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Saudi Arabia Reveals Qiddiya’s Dragon Ball Theme Park: A First for the World

Saudi Arabia Reveals Qiddiya’s Dragon Ball Theme Park: A First for the World

Activities & Adventure 4 MINS READ
Dragon Ball Theme Park

Calling all Super Saiyans! Get ready to power up for a dragon ball adventure! The Qiddiya Investment Company in Saudi Arabia just announced the construction of the world’s first-ever Dragon Ball theme park as part of their massive Qiddiya city project.

Plans for the world’s first Dragon Ball Theme Park were announced just weeks after the passing of Akira Toriyama, the visionary creator behind Dragon Ball. Fans across the globe mourned his loss, honoring him for giving birth to characters that have become deeply ingrained in their lives.

Debuted in 1984, Dragon Ball is a manga series following Son Goku, a young boy on a mission to gather mystical dragon balls that grant incredible power. It has become a cornerstone of Japanese comics, achieving immense influence and record-breaking sales.

Dragon Ball Theme Park Highlights

  • 5.3 million square foot entertainment venue
  • 30+ attractions based on the Dragon Ball series with 5 of them being the world’s first!
  • Distinct themed zones based on the 7 dragon balls
  • A roller coaster modeled around a 70-meter-tall Shenron, the eponymous dragon
  • Themed hotels and exotic cuisines

What To Expect

Dragon Ball Theme Park
Photo Credit: Qiddiya Official

Sprawling across a massive 500,000 square meters, this epic park will feature distinct zones that aim to recreate various iconic locales from the original series. Imagine training at Roshi’s Kame House, visiting Capsule Corporation, or even exploring Beerus’s planet!

Dragon Ball Theme Park - World-First Attractions
Photo Credit: Qiddiya Official

The park promises an adventure for fans of all ages. You’ll get to relive the entire Dragon Ball saga, from the very beginning of the manga through Dragon Ball Super! Buckle up for over 30 attractions, including five cutting-edge rides that will be the world’s first. But wait, there’s more! The centerpiece of the park will be a towering Shenron, the wish-granting dragon, housing a thrilling roller coaster inside!

Dragon Ball Theme Park - Capsule Corporation
Photo Credit: Qiddiya Official

To complete your Dragon Ball immersion, the park will offer world-class restaurants and hotels, allowing you to fully experience the adventures of Goku and his friends for an entire day.

What is the Qiddiya Megaproject?

Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in entertainment to diversify its economy and become a flashy tourist destination. The Public Investment Fund (PIF), a key player, has made huge investments in video games (they are the third-largest shareholder of Japanese gaming giant Nintendo), and the Japanese genre of anime (MiSK foundation is collaborating with Toei Animation, the franchise owner of Dragon Ball Z, to produce movies).

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Qiddiya City, a giant entertainment complex near Riyadh, is another major project under PIF. Spanning over 360 square kilometers (140 sq mi) of desert, it will feature 400+ attractions including theme parks like Six Flags, water parks, hotels, and golf courses. The goal is to house 600,000 residents and attract millions of tourists annually.

Qiddiya City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Photo Credit: PIF

This ambition is part of Saudi Vision 2030, a plan led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that aims to reduce Saudi’s reliance on oil and make it a tourist hub for gaming, innovation, and sports. The strategy seems to be working – tourism reached a record 106 million visitors in 2023, denoting a 56% increase since 2019.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Qiddiya Entertainment Megaproject in Riyadh.

As the country strives to become a tourist hub, the park capitalizes on the global phenomenon that is Dragon Ball. This attraction feeds into the growing theme park industry, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for fans around the world while contributing significantly to Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambitions. Keep your eyes peeled for more details about this incredible project!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Dragon Ball Theme Park open?

The official opening date hasn’t been announced yet.

Where will the Dragon Ball Theme Park be located?

The park will be situated in Qiddiya City, a planned entertainment complex near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

What rides and attractions can I expect at Dragon Ball Theme Park?

Specific details haven’t been revealed, but considering the source material, there will likely be thrilling rides themed around battles, locations, and characters from the Dragon Ball universe. Expect immersive experiences that let you train like Goku or fight alongside your favorite heroes.

How much will Dragon Ball Theme Park tickets cost?

Ticket prices haven’t been announced yet. Theme park entry fees can vary depending on factors like age, season, and special events.

What else will Qiddiya City offer besides the Dragon Ball Theme Park?

The city is envisioned to become a massive entertainment and play complex with over 400 attractions, including Six Flags, water parks, golf courses, and various other entertainment options.

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