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This region is found in the south of the state of ‘Manchester’. It is originally thought to be a part of the Cheshire.  The land was gifted to Manchester in 1931, as the area was undergoing lots of construction and the agencies and construction companies, were in desperate need of land. The age of construction had begun in 1920 here in Manchester. The land is thought to be covering an area of 11 sq. meters and the coordinates of the land are 53.4 N and 2.27 W. The area of Wythenshawe is almost made up of four or five smaller housing colonies. The name ‘Wythenshawe’ is derived from old English, which means ‘Withy tree woods’. The area of Wythenshawe was born, when the older counties that were present were merged and brought forth as one large county. These counties were; Northenden, Baguley, and Northern Etchells. The new county was named after the name of the present city hall, known as Wythenshawe-Hall. The Hall was under the ownership of one family, the family was known as ‘The Tatton’. The surrounding grounds and the Hall became the part of this new county, which began to be recognized as ‘Wythenshawe’. In the later years, the grounds of the land were used for housing.


Due to some issues, the Hall was closed to the public in 2010 and it suffered some damage in 2016, by an arsonist attack. The attack destroyed much of the roof and the floor on one level, even the tower with the bell, known as the bell tower suffered damage. To the south of the county, there is an abandoned airfield. The airfield was not always abandoned, and it was known as the United Kingdom’s only municipal airfield and its documented flights started in April 1939 and on the 19th of June 1930, the last recorded flight took off. Wythenshawe is Manchester’s oldest and largest district with housing estates as old as those made in the early 1920s.  During 1920 there was very little construction, but the construction sped up in 1940 when World War II ended. In 1960, there were still many empty spaces but these were quickly filled and now there is very little land left. 



A holiday feels incomplete without a little sightseeing, this list will help you get a jumpstart on the list of holidaying places that you must visit while here. Hope you have fun;



  The Botanical garden was made by the botanist ‘Robert Wood Williamson’. The main part of the garden is a rockery that faces the south slope of the garden. The garden was sold to Adam Fletcher Moss, in 1912 and the gardens were later donated to the city of Manchester for public use and have been named after him in honorary remembrance. Adam Fletcher Moss was born in 1843 and lived his life as a philanthropist. He donated all of his property along with the gardens for the use of the public.



Found in the heart of the city were for any other type of greenery seemed impossible. The park is huge and gives the feeling of a nature reserve and amazing wildlife due to the large amounts of trees. The park is also filled with domestic animals like ducks, swans and other types of birds. People can also be seen fishing in the small lake in the park. The park has free car parking, toilets, and amazing waterpark. The small woods provide the best place for children to play games and run around.  The average walking time around the park is thirty minutes, but there are longer and shorter routes available.



Walkden Gardens are another one of breathtaking public gardens. This is the best place to come to if you want to come to a place that provides quiet and fresh air. The park is located in Sale, Greater Manchester.  The gardens are named in the honorary remembrance of Henry Walkden, who died in 1949 left these garden to the council and is now used by the public. The gardens are also the place where the ruins of the old City Hall can be found.



It opened originally as the ‘Albert Park Methodist Chapel’, for the public use and worship in 1883. The chapel was closed down in 1962, only to be reopened as a mosque. The Mosque is large enough to hold a gathering of almost 1000 people at one time. Mustafa Abdullah Graf is known as the sheikh of this mosque. The Mosque is merged with the Manchester Islamic Center as they share the same building. The mosque is fully equipped with scholars, which issues fatwas; helps solve family affairs, calculate zakat, and provide a place for seeking advice and doing meditation. The mosque has radio coverage, so they can televise adhan, sermons, and reminders. The mosque is registered for charity and gives out charities. Even though it is not a monument people especially tourists are seen visiting it.


•           BAGULEY HALL

A building made from timber and wood, in the 14th century and it is located in Greater Manchester. What used to be a small country house someplace in Cheshire is now an important monument for the tourists. People are seen visiting this monument year around.



A society built-in 1979, is a non-profit and registered society. The society is still working in full swing and is dedicated to providing education related to Horticulture to everyone, nationally and internationally. The centre covers an area of around 41 hectares; the area is covered in trees, moss and other beautiful vegetation. The centre is only a fifteen-minute ride from Victoria. The centre has received many awards for its works and it’s a popular reason for tourism.



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