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The city of Sandy is located in the north-west half of Utah. And is known for scorching hot summers with a high percentage of humidity. And cold winters with middling snowfall. Summer in Sandy is warm, with temperatures down to 45 degrees. Excessive humidity escalates the heat. So be sure to keep yourself hydrated and wear a hat, if you're visiting Sandy in the summer. Winters are cozy, with temperatures down to a minimum of -3 degrees. On an average Sandy gets nearly 80 inches of snow every year. So it's a great time to visit if you love outside recreational activities for winter sports like skiing and snowshoeing. Just make sure you muffle up warmly.


Explore Sandy, Utah

Sandy, Utah is the cultural capital and headquarters for the Mormon community. And a self-proclaimed, astonishingly growing, cosmopolitan but tradition-oriented city. Mormon settlers originally chose the location for its desertion and beneficial agricultural resources. Today it obliges as a major commercial and cultural hub for the large intermountain U.S. West region. And is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to crowded Pacific vacation destinations.

The mighty city of Sandy in Utah’s Salt Lake County is home to nearly 90,000 residents. And ranks as the state’s sixth largest city in terms of resident and vacation rentals. The city sits at the heels of the Wasatch Mountains near the Salt Lake Valley. Sandy is home to the famous Rio Tinto Stadium which hosts football matches like the Real Salt Lake homecoming games. Hiking too is another outdoor activity offered in Sandy. Lone Peak and Pfeiffer Horn at Wasatch at popular spots to hike. If you want to see some exquisite penguins, visit the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. More outdoor fun is anticipated at the Dimple Dell Regional Park which offers family picnic spots and hiking trails.

The city of Sandy is a baguette of a place set amongst some of the most mesmerizing natural wonders Utah has to offer. While it offers all the services of a big city, Sandy's real charm is its propinquity to scintillating lakes, magisterial mountains, and dense forests. Where visitors can play to their heart's content. Whether you want to dawdle through antique museums, cheer on an endorse sports team at the Rio Tinto Stadium or spend your days hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, Sandy is a beautiful place of inspiration and fun.


Antique Museums and recreations in Sandy

Sandy occupies a wealth of heritage museums, wrapping themes from classic cars and early pioneers to military history and classic dolls. The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum in Sandy is a folkloric place for the whole family. With correlative exhibits, pinewood derby racing and building with Lego. The John Hutchings Museum of Natural History is a great experience for all ages. With an excellent parade on everything from early pioneers, rocks and minerals, insects and the Wild West.

Animal lovers will enjoy gazing their favorite creatures at the zoo and aquarium. Sandy vacation rentals are a cozy getaway after long winter days skiing at nearby resorts. Climbing up frozen waterfalls or snowmobiling through the thick green forest. In summer, you can have a throw at geocaching! Take in a game of golf or enjoy the outdoors in languid fashion in a canoe or kayak. Anglers will find a prestige amount of pristine lakes to yank line in, while adventurer seekers will enjoy rock climbing.

Sandy vacation rentals are flattering places to relax after exciting recreational activities. Like boating on Utah Lake and mountain biking on trails along the Wasatch Front in summer. Or ice climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon and cross-stitch skiing in Mountain Dell in winter. Sandy is housed by national and state parks and national forests. And snuggle between the Great Salt Lake to the north-west and Utah Lake to the south. No matter where you roam in and around Sandy, there is always something inspiring to see.


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The Best Vacation Rentals in Sandy, Utah

Are you bored with the modest and longing a vacation that fits your family perfectly? That vacation rental getaway you have been gazing will allow you to see the world through a new lens, traverse attractions and rupture the unfamiliar. Pack your bags and come to Sandy, Utah. As seductive as it sounds to simply rest and fuel in one of the best short-term rentals in Sandy, there is food to satisfy your appetite, sights to see and memories to capture. Endeavor into the city, rediscover its history, explore the cultural exhibits! And truly relish the vibrant flavors of the new world around you. Make yourself at home in your desired rental space and take a well-deserved break or whip up a feast with local market delicacies.

Sandy has over 1,200 rooms in town, ranging everything from bed and breakfasts to small budget motels. Whether you are in the mood for a mellow apartment, palatial residence or extravagant villa, there is a rental just according to your desire. Five-Star rental chains and inns are also available although they may not always be worth the hefty price. Visitors wanting to take public transportation to the resorts or other destinations should stay at condos that are near transportation linking hubs. Like the 9400 South 2000 East Park and Ride.

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