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New Orleans, nicknamed The Big Easy, is located along the Mississippi River in Louisiana. NOLA is used as an acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the most populous city of Louisiana with the population of 393,292. Known for its music, unique dialect of native people, Creole cuisine, its annual celebrations and festivals, New Orleans has been characterized as the most unique city of United States. Because of its cross-cultural and multilingual heritage.


The Best Time to Visit New Orleans

The Big Easy is enjoyable and a tourist destination any time of the year. So it depends on your expectations from the vacation. Comfortably cool weather from February to May in New Orleans welcomes the celebrations and Mardi Gras mania in the city. From November to January, warm temperatures, calm city, fewer crowds, cheaper rentals and holiday decorations might be the best time to visit. Summer and Fall bring stifling heat and humidity with them,  and as a result, the hotel reservations are cheaper in these seasons. For Mardi Gras, Jazz and Heritage Festivals you have to plan ahead and make a room reservation. So you make it in time and don’t have to go the trouble of finding a rental when almost everything is booked.


Things to Do in New Orleans

New Orleans has a reputation as one of the best destinations for couples, bachelor parties. New Orleans has so much to offer from unique museums and jazz points to antiques hunting in French Quarter.


Cruises and Sailing Tours

Being along the Mississippi River, New Orleans is a destination for tourists to visit swamps, enjoy airboat tours and cruises. Alligators, snakes and hidden villages can be found in swampy territories. Tours of beautiful, secluded and mysterious Mississippi River swamps tours through boats are easily accessible in the city. Learning about the wildlife of swamps and historic battle of New Orleans from tour guides, great meals and brilliant and romantic sunsets and enchanting skyline views while on the cruises is an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Frenchman Street

Frenchman Street is a popular local spot and four block stretch. It has art galleries, restaurants, live music specifically jazz, great bars, and nightclubs. If you’re in New Orleans and want to experience it fully, then you must go shopping in Frenchman Street. Which has the Palace market where you can buy local homemade art and jewelry. Talented musicians, extensive beverage selections and fun atmosphere of Three Muses and The Spotted Cat are well-liked by tourists and locals both.


The French Quarter

The French Quarter is also known as Vieux Carré Historic District or just Vieux Carré. Vieux Carré that means ‘Old Square’ is one of the oldest historic districts of the country. And a national historic landmark which is a lot more than just Bourbon Street. Its Jackson Square, Cabildo, Faulkner House Books, rich history, diverse architecture, many museums, the finest art galleries, rowdy and raucous bars, rowdy evenings, lively nights, music, street performers, jazz clubs, mule-drawn carriage tours, Cajun eateries, restaurants, gourmet foods and local crafts make this place a historical and cultural center.

Garden District

Garden District is located 3 miles from the French Quarter, where you can go to take a walk and break from the crowded city area. Walking around the historic residential area to see some of the most beautiful houses with beautiful architecture is peaceful where you can enjoy the well-preserved properties and neighborhood full of trees, gardens, and ivy. At the intersection of Prytania Street and Washington Avenue, you can find shops and cafes, and visit the famous Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. There you can find the city’s most refined and well-liked Commander’s Palace Restaurant.


Cemetery Tours

New Orleans cemeteries are also included in the list of must-see attractions because many tombs are built above ground with the ornate design of French and Spanish architecture.

The city’s unique and most famous cemeteries are St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, St. Louis Cemetery No. 2, and Lafayette Cemetery N. 1. Marie Laveau, NOLA’s Voodoo Queen, resides in her final resting in the oldest extant cemetery St. Louis Cemetery #1 and you’ll also find the future tomb of Nicholas Cage.


Movies “Interview with a Vampire” and “Double Jeopardy” feature the eerie walls of Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Some TV Shows like NCIS: New Orleans, The Originals, American Horror Story have some scenes that were filmed in this cemetery. This cemetery is probably the most visited because of its enormous antebellum mansions, lovely fenced yards and free access to the public. St. Louis Cemetery #2 has the graves of local musicians like Dannie and Ernie and burial site of the notorious pirate named Dominique You.



Some other attractions that are not to be missed are The National WWII Museum (impressive and poignant collections of everything from uniforms and documents to weapons and artifacts of WWII),New Orleans Museum of Art (This museum has collections artworks of late 19th and early 20th century and works of Edgar Degas, native artist George Rodrigue, and Rene Magritte), and Louisiana State Museum (A Spanish style building with wonderful architecture has historic Native American objects, colonial-era paintings, Napoleon Bonaparte’s death mask, exhibits and artifacts of historic Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita).


Book Recommendation

A New Orleans Guidebook can be found on! Which will help you with useful and a lot of information so you can get the most of your travel to New Orleans. FODOR’s New Orleans Guide 2016 and DK Eyewitness Travel Guide New Orleans are also guidebooks that you can use.


The Best Vacation Rentals In New Orleans, Louisiana

The options of rentals available in the city are as diverse as the city itself. The available rental goes from apartment rentals, house rentals, hotel room or B&B rentals or studio rentals to the area or your preference of style and need. There are many lodging establishments that offer their services in the French Quarter, the heart of the city. There some quieter rentals available at the end of French Quarter. Many tourists and visitors also prefer Central Business District and Garden District according to their taste. Hotel Provincial in the quieter area of the French Quarter has a much-recommended status by visitors. And you can book all of these through!


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