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Ever heard of Citrus Ridge? Well, that’s what Four Corners is also known as. It’s quite an underrated tourist location, especially for families. Although beaches and mountainous places are exciting, they’re not always the safest for children. Four Corners, on the other hand, is a family friendly place or really just a city for anyone who wants to have a good time but doesn’t want to do anything risky or potentially hurtful.

Four Corners is a great place in the state of Florida for travelers that love to try out different foods and cuisines as it has a vast number of restaurants and cafes you can enjoy. The area also doesn’t have much of a party culture and neither is it too quiet. It is a comfortable place where you won’t be over or underwhelmed by the things around you.

It is also quite affordable especially if you’re looking at vacation rentals in Four Corners. The most popular vacation rentals in Four Corners are villas and houses although condos are quite popular as well.

You can treat it as a pitstop if you’re on a road trip or you can take your time and spend a few weeks to months in the area. In 2010, the population of Four Corners was at under 30,000 which shows exactly how small the place it. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.


Cost of Living

In the recent years, cost of living in Four Corners has increased. Yet, it still remains one of the most reasonable tourist spots.


Hotels and Vacation Rentals in Four Corners

Not only is it a place full of awesome food and exciting attractions, but there is also a range of hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in Four Corners offering spaces at various prices. So, no matter what your budget may be, you’ll find a suite or a rental villa in Four Corners at an affordable price. The vacation rentals in Four Corners are especially cheaper in price but still offer you the same amenities.


Transportation, Health and Utilities

Transportation costs are also lower than not just the Florida average but national average as well. Healthcare falls in the same bucket. The only thing that is slightly above the average is utilities. But when you think about everything else that you’re saving on, it balances out pretty well and still leaves you at a profit.  


Restaurants and Cafes

Of course, the food is something you can’t forget at Four Corners. You can find classic American foods, Peruvian, African, Mexican, Latin American, Japanese, British, Irish and so many more cuisines. That’s quite a list, isn’t it? And each cuisine has a top restaurant that has the best picks. It’s almost as if you’re traveling the world just by visiting Four Corners.


Holler and Dash Biscuit House

The perfect place for breakfast and brunch, it has a casual atmosphere that lets you be yourself and enjoy a bucket load of carbs or something healthy. The Southern-style biscuits especially are light, fluffy and delicious! If there’s one way to start your mornings well, this is it. Do try their signature biscuits which are absolutely divine! You’ll never forget that experience.



For lunch, you can head on over to Adler’s for some mouthwatering burgers. They’re flavorful, delicious and explode in your mouth with each bite. They also have a ton of unique options for drinks so you’re probably going to discover a new favorite!


Victoria’s and Albert’s

The above choices are quite affordable. For dinner, however, you may want to dress up a little because this one’s more towards fine dining. Not only is the food great, but you can also dine at the chef’s table! Does it get any better? Do reserve a table first so you’re not waiting a while.


Theme Parks and Attractions

Now, theme parks in Four Corners are not so over the top that you’re going to be screaming the entire time you’re there. Instead, you’ll have a pleasant experience with the rides, restaurants, and shops that are super entertaining and fun.


Walt Disney World

How do you miss a chance to go to Disney World if you can? Well, the simple answer is, you don’t. Walt Disney World is more towards Orlando but it’s not that far away from Four Corners. Whether you’re visiting with children, alone or with friends, Disney World is fun for everyone! And if you visit at the right time, you may be able to be a part of Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.


Old Town

The outdoor shopping mall and amusement park have much of a history. Opened in 1986, it’s exactly what they say it is, “Classic American Fun”. Not only do you have restaurants, shops, and rides, but there are several events and live music shows! In fact, America's Longest Running Weekly Car Show was also held there! The free weekly events mean that you can have all the fun without spending any extra coins.

That isn’t all that Four Corners has for you. There’s a lot more but these are just a few places that epic and you cannot miss out on if you ever visit Four Corners. Especially if you’re on a budget, Citrus Bridge may be the best place for you to start traveling from. It’s not overwhelming and especially for first-time travelers, you’ll have enough to adjust in the environment but it’s not going to be completely out of your comfort zone no matter where in the world you are from.

So don’t wait any longer! All you have to do now is pack your bags and book a space with CuddlyNest. We provide the best vacation rentals in not just Citrus Ridge but all-over United States, so you can be sure to trust us. Our platform, has a deal for everyone regardless of your budget! Villas, apartments, or condominiums, you’ll find everything you need.


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