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Big Bear is a beautiful small city on the southern shore of Big Bear Lake. This city is surrounded by the thick green flora, high rising mountains and beautiful green land escapes of San Bernardino National Forest. This place was once a hometown of local natives and grizzly bears but bear population gradually decreased till 1908 when no bear was left in area. In 1933, black bears were introduced in the area which can be seen around the residential places as well. This is how this place got the name of Big Bear.


Being surrounded by the Big Bear Lake and National Forest of San Bernardino, this city has so many tourist attractions and recreational opportunities for visitors. The total population of this place is merely 5000 but due to tourists and visitors an average number of people staying in the area during vacations can reach to 100,000.

Weather At Big Bear City

Being elevated to the height of almost 2,058 m from sea level this place has usually high precipitation and snowfall. Snowfall is expected throughout the year except for the month of July and August. Warmest month to enjoy the sunny weather is July when the average temperature is 18 °C whereas the coldest month is January when the temperature drops to freezing levels.

Travelling to Big Bear Lake City

Travelling to big bear city is quite easy and convenient than before. Big Bear City Airport is a small domestic airport that serves the flights for this area. Local bus services are also present to carry people from San Bernardino to the Big Bear Lake. If you are travelling in your own car than you can reach the city by using highway SR 18 from Highland, SR 330 from Highland, SR 38 from Redlands or SR 18 from Victorville.

Vacation Rentals At Big Bear lake City

For staying at the Big Bear City during your vacation or tour, you can find cabins, resorts and houses available for rentals. These rental places range in different sizes, number of bedrooms, prices, location and facilities available. CuddlyNest has up-to-date information about every rental place on its online vacation rental booking platform from where you can book your rental place comfortably while planning your vacation program.


All the vacation rentals have different services available. Some of the most demanded services by the tourists include attached kitchen, washer, dishwasher, balcony, microwave, Wi-Fi, Patio, parking, Air conditioner, BBQ grill and wheelchair. Depending on your need you can select the best vacation rental with the required services and enjoy your stay in the beautiful City of Big Bear Lake.


Tourist Attractions At Big Bear Lake City

Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake by the side of city provides a great vacation spot to the tourists. This lake provides a number of recreational activities to the people staying around the place. The main attraction of this Lake includes fishing. This lake has abundant fish in it. Most common type of fish caught by the fishers include trout, bass and cat fish. Horseback riding is another great activity people enjoy by the lake side. During winter season this lake freezes providing people with a smooth snowy surface for ice skiing and snowboarding. The Big Bear Lake International Film Festival is also celebrated in this area attracting people and tourists from all over the world.

San Bernardino National Forest

San Bernardino National Forest is a national forest of United States. This forest is extended to a vast area of 823,816 acres and has two major divisions, the eastern portion of the San Gabriel Mountains and the San Bernardino Mountains. This forest has everything you would love to see in a place like this. Beautiful waterfalls, mountains, wide range of trails with different difficulty levels, flora and fauna, camping area, hiking places and many scenic beauties are found throughout the forest.

Big Bear Mountain Resorts

Snow Summit ski resort and Bear Mountain Resort are the two resorts found beside each other. These two resorts were once competitors but now both are the properties of snow summit. A free bus service is also found in between the two resorts to carry people. People are amused with the beautiful scenic snow all around. Trails covered with perfect white powdery ice are ideal for skiing and snowboarding. You can choose difficulty level from beginners to expert one. Night skiing and lift systems are also available for the visitors.


If you are visiting Big Bear City during summers, you can enjoy ice skiing too at that time. The artificial snow making systems installed at the resorts draws water from the Big Bear Lake and converts it into snow. So whether you are visiting the place during summers or winters, Skiing and snowboarding are the two recreational activities available for you throughout the year.

San Bernardino County Library

If you are a book worm and searching for something new and interesting to read during you stay in Big Bear Lake city, this 8500 sq. library is a piece of heaven for you. Being loaded with books, CDs, audio books, DVDs, computers and internet service, this is a complete package for a book reader’s entertainment. After the modifications done in 2009, this library has even more incentives to offer. Public computes are installed along with circulation desk which allows the people to checkout by themselves. This library is not a boring place like usual ones. Your younger ones will love to visit there for story times. Informative sessions for teenagers, book sales, book donation and other special events are organized at the library on regular basis.

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