Cuisine Crawl 5 MINS READ

Unveiling the Best Kept Secrets of Seafood Restaurant Lisbon

Unveiling the Best Kept Secrets of Seafood Restaurant Lisbon

Cuisine Crawl 5 MINS READ

In Lisbon, a city with a rich maritime heritage, seafood is a major highlight and a source of culinary delights. Seafood restaurant Lisbon, known as “Marisqueiras,” and beer halls called “Cervejarias” are popular dining destinations. These places display large tanks filled with lobsters and crabs, while market stalls showcase a variety of oceanic wonders like tiger prawns.

Aside from the traditional pay-by-the-weight Portuguese seafood restaurants, Lisbon has many noteworthy sushi restaurants and poke houses.

The Most Delicious Seafood Restaurant Lisbon

Nune’s Real Marisqueira

Image Credit: Nune’s Real Marisqueira
📍LocationR. Bartolomeu Dias 172 E F, 1400-031 Lisboa, Portugal. Get Directions
⚙️ HighlightPremium seafood is priced by weight, including renowned crayfish with shrimp rice.

Nune’s Real Marisqueira is located near the majestic Jerónimos Monastery in Belém, and it is known for serving exceptional seafood that attracts locals and celebrities, including Cristiano Ronaldo. The seafood menu is priced by weight and offers a wide range of options, with the crayfish and shrimp rice being a prevalent dish.

It celebrates Portuguese seafood and prioritizes serving up the highest quality produce. They have a delicious Seafood Bisque and a widespread seafood platter that has different types of lobster, clams,

The atmosphere is lively and bustling with the sounds of clinking glasses, the aroma of thinly sliced ham, and the cheerful chatter of happy customers, creating a sensory experience that is truly unforgettable.

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Cervejaria Boa Esperança

Image Credit: Joli, Cervejaria Boa Esperança
📍LocationAvenida Gomes Pereira, 3 A, Lisboa, 1500-328. Get Directions
⚙️ HighlightCozy spot with wallet-friendly prices, featuring a contender for the city’s best prego.

Tucked away from the tourist hustle in Benfica, Cervejaria Boa Esperança is a local gem with prices that pleasantly defy the city’s average. The Prego, a garlicky beef sandwich, takes center stage, offering a delightful conclusion to a seafood extravaganza, affectionately referred to as Sobremesa or dessert.

Steak sandwiches are famous in Lisbon, and this is one of the best restaurants to try them at. It’s a hole-in-the-wall shellfish restaurant known for high-quality seafood.


Image Credit: SEA ME
📍LocationRua do Loreto 21, 1200-241 Lisboa, Portugal. Get Directions
⚙️ HighlightModern seafood haven offering platters, grilled fish, sushi, and regional petiscos.

SEA ME has been a popular restaurant for eight years, and getting a reservation is a must before visiting this popular restaurant for a seafood feast. It combines seafood platters, grilled fish, sushi, and regional fish and Seafood Petiscos from Sesimbra, Peniche, and the Azores.

Enjoy oysters and white wine after exploring the Chiado, and experiencing the rich tapestry of Lisbon’s culinary scene. Experience their fresh oysters; choose your fish from their counter, and get it cooked the way you like with sides like baked potatoes and green beans. We recommend their Razor Clams, Prego, and Dorado fish.

O Relento

📍LocationAv. Combatentes da Grande Guerra 10C, 1495-034 Algés, Portugal. Get Directions
⚙️ HighlightA local gem providing a genuine Portuguese seafood experience with a welcoming vibe.

O Relento is a popular seafood restaurant in Lisbon with a menu that pays homage to the sea’s bounty. You can choose the lobster, oysters, clamshells, crab, etc that you want to be cooked for you, charged by the weight.

“If you’re a tourist visiting O Relento, I recommend that you insist on receiving a menu and translating the dishes in the menu to be able to order them yourself rather than depending on staff recommendations. While amazing, O Relento can be a bit overpriced, so it’s always better to look at the menu before deciding what you want to eat,” says Ricardo, a traveler who loves seafood and frequents Lisbon often.

With a dedication to sourcing the freshest ingredients, O Relento promises an immersive dining experience that celebrates the richness of Portugal’s coastal offerings.

Poké House

Image Credit: Poké House, Lisbon
📍LocationR. da Misericórdia 71, 1200-365 Lisboa, Portugal. Get Directions
⚙️ HighlightFusion of seafood excellence with a contemporary twist, specializing in fresh and healthy poké bowls.

Poké House is a modern restaurant that focuses on delivering healthy and delicious food. Their seafood rice bowls with vegetables and fresh seafood options make it a must-visit in Lisbon.

The menu features several healthy food options such as the Sunny Salmon Bowl, the Spicy Tuna Bowl, Avocado Toast, and a delicious Açai Bowl.

You can also grab some mochi for dessert from here. If you’re looking for fresh fish served in a delicious poké style, then this is your go-to restaurant serving up fast, east-to-eat healthy food.


Image Credit: Pinóquio
📍LocationPraça dos Restauradores 79 80, 1250-188 Lisboa, Portugal. Get Directions
⚙️ HighlightHistoric seafood restaurant in the heart of Lisbon, celebrated for its family-friendly ambiance and classic dishes.

A Lisbon institution, Pinóquio is steeped in rich history and serves some of the best fresh seafood dishes in the city. The restaurant has a chic and modern vibe with the outdoor seating having a very Lisbon feel to it. You can also enjoy a cold beer with your seafood meal here.

From classic favorites to inventive new ways of eating seafood, this family-run restaurant captures the essence of Lisbon’s seafood culture. They are known for their clams, grilled lobster, the famous “woodpecker”, and several other seafood dishes made of squid, many types of fish, and crustaceans.

If you’re not in the mood for seafood, you can also enjoy several meat dishes, such as Duck Rice, Grilled Sirloin Steak, and Barbecue Lamb Chops. We also recommend trying their Paella.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Lisbon Portugal seafood restaurants?

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon include Cervejaria Ramiro, Solar 31, Pinóquio, A Marisqueira do Lis, Mar Mar, Portugália, Sea Me Peixaria Moderna, and Nunes Real Marisqueira.

Where can I find the best seafood in Lisbon?

For the best seafood in Lisbon, Portugal, you can visit renowned restaurants like Cervejaria Ramiro, Solar 31, Pinóquio, A Marisqueira do Lis, Mar Mar, Portugália, Sea Me Peixaria Moderna, and Nunes Real Marisqueira

What sets apart the best seafood restaurant Lisbon, Portugal, in terms of ambiance and dining experience?

The best seafood restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal, typically sets itself apart through a combination of charming ambiance, attentive service, and a focus on delivering an immersive dining experience that complements the freshness and quality of its seafood offerings.

What are some must-try dishes at Ramiro seafood restaurant Lisbon?

Some must-try dishes at Ramiro seafood restaurant in Lisbon include grilled tiger prawns, garlic butter crab, seafood rice, and clams Bulhão Pato style.

Are there any renowned seafood Lisbon markets?

Yes, Lisbon boasts several renowned seafood markets, including Mercado da Ribeira and Mercado de Alvalade, where visitors can find a wide selection of fresh seafood products.

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