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The Best European Cities To Celebrate The Chinese New Year In 2024

The Best European Cities To Celebrate The Chinese New Year In 2024

Destination Deep-Dive 3 MINS READ

This Chinese Spring Festival promises to bring new travel experiences for every Chinese, If you want to squeeze as much of the European vibe and must-see spots on your Europe trip in Spring Festival, February 2024, you may want to read on to see where to go to get the best out of the very first time in the Old World.

If you want to celebrate the upcoming pig year with a trip to Europe together with your partner, the City of Lights, Paris, is one of the best places to start with. It has been a center of arts for years, and even now, you can go to see one of the world’s most famous paintings, “Mona Lisa,” in the Louvre, along with other pieces important that have marked the Western and World histories, such as the Code of Hammurabi and Hellenistic sculptures. While in France, do not waste your time and take the chance to climb the Eiffel Tower and visit the vineyards in Bordeaux.

If France, especially Paris has been the center of arts for centuries, then Italian artisans are leading the European and World art scenes for more than a millennium. Since the days of the Roman Empire Italy has been the center of painting, sculpture, and innovation, sustained and funded by trade in the Mediterranean Sea. You must visit Rome to see what everyone is talking about: from Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Pantheon to modern-day Italian shopping mecca Milan with world-famous designer stores and Venice with its glass artisans, Italy is a place to go if time is your concern. Moreover, if you feel like missing out on the Chinese Lantern Festival, then February Italian Carnevale can offer you the same and more. To experience the blue skies and small-town idyll of Italy accompanied by Roan carnival, visit Aosta Valley, but for an orange-throwing battle, go to Ivrea.

Feel yourself in wonderland in the wintertime when visiting the fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle on the top of the hill, and seeing the Berlin wall, learning about the age of the Cold War when Europe was divided in two. Seeing the impressive Cologne Cathedral and Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate will take just a day or two, making Germany a perfect place to go to in the midst of your Europe travel. It also is well connected by trains and air transport, so getting from or to Germany will cost you little.

No matter what somebody may say, there is never an off-season in London. Being the city of the world, it is always overflowing with energy and things to do. Apart from visiting Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, make sure to visit the nearby Bicester village – it is a true fashion utopia, yet very conveniently located if you happen to be in London.

Barcelona being a Catalonian capital is one of the best cities to add to your European tour. It is well connected with other major cities – flights are cheap, and FlixBus, a cheap bus service operating in Europe, is serving all those who want to see more of Europe, while not spending weeks.  Make sure to put a day aside for Barcelona – you will love its free spirit, happy people, and warm nights when compared to other parts of Europe in February. Gaudi architecture is all around, but you can also visit museums to learn more. Make sure to get a pair of espadrilles – the handmade shoes specific to Spain!

No matter where your Europe trip brings you this time, for the first-time traveler, Paris, London, Venice and Rome are must-visit cities to catch the vibe of Europe at the same time seeing its diversity. From modern London to laid-back Rome and romantic Paris, there is no better way to discover European culture, art, and people – and shop for some great fashion pieces!

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