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Vietnam offers a variety of climates and landscapes, ranging from breathtaking mountains to stunning beaches. Vietnam still has a long way to go before being a world-renowned destination. However, you will not be bored with its natural and cultural sites. Let's Start With This Top Ten List of things to do in Vietnam that runs from the beautiful Ha Long Bay to the quaint old town of Hoi An passing by the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Vacation rental at Vietnam:

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Tourist attractions at Vietnam:

Have breakfast on a boat at the floating market in the Mekong:

This experience is unique in the Mekong Delta. The inhabitants of the river sell a lot of things, from clothes to food,, and often they exchange goods.

How to roll a perfect spring roll:

It is the second most popular roll dish just after sushi. But have you done it yourself? If you get soft sushi and it does not taste as good as the tight one, it's even harder. Properly balanced so that the bread is not too fat or too thin.

Visit Hanoi:

Effervescence and action are waiting for you in this city where everything gives the impression of going fast! These impress the onlooker and represent my vision of Hanoi well; overloaded, overcharged and ... overheated! In some corners of the city, crossing the street and getting to the other side in one piece is a real challenge. You can easily spend several days without ever having seen everything, and it is strongly recommended to you take a map of your hotel, leave for the day you lose in the streets and neighborhoods and return by taxi for the return. The mausoleum of Hoh Chi Minh impressed me completely and did not miss the beautiful Môt Côt pagoda. The Hoan Kiem Lake is also great to relax for a moment before returning explore.

Visit Ha Long Bay:

Very touristy, but of great beauty with its thousands of islands, Halong Bay is a must for any Vietnamese holiday, and if you are wondering what to do in Vietnam, in my opinion, it is to put on your list of places to see without fail. You can book your cruise from most of the surrounding cities and easily from Hanoi. Rates differ depending on the duration of the cruise and the boat. Before you leave for this venture it is recommended to invest a little more for this activity since the cheapest cruises were unhealthy and the boats unsafe.

Visit Sa Pa:

Sa Pa, it considered the big heart stroke of these few weeks in Vietnam. Why? Because it was here that you would felt the most out of place. A few hours from Hanoi and there you are. Also, the women of the Hmong tribe are present everywhere, and it is a real pleasure to see them in their traditional clothes. In the city, do not miss the market. Sapa is very close to China; it is the most varied market that I have seen in Vietnam. The colors and smells are impressive and will remind you that you are far from home! Many hikes are possible since Sa Pa, and there is something for all tastes and styles. You can easily find a guide from your hotel or a local agency.

Visit Bac Ha Market:

If you are in Sa Pa on a Sunday, you have no good reason not to go to the colorful Bac Ha market. Hmong butterfly, Tai, Nung, black Dao, and a few others are numerous because they go to the market for their weekly shopping. If you are lucky, you may fall on the Sunday of the month when the cattle market is held at the same place. The market mainly serves as food for locals, but you can also buy some souvenirs. The real pleasure in this market is not the shopping, but rather the observation and immersion in the culture of the local tribes.

Visit Hoi An:

The charming and "tourist friendly" Hoi An is to put on your list of things to see in Vietnam. The nearby beach will allow you to rest and enjoy the sun and the "night market" will help you complete your shopping, and you will eat well at low prices. Many cooking classes are offered in town, and it is highly recommended to you to learn in great detail how to cook some of the typical local dishes

Visit My Son:

Easily accessible by day trip from Hoi An, the sanctuary of My Son is worth waking at 4 am to get there. The Cham temples are at their most photogenic at sunrise, and the atmosphere of the place has something very mystical, and I loved to walk there.

Visit Hue:

Hue, the former imperial capital of the country, located in the center of Vietnam. The old imperial palaces will certainly catch your attention.

Exquisite Cuisines

At Pho Hung in Toronto's Spadina Street, near Nam Son Bowery in New York or The White Lotus on Burgundy Street in Paris. But the dishes served in these well-known restaurants can never be as authentic as the food served in Vietnam. Vietnamese cuisine goes beyond pho, and spring rolls are becoming increasingly popular. Near the beach like Nha Trang and Da Nang, you can find lots of fresh seafood caught in the morning and served at very affordable prices. A big crab costs about $ 8 and can be shared for two people.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

Who does not like coffee? Enjoy an iced coffee with condensed milk (ca phe sua da) or a cup of black coffee (ca phe den) and watch the life that passes in a small corner of a street. It is a good way to see Vietnam and to immerse oneself in its culture. For those who would like to have a good coffee, visit Cafe Mai (The Van Huu 79, Hanoi ) or Highland Coffee (75 Nguyen Du, Ho Chi Minh City)

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