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Quick facts about Massachusetts


Travel information about Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the largest and most populated states in New England of the United States of America with 14 counties, 39 cities, and 312 towns within its territory. Planning a vacation at this state is an excellent idea as you have countless options of places for site seeing, entertainment and relaxation.

Known for its magnificent colonial history, it is home to lots of amazing places sufficient enough for the massive tourist attraction. The state takes pride in its numbers of monuments, museums, churches, beaches, universities, parks, Islands, cliffs, and much more.

Vacation Rentals In Massachusetts

Once you have decided your vacation spot in the stay, the first thing you are supposed to do is book your vacation rental and your tickets to the nearest airport.

CuddlyNest is your leisure mate. You can search for the best vacation rental place through our website and book it in the most reasonable rates. To make your choices regarding vacation rentals in Massachusetts, all you need to do is to check and browse our search bar. You can find all the basic requirements in the search bar from room types to entire apartments to stay.

CuddlyNest helps the tourists and visitors in making better choices regarding vacation rentals and places to visit during their vacations.

Tourist Attractions in the State

With so many towns and cities to stay and explore, this state has a rich supply of places to visit during vacations. Each city and town has its own culture, life style, ways of entertainment, day life and nightlife, cuisines, natural beauties and much more. We have come up with the most visited cities and most visited sites in the state. Have a look at this précised guide and choose your vacation spot wisely.

Cities You Must Discover While Being In the State Of Massachusetts

Talking about the famous cities in Massachusetts, one can never forget to mention Boston City which is ranked as the top most cities in the US. The quality of life, innovations, creative architecture, beautiful natural greens and blues, and the cultural values of this city are unparalleled. You can say that this city is a perfect place for a healthy and exotic vacation.

Top 10 Cities and Villages in Massachusetts

If you have visited Boston before, there are few more options for you to choose from. All the cities mentioned below offer different source of entertainment, beautiful scenic sites, recreational activities, and have places to relax and breathe out all the stress and anxieties in your mind.

  • Cambridge
  • Plymouth
  • Wellesley
  • Provincetown
  • Worcester
  • Great Barrington
  • Salem
  • Concord
  • Amherst
  • Woods Hole

Further zooming into these cities, we can find a lot of interesting places which are famous throughout the world for the tourist attractions they hold. Once you plan your vacations in the state try to add the following places in your visit list for the vacations.

Top places for Tourist attraction in Massachusetts

Everyone has a different set of mind and search for places that are according to their taste. Fun and adventure loving people go for beaches which offer them a variety of thrilling outdoor activities. People who have great taste for art and history go for places rich in somber affairs like museums and art galleries. Finally, there are some adventure loving tourists who have a dream to encounter every challenging site and place in the world.

We have come up with a place for everyone. Following three places are the best picks for most of the tourists.

Cape Cod Beach

Being one of the most mesmerizing places in the state, Cape Cod Beach in the Atlantic south of Boston has a wide range of beautiful sights, romantic sunset and recreational activities for you.

White sand dunes and birds flocking towards the beach add more beauty to the beautiful greens and blues of the beach.

It is a complete package for a soul lifting day. Vacation rentals are available along the beach, so if you still have sparking energy levels after having a long active adventurous day, you can stay at the beach city and enjoy the nighttime diversions of the place.

CuddlyNest has a wide array of vacation rentals at the place. Just search for the available rentals and choose the coziest spot in the city.

Concord Museum

The city of concord possesses a great significance when it comes to the American war history, nevertheless, too, for the philosophical writers and thinkers of the past carrying forward the literary legacy on behalf of the country.

Thus, if you want to get a clearer guide to the city’s revolutionary and literary history, paying visit to the Concord Museums will be a great decision and will take you back in those days.

Comprising of 17th to 19th century furniture, study of the Ralph Waldo Emerson, a lantern that signaled Paul Revere, Native-American artifacts, and much more from the art side, this Concord Museum should be your priority especially if you are an art lover or history analyst.

There is a wide range of vacation rentals in Massachusetts. You can assess each of the places and get clear information and details of the places with our online search bar.

CuddlyNest is the problem solver to your every vacation rental problem.

Berkshire County

In the west of Massachusetts, you can find the Berkshire County, always subjected to major tourist attraction.

Visiting the place, while spending your vacations at Massachusetts, is worth giving a chance. Taking pride in its churches, green hills, narrow lanes, waterfalls, gardens, meadows, monuments and museums, this place offers opportunity for hiking and skiing as well.

This county has strong attractions for the literature, culture, dance, and art and music geeks.

Berkshire County has the following worth visiting sites:

  • Big Bash Falls, Monument Mountain
  • Berkshire Botanical Garden
  • Berkshire Museum
  • Norman Rockwell Museum
  • Tangle wood
  • The Clark Art Institute
  • Savoy Mountains
  • Canoe Meadows
  • Williamstown Theatre
  • Berkshire Playwrights
  • Bear town State Forest and much more.

CuddlyNest provides good information and quick bookings for vacation rentals in the county. Stay at the county of Berkshire to create a new series of unforgettable moments.

Other places to visit in Massachusetts

  • Lexington
  • Plymouth Rock
  • Pilgrim Hall Museum
  • The town of Rockport
  • Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail
  • The town of Sturbridge
  • North Point Park
  • The beaches of Cohasset
  • The Hammond Castle
  • Bartholomew’s Cobble
  • Townsend
  • Palmer Island and its Light Station
  • The Mohawk Trail
  • The Plymouth Plantation Living Museum
  • Old State House in Boston
  • Carlisle Farm

Just keep on asking and you will get more from this state. So we can easily say that, ’Massachusetts is a place with endless tourists’ attractions’. Create never fading memories with CuddlyNest at Massachusetts.

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