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The 18 Best Colorado Coffee Shops to Visit in Fall 2021

The 18 Best Colorado Coffee Shops to Visit in Fall 2021

Colorado 9 MINS READ
the best colorado coffee shops

Colorado may be known for its production of artisanal beer, but the state is also regarded as a top destination for coffee lovers. From Denver, the capital city, to the Colorado Springs municipality, this destination is home to a showcase of shops where you can drop by to grab a warm cup of hand-roasted coffee.

Few things in the world are better than a bit of caffeine to give you that boost of energy you need. Cool cafes are also great places for Digital Nomads who are looking for a comfortable environment where they can take their laptops and get work done. This is why it’s always good to know the best options around. 

So, if you’re visiting Colorado in Fall 2020, or even at some other time of the year, and looking for a fine coffee shop, we have your back. We created a comprehensive guide with the 18 best Colorado Coffee Shops, including sustainable solar-energy fuelled cafes for eco geeks, and family-friendly laid-back stores. Take a look at the list and pick your favorite.

Note: Make sure to double-check COVID 19 precautions, protocols, and operating hours before you visit any of these sites.

Best Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

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Novo Coffee, Denver

Colorado coffee scene first saw Novo Coffee in 2002 when three brothers opened a shop that intended to connect premium producers to consumers. Thanks to the high-quality of the grains, which are purchased from the same farms year after year, the shop became a popular brand. With multiple locations in Denver, this family-owned & operated roasting company roast to order and purchase their green coffee seasonally, which ensures the freshness of the beverage.

Aside from offering incredible blends in their shops, they also host public tastings every Friday as part of their educational courses for coffee-lovers.

So if you’re eager to master the art of coffee making, go to one of Denver Novo Coffee shops and learn to make the best Colorado-style cup of joe, and become an expert in milk steaming, and brewing.

Pablo’s Coffee, Denver

With three locations around Denver, Pablo’s Coffe is one of Colorado’s oldest coffee brands, and it has been around for almost 25 years. It all started in 1995, way before Instagrammable coffee shops with decorated vegan lattes became a thing. Craig Conner, the founder, has just left his corporate job to dedicate himself to the coffee business. Things worked out, and the brand became famous for roasting and serving exceptional and affordable coffee that is accessible to everyone.

At Pablo’s, skilled baristas create memorable drinks made with quality green beans from all around the world, many of them which carry certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly, and Socially Conscious. They even create special seasonal treats, such as the Maple Bourbon Latte, which is a must during the fall season. Overall a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the coffee-lover community.

Corvus Coffee Roasters, Denver

Corvus Coffee has shaken up the Denver coffee scene with its crop-to-cup approach to trading and making. The brand has established close relationships with coffee farmers from Africa and Latin America, building a supply chain for coffee enthusiasts. These farmers provide single-origin beans, which are turned into rich flavored drinks. In Corvus Coffee roasters, you order or buy coffees made with exotic grains from Rwanda, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. They’re particularly famous for their Cold Brew, which you can order online. You can also be part of their Reserve Club, which gives you exclusive access to some of the finest coffees in the world, scored above 90 points.

Blue Sparrow Coffee, Denver

“A neighborhood coffee shop featuring our favorite roasters from around the world”. This is how Blue Sparrow Coffee, in Denver, define themselves. Placed within Denver’s Art’s District, at Blake St., this shop became famous among the local art community. They’ve partnered with several coffee roasters, which provide them with grains from Guatemala, Colombia, and Ethiopia. You can order their classical coffees, including a latte or flat white, or try one of their specialties, including their artisanal chai latte. Combine these with almond croissants by Blackbox Bakery —which is one of their food suppliers —, and you’re good to go!

Stowaway Kitchen, Denver

Stowaway Kitchen, in Denver, is not exactly a coffee shop, but a cozy restaurant perfect for brunch, breakfast, and lunch. Their menu is dotted with comfort dishes such as sourdough waffle with cranberry compote, salted chocolate chip cookies, pear, cranberry and streusel muffin, and cashew brownie. The restaurant also has a range of fine coffees to pair with the food, like cappuccinos, macchiatos, and mochas made from grains originated from El Salvador, Colombia, and the Himalayas.

Little Owl Coffee Roasters, Denver

Donuts and coffee might be the ultimate food pairing of all times. And this is exactly what you’ll find at Little Owl Coffee Roasters, a bakery slash coffee shop in Denver, CO. Located on Blake Street, they specialize in craft coffee & espresso.

Black Eye Coffee, Denver

This is considered, by many, the best coffee shop in Denver, CO. Placed on Navajo Street, this cafe was considered one of “The Best Craft Coffee Shops in Denver”, by Thrillist thanks to their locally roasted coffee, which is sourced by single-origin suppliers from around the world. Their menu includes cold-brewed, americano, espresso, and cappuccino, and they also offer milk alternatives like almond and oat. And in case you’re hungry, grab one -or two- of the pastries available, which are delivered by Denver bakeries.

Best Coffee Shops in Colorado – Family Friendly

Two young boys using a coffee machine at a cafe.

R&R Coffee Cafe, Colorado Springs 

R&R is not your regular cafe. The place is both a restaurant —where you can enjoy a home-cooked meal— and a roasterie. Well-located on the Black Forest, north of Colorado Springs, R&R Cafe is specialized in coffees, which come from beans roasted in small batches by Golden Pine Coffee Roasters. They also offer their customers the “Know Your Joe”, which is the detailed biography of every cup: from the farmer’s name through the best brew method for your coffee. Due to the current situation, they’re operating primarily as a drive-thru business.

Samaritan Coffee at 225, Colorado Springs

Talk about an ideal spot for the entire family! The Samaritan Coffee at 225 has a special play area for kids, so you can enjoy the cafe’s freshly roasted beans and eat a sandwich while letting the children have fun. They also serve a variety of baked goods, like coconut macarons, chocolate chip scones, and the classic blueberry muffins. Additionally, this spot has a designated reading room and even an event space for live acts. 

River and Roads Coffee, Denver

At River and Roads, in Denver, everything is made from scratch. They make their own syrups, bake every bread and pastries, and, of course, roast their grains in-house. The coffee, by the way, comes from quality green beans from across the world and roasted in small batches. Aside from amazing warm drinks for every season of the year, they have spacious tables for families and a pleasant patio in case you want some fresh air. Every Thursday of the month, they host a family dinner, and all proceeds go to supporting community projects in the neighborhood.

The Perk Downtown, Colorado Springs

The Perk Downtown is your local coffee destination in Colorado Springs. One of the city’s oldest coffee houses, they offer locally-roasted beans and gluten-free pastries. They even have their own roasting house, where they can have more control over the quality of the coffee beans they buy. Some of the highlights of The Perk’s menu includes their signature espresso roast “pulled to perfection”, and the latte -which is considered the best in town- and combines the espresso with steamed milk and a delicate layer of foam. Always committed to supporting local businesses, the coffee house also has baked goods delivered from the finest local bakeries.

The Pop, Colorado Springs

The reviews say it all — this coffee house is trendy and it serves some great-tasting coffee. The Pop is a local family-owned-and-run business that is actually specialized in another delicious drink: soda. But aside from crafting their own soda, they also serve up a selection of coffee drinks, from lattes to cappuccinos. Not to mention the house creations, such as the Peanut Butter Cup Latte, and the White Raspberry Latte. The Pop also sells cookies, bagels, and mini-muffins, which are the recipe for a perfect morning.

Best Coffee Shops in Colorado – Sustainable Cafes

The interiors of a hippie chic cafe with plants.

Solar Roast Cofee, Pueblo and Colorado Springs

With two locations in Pueblo and one in Colorado Springs, Solar Roast is an innovative sustainable shop, which uses solar energy to roast beans. They’re committed to using 100% organic and fair-trade beans, and their slow and low roasting method ensures the rich flavor of the coffee. For fall, Solar Roast offers a special menu, which includes seasonal treats like pumpkin lattes, Porter Ale mochas, and freshly baked pumpkin bread.

Nemo’s Coffee Shop, Colorado Springs

Nemo’s coffee is a great spot if you’re looking for high-quality coffee and even teas. Placed on Pikes Peak Avenue, the place offers a range of vegan lattes, which can be made with almond milk, or soy milk. Offering a variety of hot beverages, like espressos and cappuccinos, Nemo’s Coffee is very health-conscious, grinding their own wheat to craft delectable goods. They also have gluten-free and vegan snacks for a cruelty-free meal.

Natural Epicurean, Colorado Springs

By the name you can already tell that this place is committed to delivering fresh, healthy, and organic food. With amazing views of the mountains, Natural Epicurean is a great place for al fresco dining. And while you’re sipping on some coffee, you can flip through a menu that focuses on local, fresh, and sustainable ingredients. Also, can truly rely on quality food when you eating at this place, as they grow the ingredients at their own garden, aside from partnering with several local ranchers and growers.

Best Coffee Shops in Colorado – Fancy Cafes

Barista making latte art.

Alpine Modern Cafe, Boulder

From the setting to the coffee, the Alpine Modern Cafe offers customers an exceptional experience. Placed on an old stone cottage on the historic Pearl Street, in Boulder, this spot is a must for those who are looking for an alpine modern experience. They offer a variety of coffees, from espresso to cold drip, aside from croissants, blueberry muffins, avocado toasts, and cinnamon rolls. Now, they offering online ordering & contactless pickup.

Loyal Coffee, Colorado Springs

With two locations in Colorado Springs, this modern chich coffeehouse is as fancy as it can get. Their beans are roasted at “The Clubhouse”, which is where their expert team chooses the best grains for the customers. Carefully designed to celebrate the local community of coffee-drinkers, the cafe also specializes in toasts, which can be paired with lemon zested ricotta, smoked bacon, and creamy peanut butter. Loyal Coffee has an online shop as well, where they sell blends from Nicaragua, Mexico, and Colombia.

Best Dog-Friendly Cafes & Coffee Shops in Colorado

A black and white french terrier dog w aiting for his owner at a coffee show.

Cafe 13, Golden

In case you are bringing your dog with you on vacation, you are likely going to feel quite guilty leaving him behind when you go to certain places on your trip. Fortunately, there are also dog-friendly options for when you want to bring your furry friend along.

Cafe 13, for instance, has a dog-friendly patio area, where you can try some of the house-made pastries, including muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls and giant cookies, and enjoy a cup of their speciality espresso.

How do you like your coffee? If you don’t like coffee, what do you reach for instead? We are excited to hear! And if you enjoyed this read, Pin this:

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