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The city of Georgia is situated in the south-eastern state of Georgia, near the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. This place is a hometown of more than half a million people and this figure is still growing rapidly. This city has so much potential that it welcomes everyone with open heart. This is the only place where you could find racism as ‘the city is too busy to hate’

Atlanta is blessed with so much greenery that it is also known as ‘the city in a forest’. The city is getting more and more graceful and well-developed every year. The two major cites for tourist attraction are CNN’s Global headquarters and home of coco cola are the leading corporations of the city.

The World of Coco Cola

Have you ever read the story of Charlie and the chocolate factory?  Yes, there is place like that which exists in real. But this time you will find a beverage instead of chocolates.

World of coco cola is a place where people can travel along the bottling and see how their favorite beverage is manufactured. It is amazing to see the production of most demanded product throughout the world. Lots of people visit this place to get the closest idea about the production process and to uncover the secret ingredients. Yes, you can get the closest idea about production but you can’t get that magic recipe.

CNN Global Headquarters

The cable news network which is commonly pronounced as CNN is the pioneer of 24-hours news channels. It was the first network that was solely dedicated for this purpose. This venture has grown up to a massive level with CNN and its sister channels. During your visit to this place you will be allowed see the live broadcast of different news bulletins, talk shows and programs.

A well guided tour to the news rooms and studios is the dream of people who are more interested in the media sciences and political sciences. Whether you want to be a news caster, camera man, editor or like any other related media person, this visit will be a life changing experience. But this tour is not free of cost. There are many packages for the visit according the number of people and accessibility allowed.

CuddlyNest can’t help your with the tickets but it will surely help you with the rentals. You can most likely get your desired vacation rental in the lowest rates. There is one more interesting place to visit near these two giant ventures, Georgia Aquarium.

Georgia Aquarium

This aquarium is a home for more than 100 thousand marine animals. This place is expanded to an area of 13acres with 10 billion gallons of marine and salt water. A large number of people flock towards this city just to visit this place. The closest view of all those marine animals makes this place more fascinating. You will also get to know the better understanding about marine life. Dolphins and sea lions are the two most amusing animals for children. You can see them playing around in water pleasing the audience with their dance move.

Other than animals you can see different exhibits and galleries. Take your time and plan a tour especially if you have younger ones. You will never find them more excited ever.


Atlanta Botanical Garden    

Atlanta botanical garden is another source of attraction for tourists. This garden has several small sub-gardens with different themes and planation. This place is for everyone. From those who have deep interest in plants and botanical life to those who mere visit gardens for entertainment and relaxation. Visitor’s center is a special area created where people can enjoy the cool and refreshing environment with greens all around it. Even the roof of this place is almost covered with green plants. This visitor’s center leads to another interesting place called Canopy walk.

Canopy walk is the most attractive feature for the people visiting there. This walk is 600ft long and 40ft high from the ground allowing people to see the remains of urban forest. This walk will give you a short adventure of forest and closer view of nature. 
After the visit of Dale Chihuly, this place has totally changed. Beautiful glass work paired with nature’s greenery makes a mind blowing combination. Numbers of visitors have multiplied after the creative work done by the expert.  The Dorothy Chapman Fuqua Conservatory, Orchid house and Plant tissue culture lab are the prominent figures of his work.

Centennial Olympic Park

Expended over a vast area of 21acres, this park is filled with lots of activities and entertainment. Sky view Atlanta is the prominent feature of this park visible from miles away. This huge Ferris wheel takes you to the height of almost 600ft which is 20 stories above the ground. With 42 air conditioned gondolas, visitors can enjoy the sights of surrounding attractions and downtown Atlanta. For more exotic experiences there is VIP gondolas which are almost fully glass made to give to the breath taking panoramic views of the metropolitan Atlanta.

There are so many interesting places in this city that you need long vacations to visit them all. From adventures like zoo and amusement parks to somber affairs like museums and historical centers, you will find everything you search for.


Vacation Rentals in Atlanta

Feeling excited after this short guide? Plan your vacations at the City of Atlanta and experience all these places in real. You will a proper vacation rental to stay in the city. CuddlyNest has a number and variety of vacation rental places for you to stay. You can find a single bedroom place to a complete villa. Just search for the type of place you want and you will get the all possible options available for you to choose from. CuddlyNest not only promises to make your stay more comfortable but also tries to make your vacations more meaningful.   

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