibited here belongs to patients of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Visit this place and click photos. Cuddlynest provides rentals near this area.

Croydon has much more to explore. Other top destinations in the area include:

  • High Elms Country Park
  • Riddlesdown
  • Farthing Downs
  • Croham Hurst Woods
  • Millers Pond Shirley
  • Grove Park
  • Carshalton Park
  • South Norwood Lake
  • Bowie Bandstand
  • Selsdon Wood
  • Croydon Canal
  • Wilderness Island
  • Haling Grove Park
  • Sutton Ecology Centre Grounds
  • Heavers Meadow
  • Little Holland House
  • Sakthy Ghanapathy Temple
  • Beaulieu Heights
  • Carshalton Water Tower & Historic Garden Trust
  • Happy Valley Park
  • GO Zorbing London
  • Imperial Sports Ground
  • Poulter Park

Plan your vacation to this beautiful town and enjoy the mystic air of London. Book your rentals with Cuddlynest before your arrival at Croydon. We provide lavished villas, condos and apartments at affordable rates.

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