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Travel information about Salt Lake City

Planning to have a long vacation with friends or family in Salt Lake City of Utah? You will need the best online guide for worth visiting places and nice vacation rentals to make your trip memorable. CuddlyNest provides the best online service to book your vacation rental place prior to landing to the spot. You have plenty of options to choose from. Like from duration, range, number of persons and type of accommodation you would love to prefer. The following short travel guide will help you in choosing the best place vacation rental place in affordable prices.

Traveling to Salt Lake City

While planning a perfect vacation, the first thing that comes in mind is ‘means of travelling’.  Salt Lake City international airport is one of the convenient and well-developed airports to reach the city. It is just a few kilometers away from beautiful resorts, condos and rental places. Right before landing to the Salt Lake international airport, you will be mesmerized to see the high snowcapped Wasatch Mountains in the East and a beautiful view of calm Salt Lake to the North. 

Several airline services are available at this airport making it convenient for the tourists to travel with ease and comfort. At the airport, you could easily find shuttle service that could help you reach the nearby rentals. You can also find rail, taxi and other travelling vehicles which you could hire to reach your destination. So traveling in Salt Lake City is as convenient as finding the perfect vacation rentals to stay, by cuddlyNest.

Weather in Salt Lake City

This place is ideal to visit during any season throughout the year. It holds something special for every visitor and explorer. Being an elevated city, there is a drastic change in weather in every season.  You can find it covered with snow during winters whereas; fall and spring are a perfect time where you could find the melting snow and nature’s bounties.

Summers are fun in Salt Lake City. You can enjoy all the outdoor activities from hiking, biking, camping, fishing to boating in the famous lakes. There is pretty much more to do and enjoy at this leisure spot. 
So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite time of the year, plan vacation, book your rental place with cuddlynest and enjoy the different flavors of weather in Salt Lake City. You will find the best vacation rentals in just a few clicks.  

Places to visit in Salt Lake City

For a perfect vacation, people usually choose places where they could enjoy more outdoor activities. Luckily, this place is blessed with so many outdoor spots where you could do so many amazing things. Following are the most visited spots with lots of vocational rental places nearby. Just type your favorite spot at cuddlynest, your duration of stay and size of rental accommodation you need, to book the perfect rental place for yourself.  

Parks to visit at Salt Lake City

Most of the fun activities performed outdoors requires an open area with lots of greenery around. In Salt Lake City, you can find the following parks more interesting. These parks are surrounded by many small parks or other interesting places to visit. If you are planning to visit Salt Lake City with friends and family, than book your rental place near the visit able spots and enjoy your vacations.

  • Liberty Park

  • Sugar House Park

  • Memory Grove

  • Washington Park

  • Jordan river Park

  • Dimple dell regional national park

  • Antelope Island state park

  • The place heritage park

  • Canyon park

  • Salt Lake Country equestrian center.

Adventurous Canyons

Salt Lake City is surrounded by huge mountains. These mountains have steep canyons which provide a great adventure spot to the visitors. Jogging, running and hiking across the scenic trails are the most commonly performed outdoor activities in these areas. Famous canyons you can visit are:

  • Parleys canyon

  • Cottonwood Canyons

  • City creek canyons

  • Mill creek canyon

  • Emigration canyon

  • Butterfield canyon

  • Bingham canyan

Temple Square

Temple square is an amalgamation of historical, architectural, religious and fine dining places. You can find a lot more while exploring this place.  Salt Lake Temple, the Tabernacle, and the Family History Library are the three major places which are mostly the center of attention of visitors. Apart from this you may also find the following places at walking distance:

  • Family history library

  • North Visitor’s center

  • South visitor’s center

  • Brigham young historic park

  • Mormon Pioneer Memorial Monument

  • Beehive House

  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building

You can also enjoy lunch and dinner in most of the amusing historical and architectural dinning places. Temple square is just next to City Creek, so you can plan a nice dining with some exciting shopping plans.  

The Great Salt Lake

Also known as America’s Dead Sea, this lake is of great attraction for tourists visiting Salt Lake City. This place is a habitat for a number of small wild animals and birds. Just like The Dead Sea, water in this lake is super saturated allowing people to float on the surface while swimming in the water. This makes it the safest place to swim with friends and family.  

Alta Ski Area

For ice skiing lowers, this place is like heaven on earth. Finely powdered ice spread across the large area of mountains provides a best place for ice skiing. You may find all the facilities including lift service in reasonable charges.

Outdoor Fun in Salt Lake City

Vacations are mostly all about outdoor fun. At Salt Lake City you can enjoy rafting on green river, rock climbing and ice climbing on high Wasatch Mountains, skiing on Alta Ski area, bike riding with multiple tracks according to skills, camping, horseback riding, swimming in salt lake and much more you have ever imagined. The tour guide service providers are also there to help you out in exploring the hidden beauties of this city.

Nightlife at Salt Lake City

If you are not tired after a long exciting day outdoor activity, then night time glamour welcomes you to spend rest of your energy over here. Along with just roaming around the beautifully designs streets, amusing your taste buds with the most exotic steaks and other cuisines at the restaurants, sitting in the bars, enjoying musical concerts and shows, cheering up your favorite sportsman at sports club, you can also make new friends. Thousands of people across the world visit this place every year. Some end up in long term friendship while others can find their perfect soul mates waiting to tie the knot. Night fun doesn’t end up here! You can also enjoy shopping gifts for your friends and family at City Creek. This place holds so many exciting things for everyone.

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