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Orlando is the home of some of the world's biggest tourist attractions. It welcomes around 60 million visitors a year. The city lies in the central part of Florida, around 50 minutes away from the eastern beach shores of Florida. It is a city with countless attractions that provide all tastes with an experience not to be forgotten. Whether you are looking to spend a great time with your family, with your friends, or on a business trip, you will never run short of ideas of things to do or places to go to.


The first thing that pops up on your mind when you think about Orlando is Walt Disney World. Disney World opened in Orlando in 1971, and ever since, it has attracted millions and millions of visitors. With four big theme parks and two water parks, Disney World offers rides, attractions, shows, restaurants, clubs, and many other more things and activities to enjoy.


If you want to enjoy rides that are more to the youth style, the best place to go to is Universal Orlando Resort.  With two theme parks and a water park, open to guests, there is surely a lot of to do, from roller coasters and shows to parades and water rides. At Universal Orlando, you can also enjoy fine dining to fast food restaurants in City walk. Nightlife is also vivid as there are great nightclubs to get great drinks and to dance nightlong.


Away from Disney World and Universal Orlando, there is a huge variety of things to do and places to visit. One place is the International Drive. The International drive has countless options of restaurants and clubs to have a great time. The I-Drive 360- Home of the Orlando Eye- is a great destination to get on the huge lighting Ferris wheel and to enjoy great views of Orlando and beyond, while enjoying a glass of champagne in your hand. You can also visit Madam Tussaud’s and take pictures with many world celebrities. And of course, marine life is a big part of Orlando. So, stop at the Sea Life Orlando aquarium and enjoy the journey of marine life.

Nothing is better than visiting Gatorland to experience the "wild" side of Florida. Gatorland acts as a wildlife preserve for magnificent reptiles such as alligators, crocodiles, snakes and some local birds like flamingos.


The "Ripley’s Believe It or Not" is the place to take a look at the strange and unusual items columnist Robert L. Ripley collected while traveling around the world. You an also end your museum tour with a comedy show and dinner. 


If you are a thrill lover and like to take things to the next level, Sky Venture Orlando offers you  the ultimate simulation of the skydiving experience without actually jumping from the plane. You can also experience the simulation of getting into a tornado experience. You will be given the gear and a training session before going into the real simulation experience.


Here are some more things to do and places to visit in Orlando:

  • If you want to live the circumstances of the Titanic, head to Titanic: The Experience. You will interact with actors taking the role of actual passengers on the ship and see actual memorabilia recovered from the sunken ship.
  • The Arabian Nights is a great place to enjoy a dinner show. Watch the story of Ali Baba and many other Arabian famous stories come to life.
  • If you like solving mysteries and saving your team from being trapped in a locked room, go to The Escape Room . You will have many themes of room traps to choose from and solve the mystery to get out in an exact hour.
  • Strange Attractions to Check Out in Orlando.


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