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About Hatch

If you’re taking a trip to see the rocky canyons and the good ole midwest, while at the same time to enjoy the serene secluded nature of it, then a trip to the cozy town of Hatch is exactly what you need. This comfy town was named after its pioneer citizen Meltier Hatch. And is a worthy treat of visitors looking to recreate the authentic outback experience. Visitors would find the wide-open landscape offering ample access to the hill. And canyon ranges to get the best photo ops. Due to its close proximity to the canyons and flatlands, you will have no trouble in finding vacation rentals in Hatch.

The town is situated towards the south-west of Garfield County, close to the start of Sevier River. For travelers coming here by road, the Route 89 highway goes through the town. Making it possible for road trippers to get here easily. As Hatch is right in the middle of a large, expansive plain, it would be an ideal destination for fans of outback riding and off-road driving too. Although be sure to abide by the local authorities on it.

Flat lands, combined with sandy bumps would make for an unforgettable experience when tearing through on a snappy buggy. It must be noted that the town does get cold in the winters, with temps commonly dropping below zero. Hence, this town must be visited during the spring or summer in order to get the most out of your vacation. So, here are our top picks to go to if you find yourself in town. And want to make your vacation a memorable one.

Bryce Canyon National Park

For people who want to take on the rugged terrain and take their time hiking, a short trip to the Bryce Canyon National Park from the vacation rentals in Hatch, is worth its weight in gold. This national park is home to vast, towering canyons and hoodoos, which are a spectacle to look at.

The sight of warm red rock formations paired with lush spotted greenery gives it a beautiful contrasting background. And is reminiscent of the larger Grand Canyon. People who are not looking to get tired by hiking need not worry. As they can just take the shuttle service. And take their time observing the scenery and soaking in the sun.

Anyone wanting to hike must take care, as the terrain can be unforgiving. As such, it is recommended to keep it to the adults, and to get all the proper gear needed. Normal sandals and sneakers are not recommended, as they provide insufficient traction. Instead, use proper heavy hiking boots for their superior protection and reliability. Arguably, the best part about visiting this park are its unique hoodoos. Which are rock formations resembling a tent or totem pole. These formations are fun to look at, and even better when viewed in a cluster at Inspiration Point. Give this place a go if you’re in the area, and you won’t be disappointed.

Navajo Trail

This place is another treat for hikers as it involves navigating the maze of hoodoos, you just saw from above. The trail takes you deep into the canyon floor. Allowing for numerous picturesque shots of rock formations which are colorful, particularly at sunrise or sunsets. It is also a good idea to bring all the gear you’re going to need with adequate supplies of water from your vacation rentals in Hatch, or from a convenience store. As this trail is located at a considerable elevation, you may feel light headed, and should be avoided if you have any existing health issues. During the hike, it is important to stay hydrated and take frequent stops to catch your breath, as the altitude is relentless. In the trail, you will come across a fork, which leads to Queens garden on the left and Wall Street on the right. The trail is largely based on the even ground, although you will find sections which are particularly challenging, especially when it’s done by newcomers.

As it is a physical activity, hiking must be done in favorable weather conditions. The ideal time to come here is during the end of spring or early summer.

Bryce Point

In the Bryce Canyon National Park, there are a couple of places where you can enjoy the scenic views; however, Bryce Point is on the top of the list when it comes to sunrises and sunsets. From here, you can gaze at the wonderful sight of the sun rising and setting. The rising sun causes the hoodoo tips to light up, making them look like burning torches in the distance.

In addition to the views, you will also find a wide variety of fauna in the area. Commonly found animals include rodents like Uinta Chipmunks and Ground squirrels. Although these little creatures are cute to look at, it must be noted that due to state law, it is illegal to feed them. You must know this as these animals can get a little aggressive. As they are spoiled by visitors and demand to be fed. Nonetheless, it is a good place to stop by, especially for all landscape photographers.

Galaxy Diner

After a long day trekking outdoors, it is only reasonable to satisfy your surmounting hunger. Fans of old fifties style diners can rejoice as the Galaxy Diner holds true to the tradition. At this diner, you can savor a wide range of American cuisine specialties, from scrambled eggs and hash browns for breakfast to hamburgers and steaks for lunch and dinner respectively. The interior of this place is inspired by the old roadside diners that were found in the 1950’s. Throughout the diner, you will find posters and items from the golden age of rock and roll. And even includes a jukebox.

This diner is a great place to have breakfast. And is worth the trip from any of the vacation rentals in Hatch.

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