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Fort Lauderdale is a city located on the southeastern coast of Florida. This is a popular vacation city for snowbirds—people who live in the cold northern climates of USA and Canada—who come down to enjoy the hot winter weather.


Often travelers use this city as a base, and then head into the other parts of the state, but there is still much to see and do here. Fort Lauderdale has over 4000 restaurants for every taste. There are 63 golf courses, twelve different shopping malls, sixteen museums, and hundreds of nightclubs, museums, and marinas.

Here are a few additional suggestions for your trip:

  • New River: The New River flows through downtown Fort Lauder-dale. It’s surrounded by an equal amount of high-rises and palm trees. Here you can find yacht charters to take you on a tour.
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach: This beach offers a chance to rest and relax under the hot sunlight. It’s a long strip of beach, which is walkable and right beside a long road with free parking. There are also some shops where you can buy beach gear and souvenirs.
  • Lockhart Stadium: For travelers wishing to see a sporting event, there are many soccer games played here by their home team of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers.
  • Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex: If swimming in the ocean isn’t enough, visitors can go for a swim here. There are two swim-Ming pools and one diving well. There is also the International Swimming Hall of Fame Museum.
  • Las Olas Boulevard: If you want to go out for a stroll, the Las Olas Boulevard is a long street with shops and restaurants on each side. It’s close to Fort Lauderdale Beach, so you can stop for a rest. There are washrooms at regular intervals. 
  • Hyatt Regency Hotel: Many travelers enjoy staying at this hotel. It has the distinction of being designed in the Frank Lloyd Wright architectural style. It was originally built in 1957 and is worth a quick peek inside on the SE 17th Street.
  • The Bonnet House: There are many heritage homes located in this city, with the Bonnet House being notable. It was originally built in 1895. It’s currently listed on the Historic Registry. It’s very colorful and well preserved as a museum.
  • The Florida Everglades: The Everglades are a vast protected ecosystem in Florida, but visitors are allowed to see certain parts. The Everglades encompass a greater part of Florida but can be accessed from the city. At the visitor center, you can see wildlife and even hold a baby alligator in your hands. There are also airboats that you can take through the swamps to see alligators, birdlife, and wildlife up close. The center also has many shows and is a nature preserve that rescues wildcats, even ones that don’t normally live in Florida. 
  • The Hollywood International Airport services Fort Lauderdale. There is a vast bus network that will take you from one end of this vast city to the other.  
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