CuddlyNest to Attend Major Industry Events in Q1 2019


  • CuddlyNest announces the major travel industry event attendance list for 2019
  • The company aims to attend only very specific events in 2019
  • Gained market visibility and recognition calls for a more specific and targeted approach in event attendance to focus on company operations and growth


Chicago, January 29—The fast-growing accommodation rental agency CuddlyNest ( has finalized the major travel industry events it is going to take part in in the first quarter of 2019. The partaking in major travel industry events is crucial for the partnerships and business expansion to increase its reach and provide a higher quality service to CuddlyNest customers.


In the first quarter this year, CuddlyNest is going to take part in the Serviced Apartment Summit Europe Recharge 2019 in Berlin, followed by one of the largest travel exhibitions in the world ITB Berlin, and later to vacation rental industry highlight event VRMA Prague, as well as our partner’s event Kigo Barcelona.


“Unlike 2018, CuddlyNest plans to divert less from its daily operations and business growth and aims to attend only events targeting specific and relevant markets,” as per COO of CuddlyNest Ritesh Raj. Therefore, CuddlyNest is taking part in the serviced apartment summit in January aiming for expansion in the booming long-term stay market, and two major industry events in March in Berlin and Prague. ITB Berlin is the world’s largest tourism trade fair, bringing together industry professionals and customers.  VRMA Prague for CuddlyNest is an opportunity to showcase its achievements from the stage as a sponsored partner, strengthening its established vacation rental marketplace and building new partnerships.


CuddlyNest is an innovative online travel accommodation marketplace offering any kind of accommodation for every kind of traveler globally. The company’ s innovative booking fee sharing model with the lowest aggregate commissions in the market allows property managers to be in charge of their earnings while guests can book their accommodation for the lowest price possible.


Contact: Ritesh Raj, COO

Phone:+49 174 3726 462

Email:  [email protected]


Cuddlynest Blog Sark Channel Islands

Weekend in the Last Feudal State of Europe

Think feudal states are term straight out of history books? Then think once again. The last feudal state of Europe was brought to end only a little more than a decade ago. Read further to see what Sark Island in Guernsey, Channel Islands can offer and book your next stay in London, Sark and St Malo right away! 

The Sark Island, located between France and the United Kingdom, however, still makes the top destination for those willing to enjoy air free from vehicle fumes,  jump off the cliff and enjoy the best stargazing spot in the whole world. We got you? Read further and follow our 3-day itinerary, or plan your own!


How to Get to Sark

From London via train and ferry: go from London to Poole or Portsmouth via train and them take a Condor Ferry operated to Guernsey, afterward taking a Sark Shipping Company ferry from to Guernsey to Sark


From London via plane: Aurigny Air Services from London City Airport, London Gatwick, Stanstead, Blue Islands from London City and London Waterloo


From other cities in the United Kingdom via plane: Aurigny Air Services, Flybe and Blue Islands airplane companies operate from Bristol, East Midlands, Leeds, Edinburgh, Southampton.


From Continental Europe via ferry: there are ferries from France, St Malo in Normandy and Cherbourg


From Continental  Europe via plane: from France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Italy there are flights operated by FlybeAurigny Air Services, and Blue Islands.


From America, Russia or other countries outside Europe it is best advised to take a flight to London Gatwick and then go further either via train and ferry or a  plane.


3 Day London, Sark, and St Malo Itentiary

We were starting our trip by visiting London. Although famous for Birmingham palace and Royal gardens, we enjoyed the Tate Modern museum and a bag of fish and chips while catching the sun in Hyde Park on Friday afternoon. Taking the early morning train on Saturday to Portsmouth, we arrived at the coast around 9 am.


As we got out of the train, the sun was already high. It took approximately 20 minutes to get to the Condor ferry. As we had not booked ur tickets earlier, the price here was higher, so make sure you book your tickets beforehand.


Ferries from Portsmouth to Guernsey go every day, but to catch the boat to Sark the same day, you may want to take the morning one as we did.


It took around 40 minutes to get to Guernsey. Here we had some hours to walk around the touristic area, get some ice cream and eat lunch. I strongly advise you to get some groceries here if you travel on a budget, as the only grocery store in Sark is much more expensive and has a limited assortment.

To get to Sark, we got onto a small boat and enjoyed the trip. Arriving in the late afternoon, we checked in the hotel and had a stroll around.  

The most famous and arguably the most beautiful and wild part of Sark is the Coupee which connects the main island to the Small Sark. As we stayed in the chocolaterie “Caragh’s Cholocates”, we had a sunset walk around, the place,  passing the Pilcher Monument above Havre Gosselin and then heading to Small Sark for a dinner at La Sablonnerie. A little bit of splurge, it was an amazing time here. The place is out of the history book, with French cutlery and paintings hanging on walls.

Sunday our list was topped with breakfast at our hotel, followed by morning walk at the and lunch at Hathaway’s.  Kids wanted to jump off the cliff at Venus Pool, and as the water was high, it was enjoyable and (more important than enjoyable) also safe.  Another experience topping our to-do list was tea and scones at Sue’s Tea garden. Overwhelmed by walking (you can walk the whole island from North to South in just 40 minutes!) we got to the Stocks Hotel to enjoy our last dinner in Sark before leaving. There are both fine dining and bistro options, both offering great service and huge portions. No matter which you choose, make sure you split your meals – you will save money and still be full!

The next day before we took the ferry to Guernsey, we shopped around a bit and turned into Sark’s Pottery and crafts shop. Although overpriced, the shop offers handmade pots, silver jewelry, and other design items. But make sure you do not waste all your Guernsey pounds here (Guernsey has its own pound!) and save some for a shopping spree in Guernsey.

From Guernsey taking a boat to Dinard, France, we got to the mainland in the late Sunday night. Having only a weekend for our short family adventure, we could not visit and stay in St Malo and Grenoble, but will definitely return for our France weekend getaway soon.

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A Practical Guide to US Rental Income Taxation: Property Classification and Rental Status

With April 15, the Tax Day for US citizens (except Maine and Massachusetts Residents who got lucky this year and are filing on April 17) approaching, the tax talk is ever so popular now. Are you renting out an apartment, a beach house or listing a shared room on CuddlyNest? Here is a short guide to keeping the confusion about IRS requirements at bay.

First things first, you need to know exactly what tax form to submit. Although most Americans submit the standard income tax return form 1040, there is a bit more complicated story in case you rent out a property.

As a host or property owner, you must first understand in which IRS classification – of rental property or personal residence – your property falls into. As for personal residences, these can be tax-free eligible under certain circumstances. Read on for details.

Tax-Free Rental

If your property is rented out or booked for 14 days or less, then you are eligible to take a break and relax. You heard it correct – IRS does not require you to account for income from properties that are booked for 14 days or less, but with certain conditions fulfilled. First, you have to live in the property for more than 15 days a year. Secondly, the property must be rented out at a market rate. What does it mean? You do not rent out your serviced apartment for 10 days with an income of $100.000.000. No tax fraud, please.

Personal Residence

As for personal residencies, the cutoff between tax-free rentals and personal residency is clear. It is either renting out the property 10% of the total time you use it or using it for more than 14 days, whichever is greater.  

For example, you have a family vacation house in Florida which you rent for 3 summer months, counting for 180 days a year in total. Now, if you live in that house for less than, or equal to 10% of the time you are renting it out, hence 18 days a year, it will not be classified as a personal residence.  To classify it as a personal residence, you must live in the property for more than 18 days (>10%).

On the other hand, if you rent out a ski resort apartment in Arapahoe Basin for only 83 days a year, you can live there for less than or equal to 14 days, and have your property classified as a personal residence.

Rental Property

If you rent the property out for more than 15 days or use it less than 15 days, or for 10% or the total time you are an owner of the property, then it shall be accounted for as a rental property. Rental properties shall report all rental income, but the owners are also eligible for benefits, such as rental expense deductions. In case you lose money from your rental property, you can carry the losses over to not only your rental property income but also personal income.


Another important classification to understand before filing your tax form on April 15, is the rental status. There are only two statuses, namely passive business activity and non-passive real estate rental activity.

Passive Business Activity

Passive business is the category in which most rental property owners will fall into. Active business activity, on the other hand, means you as a rental owner make an active decision in whom to allow to book your property, you take care of maintenance and terms of a lease.

As for passive participation, the difference tax-wise lies into tax deductions. For passive business activity, you can only deduct a passive loss from passive income, not personal income.

Non-Passive Business Activity

As for non-passive business activity, it translates into active engagement in property development, construction, acquisition, and leasing. Another condition for which your rental status may fall under non-passive activity is that of active management and renting making up the majority of your income.

Under the conditions of non-passive rental status hence active participation, IRS allows for tax deduction not only from rental income but also from personal income in the amount of 25.000, which if exceeded will carry over to be deducted in the next year.


All in all, it always better to double-check before reporting on your rental income. Be sure to visit site and allow some time for developing a deep understanding of how the tax system works – and can work in your benefit. In the end, we agree with Herman Wouk saying

Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.

You must keep up with fiction!

CuddlyNest to Attend Serviced Apartment Summit Recharge 2019 in Berlin

About CuddlyNest

Chicago, IL, January 21, 2019

CuddlyNest, one of the fastest growing travel accommodation booking agencies in 2019, announces their participation in Serviced Apartment Summit Recharge, Berlin on January 22. The company is expecting the summit to bring new partnerships, closing deals and expanding rental supply offerings on one of the most disruptive online rental sites.

CuddlyNest was taking part in many hospitality industry summits and exhibitions in 2018. However, in 2019, according to the COO Ritesh Raj, the company aims to attend only the most relevant industry events and to expand its supply even further. Thus, the company continues to ensure the best experience for travelers while booking any kind of accommodation for all types of traveler, for the lowest price in the market.

With the serviced apartment sector booming in Europe, CuddlyNest is looking forward to closing new partnerships with the most successful serviced apartment and aparthotel property owners. The Serviced Apartment Summit  is attended by the most influential European firms specializing in serviced apartment supply, management, and branding, making it one-of-a-kind opportunity.

As mentioned before, CuddlyNest has witnessed unprecedented rapid success and evolvement in a remarkably short period of time and has been named as one of the most promising travel booking sites to watch out in 2019 by the industry leader “Rentals United”.

About CuddlyNest: is a Chicago-based company offering accommodation rental listings in the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


Contact Information:

Ritesh Raj COO of CuddlyNest is going to attend SAS Recharge berlin 2019


Ritesh Raj

Chief Operating Officer

+49 174 372 6462

[email protected]

CuddlyNest Team Travel Bucket List 2019

The week after the New Years has already passed, and resolutions have already either started to divert into routines. To celebrate new beginnings, it is the time to reward yourself and to explore new places, learn new customs and relax whilst going on a trip.

We at Cuddlynest put our own small travel buck lists together to inspire you and give afresh view on your possible travel destinations for 2019. From exotic Africa and South America to Jordan and picturesque Iceland, our destinations are as diverse as we are. But no more talking, let’ s jump right into!



If there is any technical issue, Ahmer has the answer. Being our expert in travel technology, he is the Chief  Technology Officer. Travel-wise, Ahmer’s best travel experiences included Dubai and Fujairah in UAE with his family in the first half of 2018. In 2019, there are Iceland and Petra in Jordan on his bucket list. If you also wish to go to the Golden Circle Route in Iceland and visit Jordan, click here for the best places to stay.



Ritesh is our Chief Operating Officer. While keeping things running smoothly and connecting teams from all over the world, his last year was quite an experience when he went to Bali with family. According to him, there is something about Bali that keeps bringing him back, not to mention the unbearable European winters.

In the next year, Ritesh is planning to go to Greece for the family summer trip and explore the Middle East joining Ahmer for Petra, climbing the Great Wall of China and discovering other great wonders of the world.



Andrei is responsible for our Croatian team in Europe. In the previous year, he enjoyed business trips to Belgrade in Serbia and Como in Italy. For this year, he plans to visit two of the most diverse yet most exciting cities in the States – New York and Chicago. If staying in SOHO and enjoying your free time in Central Park sounds good, New York is a way to go, too.



Tena is our customer relations specialist. No wonder she connects with people on a different level and can solve their problems in a matter of minutes. In the last year, she met new, inspiring people and learned new things every single day. Is that your goal for 2019 as well? Learning is the key, no matter if you learn by travel and discovery or books.

In 2019, Tena is going to visit Paris, the city of lights, as well as London and Istanbul. If you enjoy museums and theatres, London is the place to go this year, too. From National gallery to Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery, London cultural scene is filled with vibrant vibes for any taste. Look for a place to stay? Click here to browse and book affordable options.



Mate is our listing management specialist. No matter if you list your vacation home,  hostel bed or private room in an apartment with us, Mate will be the one reviewing and managing the listings to drive your bookings. His previous year was adventurous, as he traveled throughout Croatia, which is famous for its white sand beaches, mountains, and nature. More than that, he met numerous interesting people from all around the world. Envy him? We too!

The next year, Mate wants to visit one of the largest music festivals in Europe the Boom festival in Portugal. We also like European festivals, like Szeged in Hungary and Hideout in Croatia. Want to join?


Zlatka is our account management team member in Croatia. She visited Paris the last year and started to work at Cuddlynest the previous year. The next year, there are New York and Los Angeles on her bucket list, and we cannot but value her choice. New York is often referred to as the center of the World, never sleeping, always buzzing, while Los Angeles must be on a list for those who would enjoy one of the best beaches in the US, as well as hiking and biking around the Beverley Hills.



Kristina is our inventory acquisition specialist from Croatia, exploring and expanding our list of hotels, vacation rentals and resorts to widen our guests’ choice. Kristina’s best experiences in the last year were visiting Paris and Belgrade with her team, while her bucket list for 2019 includes major European cities and extreme sports. Indeed, sports travel and going to marathons do not have to stop there. While going hiking or on other extreme trips, one can visit cities and see its cafes, museums, architecture and try out different foods.


Anna is our social media guru. She knows how to connect with people and enjoys exploring new cultures. In 2018, it was the first time Anna could travel and work at the same time. She says that “it has been quite a journey and a lot of learning” and we cannot help but agree.

For the upcoming year, Anna’s bucket list of travel experiences includes going to South America and Africa. Are you, too? Take a flight to Morocco or South Africa and stay in the most amazing places you could imagine!




Rahul is chatty not only to our channel managers but also to people around. In the previous year, it was the first time Rahul was backpacking in Thailand meeting many new people and making friends. Indeed, backpacking and solo travel is one of the most adventurous and social trips one could choose. Staying in hostels or sharing a vacation rental with others allow to connect with locals and discover the culture on a whole different level.

The next year Rahul is going to explore Canada, the country of nature and amazing sceneries. If you also appreciate wild forests, miles-long grasslands, and snow-covered mountains, it has to be on your bucket list as well.


Anna is the content person of our international team. Working closely together with other teams, she started her way on Cuddlynest last year, moved from Portugal to Hungary to Estonia and visited cities she has never been to. For her, this year has started with the very first visit outside of Europe, and the year is promising to be one of the most interesting ones, continuing relocating from place to place.

No matter type of trip is on your bucket list this year, we always have an option to choose from – the one of the lowest price and the largest choice.

Greetings from CuddlyNest. Keep planning!