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About Dilton Marsh

Dilton Marsh is a village and civil parish located in the Wiltshire county in the southwest of England. The village is about 1.5 miles from the center of the town of Westbury, which has expanded almost to the parish boundary making it pretty much a part of the Westbury built up area. Dilton Marsh civil parish was formed in 1894. The parish is on the border of the county with Somerset. It includes the small settlements of Penknap, Stormore, Clearwood towards the west, along with the rustic hamlets of Fairwood at the north and Hisomley at the southwest. The original settlement of Old Dilton is roughly three-quarters of a mile towards the southeast of the present-day village center right on the banks of the Biss Brook. It today comprises of some farmhouses and the old St Mary's Church. As a smaller number of workers were needed in the local wool industry due to greater automation, many relocated to the public land of the drained marsh located on the north side of the ridge. By the beginning of the 19th century, Dilton Marsh had become too large for the older settlement. Dilton Marsh was home to two schools in the 19th century. A British School was constructed in 1866, expanded in 1884 and then again in 1895, and developed into a County school in 1906. A National School was built next to the new church c. 1848, and became a County school in 1904, when it became known as the Church of England school. Dilton Marsh is the perfect place for a getaway if you want to experience a slice of English life without the bustle of the more popular tourist attractions in England. This picture-perfect place has history and nature and provides a tranquil setting for the most peaceful vacation.

Things to do, things to see

You can start with a leisurely stroll down the High Street. The village’s  High Street is stretches about 2 kilometers in length, and is home to grocery shops, a fish and chip shop, the Prince of Wales public house, a post office, and Fairfield Farm College, which is a farm shop and garden center featuring a cafe.

St Mary's Church, Old Dilton

St Mary's Church is located down in Old Dilton. It was built in the 14th century and has been documented in the National Heritage List for England. At present it is a non-functional church under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. It was stated to be redundant on 26 April 1973, as the populace of Old Dilton dropped due to residents moving to Dilton Marsh, however it remains consecrated The church is close to the River Biss and comprises of a nave, chancel, north chapel and aisle along with a vestry. The gabled south porch is thought to have survived from an original 14th century  building, however the rest dates back to the 15th century. It has a small stone spire on its western end. The inside of the church was rebuilt in the 18th century and now includes box pews, two small galleries, and a three-decker pulpit. The gallery above the north side of the chancel was used as a classroom and has a fireplace. The eight-sided stone font is from the 15th century and the chancel features the Royal Arms of George III. The church has no heating or electricity supply. Conservation work was carried out in the 1930s and 1950s.

Dilton Marsh Railway

Dilton Marsh railway station lies along the Wessex Main Line heading towards Bristol. It was opened as Dilton Marsh Halt in the late ‘30s and travellers would buy the tickets from a local woman in a nearby home. In the late ‘60s, the station stopped using “halt” in its name and was almost shut down by British Rail, however today it is still managed beside the trains by Great Western Railway. It is a request stop, so it is necessary for travelers to signal to the train driver if they desire to board. The station was the focus of one of the works by John Betjeman, a British poet.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church sits at the center of Dilton Marsh, where the Hollow meets St. Mary’s Lane in crossroads with the High Street. The church was constructed in a Romanesque style in 1844 and has a good pipe organ with a striking clock. The church provides a children’s corner and catering space in the area beneath the west gallery. In 2015, the track leading to the front door was re-laid to enable easier access for wheelchair users.

Fairwood Lakes Holiday Park

Fairwood Lakes is at present one of the best family parks in Wiltshire. Set in scenic surroundings, you can anticipate first class facilities and a very sincere welcome. It will definitely appeal to couples and families, along with the occasional solo visitor. The well-equipped touring grounds are positioned close to lakes and woodland, presenting the chance to appreciate nature from the ease of your caravan or motorhome. There is a separate area just for dogs here too. For children, there is a large soft-play area, a toddler’s outdoor play area, and an out-of-doors playground area for older kids. If you like fishing, the 6.5 acres of stunning lakes here provide pretty good fishing and the lakes contain carp, silver fish and pike. For a small fee, you can purchase fishing permits from reception and simply grab your gear for a day out!

Vacation rentals at Dilton Marsh, England

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