Tips to Level up your hosting skills

This post is dedicated to those PM who want the experience of their guests to be unforgettable. Let’s be honest, since remote times the best publicity you can have are the positive opinions of those who have already tried it, that is, word of mouth.

There are many things that are unintentionally overlooked, small details are the ones that make the difference. You must bear in mind that your guests expect to find what they have hired will fulfill their expectations. So, we’re going to give you some simple tips that are proof that you pay attention to detail.

1. Check the dishwasher filter

Something as simple as that tells us what state the apartment is in and what the cleaning standards are for it. So, be sure you take a look from time to time.

2. Check the coffee machine

It is very important that the coffee machine is in impeccable condition. No matter what model it is, make sure it is as good as new. There is nothing more unpleasant than starting the day with a coffee of dubious origin.

3. The shower

Something very important is to keep the shower clean. Pay attention to the corners as it is the part where the dirt accumulates. A detail would be to include a bathroom kit with the basics, it does not need to be anything special, it is simply a detail that makes the guest feel more welcome.

4. The dust of the lamps

Especially the ceiling and wall lamps. Imagine that you arrive at your holiday home and everything is impeccable. Suddenly, you look up and see a lamp full of dust and with some cobweb… All your efforts have not served at all.

5. Make sure all bulbs work

Following with the lamps, check of each and every one and make sure that the bulbs work correctly. In addition, it would be very interesting if you keep spare bulbs in case of a need during the stay of the guests.

6. Show them where the plug and the electricity box are

When you welcome your customers, make sure that you show them where the important things are like the plugs and the electricity box. Thus, if at some point the light will jump, they will know how to solve it.

7. Clocks on time

Although it may seem unimportant, it is. Think that many of the guest are in other time zones (yes, now we all have phones that tell us the exact time), but it is a nice touch to arrive at a new place and see that everything works with Swiss precision.

8. Kitchen utensils (that do not stick)

Many of your guests take an apartment with the intention of cooking in it. That is why you should check the utensils (and try them) from time to time. There is nothing worse than start cooking and realise that everything sticks.

9. Have a complete set of dishes

Easy: if you have 7 forks, make sure that there are also 7 knives and 7 spoons. It is something extremely simple but that the majority ignores. It does not need to be an super luxurious tableware, it just must be balanced.

10. First aid kit

Something that never hurts. You never know when your guests are going to have an emergency. It is not necessary to have a defibrillator, simply with some strips, a little alcohol and betadine is enough.

Have you found these tips useful? If you have any suggestions, we will be happy to hear it from you, we all benefit from universal wisdom. Remember, with Cuddlynest there is a space for everyone: book anystay everywhere.


Yoga Destinations India Ashramas 2019

Best Yoga Spots in the World

First of all, we would like to point out that in reality, there is no place that is more or less suitable for practicing Yoga. The practice of Yoga is an internal and personal exercise, so that each person has different needs. We are sure that there will be people whose favorite place is the dining room of their house, others prefer to practice on the beach and many others in the mountains. That is why those who read this article must forgive the audacity to choose certain places, we have simply made a subjective selection that, surely, is not liked by everyone. Therefore, we encourage you to leave your comments at the end of the post and to advise us to improve any aspect you think is convenient.

Best Yoga Destinations 2019: India

Let’s start with the obvious: the place where everything started. One of the most famous places for the practice of Yoga is Rishikesh, this we owe to the Beatles. The British band spent time during February 1968 at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram. Since then many people from all corners of the planet go there to take courses and train. As a curiosity, if you have a moment we invite you to listen to the song “Why don’t we do it in the road“, that Paul McCartney and John Lennon composed while watching what the monkeys did on the road when they were trapped in the chaotic Indian traffic.

Also, there are other parts in India equal or even more interesting to live the experience of Yoga in fullness. For example, the largest ashram is in Bihar (Sadaqat Ashram) and is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the reality of India. Other less drastic options are places like Goa and Kerala, which also enjoy great popularity.

Best Yoga Destinations 2019: Bali, Indonesia

A perfect destination if what you are looking for is a holiday with sun, beach, relax and party alike, and the practice of asanas in paradisiacal places. Our recommendation: try to contact Lani Nalu (check her Instagram profile here), a spiritual coach for women. Her healing techniques include dance, feminine, movement, meditation and yoga. We can promise you would have an amazing time.

Best Yoga Destinations 2019: New York, US

Probably not the first destination that crosses your mind when someone is recommending the best places in the world to practice yoga. Even so, we are going to do it. Quoting Neha Sharma, an instructor based in the city that never sleeps: “Because New York it’s so chaotic is the perfect place to force you to learn conteredness and inner peace”.  Don’t hesitate to take a look at her Instagram amazing profile in here and drop her a message if you are around.

Best Yoga Destinations 2019: Barcelona, Spain

A city that is now in everyone’s dream. The city offers both sea and mountains, as well as an ideal climate for all seasons. In general, there are many schools, but we are going to talk about something a little different. Taking advantage of your visit to one of the most original cities, it would be ideal to try something new like acroyoga. For that, you can not leave Barcelona without trying a class with Li Lin, an incredible instructor with whom you will learn amazing things while you spend one of the best moments of your life. She runs some classes at Gracia neighbourhood and Parc de la Ciutadella so, why not to give it a try?  You can contact her through Instagram by clicking here.

Best Yoga Destinations 2019: Portugal

Have you ever heard about healing Yoga retreats? Probably yes, but Portugal is not really known for that right? Well, it should be. Cristina Dos Santos is gonna make sure of it. She organises retreats to help people to heal through yoga practise while they have an amazing holiday. By clicking here you can access to her Instagram profile and see for yourself what are we speaking about.


Yoga is where your mind is

As we said before, there is not a perfect location for this matter but of course, to have the possibility to choose a villa, apartment or home according to your needs and aims, is not gonna harm anyone. Don’t forget to check us out where you can book any stay everywhere.

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How to stay in shape during summer holidays

Holidays are a period to unwind and have fun. Forget about everything that generates stress and dedicate time to oneself to be able to reach a state of relaxation and well-being.

It is shown that exercise is widely beneficial both for the mind and for the body. If you usually have an exercise routine, it’s time to break it. But this does not mean that you should spend a few weeks doing absolutely nothing, take advantage to do things that usually do not have time to do in the normal day to day.

General advice

  1. Forget about the clock. Disconnect. Do not put a schedule, take the opportunity to exercise when the body asks you and you want. Learn to listen to your body.
  2. Do group activities. Many times we confuse exercise with having to crush us, remember that it is your vacation and the most important thing is to have a good time with your friends and family.
  3. Do not obsess. As we have noted, neither schedules nor restrictions. Do you fancy an ice cream between hours? Ahead. There is nothing healthier than knowing how to enjoy the pleasures of life (and food), at certain times.

Vacation on the beach

If you have chosen a destination with coast, take advantage of it. You can do millions of outdoor activities that, in general, daily life does not allow us to enjoy. Do you like to swim? There is nothing better than swimming in the sea. Save 20 minutes for it. Are you going with your family? Propose them a challenge: who is able to go and return twice to the buoy faster. This can become a fantastic and fun exercise for the whole family. Swimming has many benefits such as: delays the aging process, helps increase our motor capacity, improves memory, burns many calories, makes our body more resistant and favors the proper functioning of the cardiorespiratory system.

Swimming is not your thing? Nothing happens. You can always spend 40 minutes walking the beach. It is known that walking decreases the risk of being hypertensive, and in patients with high blood pressure reduces pressure values, produces favorable effects on cholesterol, prevents the onset of diabetes, improves your sex life, increases Vitamin D levels and It helps to lose weight. You can take some time just for yourself (sometimes it is necessary to do it), and get lost with your thoughts while leaving your footprints in the sand.

On the other hand, an activity that many people practice on the beach is playing with paddles or football. Although it may not seem like it, it is an excellent exercise in which you involve the whole body. The resistance of the sand makes your legs work twice. You can get to burn 220 calories in an hour. Why not organize a championship?

Other activities that you surely do not have time to do in your day to day are: kayak, beach volleyball, surfing … You may never have tried them, so why not take advantage to do something new that who knows, could become your new hobby of the weekends.

Last thing, use new technologies to return to the origin. Summer is an excellent time to practice outdoor sports and those who are dedicated to it know it perfectly. Many gyms or professionals who work on their own, take the opportunity to form groups of short duration and offer yoga or crossfit classes that you can attend without any commitment. Google it and you will find something around your are.

Holidays in the mountains

In general, people who choose this type of vacation are self-interested in sports. Surely you have already chosen some routes that you would like to do. Well, our advice is that you take the time to take care of yourself. Do not forget that the work period is as important as the recovery period.

Give yourself a prize and reserve yourself a day at a spa or doing activities that go a little out of your mountain routine (like drinking a mojito while enjoying the views).

Holidays in a big city

Maybe this type of vacation is the most complicated to follow a program. You can always access YouTube videos with 15-minute routines that are an excellent way to start the day.

In any case, the best way to discover the most exciting places in a city is to get lost in its streets. This involves walking (sometimes walking a lot), which as we have noted before, is a great exercise. Do you like to ride a bike? Well do not hesitate, hire a bicycle tour of the city. There are companies that are dedicated to this and there are excellent tours with which you can combine culture and exercise at the same time. It sounds good, right?

If you prefer to have a time just for you and your body, do not forget that you are in a big city and that you can always go to a gym. But let’s be honest, you can do that in your city. Find new things. Most cities have a park where people go to exercise, grab your sport shoes and run it, you may even find yourself with some group practicing tai-chi who are always happy to welcome someone else in their family.

Holidays and diet = no holidays

One of the issues that most worries when it comes to staying in shape is food. We will not deny what is widely known: being in shape consists 20% of exercise and 80% of diet. But, what are holidays if you can not give yourself a whim? Well there’s the trick, some whim.

That is, do not take advantage of this time to throw away everything you have achieved. That is the big mistake of the majority (and more when there is a free buffet). Treat yourself from time to time, but do not make it the norm of your vacation. The best way is to follow a balanced diet (at all times of your life).

A balanced diet does not mean that you have to restrict foods from your list, it means that you must learn to eat well. We all know that fried foods are not the most recommended foods, just like sweets. That does not mean we should eliminate those of the list, we should simply reduce their intake. Think that if you stuff yourself with this kind of food it is likely that your energy goes down and that all those things you had planned to do during your vacations remain in thoughts. That’s why it’s important to find the balance.

In conclusion, vacations are not the time to set goals and get an excellent state. You already try that all year. Take the opportunity to do new things and have fun with your ones. It is important that you do it in a healthy and conscious way because it is the way with which you will enjoy more of your relaxing time.

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cuddlynest thailand booking vietnam book a villa private villa with pool versus thailand what to do

Vietnam or Thailand, Where Should I Go?

When it comes to choosing between two Vietnam vs Thailand travel destinations, it is not easy. There are several factors to consider. What kind of vacation are we looking for? What is the budget? How much time do you have? Who are you going with? These are just some questions we suggest you to answer. Then, you can go on packing the luggage for sustainable travel to Asia.

If you have to choose between two exotic and budget-friendly destinations: Thailand and Vietnam, what then? Both countries are part of Southeast Asia. What’s more, both are famous as backpacker paradise and loved by authentic travelers, offering authentic experiences, such as Ha Long Bay Tour – we definitely recommend experiencing the wholeness of South East Asia with budget travel tips!

Vietnam vs Thailand: What to Expect

Thailand: the most Fun Country in the World

Cozy and festive, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand versus Vietnam offers a thousand attractions. From striking temples and tropical beaches to the always comforting smile of its people, it is a destination to have fun.

If it is the first time you travel to Asia, it is the ideal destination. Many of its inhabitants speak English, so communication is easier. Bangkok Thailand is a developed city. While it retains the charms of Asia, the culture sock may not be as great, in comparison with neighbouring countries in South Asia.

If you are looking for a destination with dream beaches, Krabi, Southern Thailand is just perfect. Do you remember the famous movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Di Caprio? It was shot here on the Maya Beach, Thailand. There are thousands of similar beaches throughout the country (in fact, the Thai government has decided to close Maya Beach to the public between the months of June to October to avoid further deterioration of its natural heritage).

Surely you have also heard about the famous Full Moon Party. It is said that Thailand is the most fun country in the world. It is celebrated on the island of Koh Phangan once a month and is the high point of chaos and fun. Maybe that kind of parties are not to everyone’s liking, but if you’re there by the date indicated, it’s worth seeing for yourself at least once in a lifetime.

If you are keen on diving, a must-visit is the Similan Islands. They may not be as popular as Koh Tao. But this is only because the nature reserve is not open all year round. It must be said that there is also a substantial difference in the price. Koh Tao is the best place if you are an inexperienced diver and your goal is to get a license. Many head to Koh Tao to obtain one, as courses are one of the cheapest you can possibly find. 

On the other hand, we have the North of Thailand, the most cultural part of the country. Here, people are calmer and more receptive. In the North of Thailand, you will find that image of Southeast Asia. It is full of the typical mountains and valleys, rivers and waterfalls, temples and history. Places like Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or Pai are a gateway to Asian ancestral culture.

Vietnam: History, Beauty, and Culture

Its attractions are almost endless: a cultural diversity that combines centuries of local history.  Both Chinese and French had a large influence over Vietnam throughout the centuries.  Eternal rice fields, paradisiacal beaches, and natural landscapes are among the most beautiful in the world. Definitely visit Ha Long Bay, for shopping and for the fresh food that is common in Vietnamese cuisine!

Looking for an adventure? Vietnam, a little more shocking than Thailand but not as extreme as exotic India, is the middle ground.

While films like Apocalypse Now or Platoon are recent classics of the history of cinema, many relate Vietnam history to war. Picturing the Cu Chi tunnels is something common, yet make the country special.

Vietnam is your destiny if you want to have a deeper experience and you are open to new points of view. Local dynasties, Chinese occupation, the Hindu kingdom Champa, the French colonization, the union of Indochina, the occupation of Japan during the Second World War, the division and horrors of the Vietnam War, the consolidation of the communist regime, the opening towards Capitalism … The intense history of Vietnam cannot stop beating you behind every corner of the country.

One of the most magical things about Vietnam is its gastronomic culture. Go out to the street and share a table with the locals in a den where you would probably never enter. Open your mind and try new things, soak up their culture and their customs and above all, observe. Sometimes communicating with locals is tricky.  Since a large part of the population doesn’t speak English, prepare yourself to use body language throughout the trip.

Of course, Ha-Long Bay is a place you can not miss. Get lost in the rice fields of Sapa, if you are good at riding a motorcycle – do not hesitate to rent one! Go on exploration as authentic adventurers. Go canyoning around Da Lat and take some time in Hoi An (read: What to do in Hoi An)to visit the best tailors in the world.


Thailand or Vietnam?

As a summary, we will say that both countries are a great option. It does not matter if you are a backpacker, or a solo traveler. Or, if you go on family vacation with kids. Budget-wise, the choice is irrelevant, as in both countries prices are quite similar. 

So, for the first trip to Asia, Thailand is an enviable country. It is full of contrasts, yet local sympathy flows over every corner. Vietnam, on the contrary, is more authentic and surprising.  Thus, it may be that the surprise is not to everyone’s liking. If you want to combine culture and beaches, the right choice is Thailand. Do you are want to explore the history and experience a cultural shock? Then Vietnam is surely your target destination. But before you head to Ha Long bay in Vietnam, read our top things to do on a budget in Hoi An, the Lantern City in Vietnam, or what to do on a budget in Hanoi, Vietnam.