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12 Ways to Internationally Travel from Home

12 Ways to Internationally Travel from Home

Hacks & Tips 9 MINS READ

As time goes by, the possibility of traveling again seems to be getting closer and closer. But, with border closures and restrictions still being a reality around the world, many travelers are looking for creative and fun ways to feed their wanderlust. If this is something you can relate to, good news: there are several ways you can travel without leaving home. You can re-visit some of your past trips through photos and videos, discover new places while binge-watching movies and tv shows, and also plan future getaways with bucket lists and Pinterest boards. The options are endless and, to help you satisfy your deepest cravings, we created a comprehensive guide with the best ways to travel from home.

The Best Ways to Travel From Home

Many don’t know about this, but going on vacation has many benefits for your health. Some of the top advantages of going on a holiday are increasing sleep quality, reducing stress levels, and even decreasing blood pressure. And while wandering around the world may seem like a distant possibility for many, there are several creative ways to maintain the healthy habit of traveling. The first one is going for a staycation, which consists of traveling to places nearby, sometimes even within your own city. Aside from the safety of avoiding long hours inside an airplane, there are other benefits of going on a staycation, such as boosting sustainable travel and avoiding jet lag.

But, in case your country’s regulations don’t allow any form of travel, you can always take a tour around the world without leaving the comfort of your home. This will keep your mind busy, help you stay inspired, and even excited about your next trip.

1. Make A Photo Album of Your Favorite Trips

A set of four analogic travel pictures.

It’s almost impossible to go on vacation without taking a million photos. However, it’s common that those amazing pictures usually live only on your phone or on your social media channels. So, since you’re home, you might wanna take advantage of the situation and relive your best international travel by making a photo album or scrapbook. Not only does this activity creates a great relaxing memento for you, but it is something you can share with generations and generations to come. You can even gather your entire family for some DIY scrapbook time, which is a great activity for bonding. Another amazing idea is to create themed photo albums or scrapbooks, such as “Summer Trips” or “Holiday Vacations”, for instance. You can also use digital tools, such as Canva or Shutterfly, to design the album.

2. Listen to an Audiobook or Read a Book About Travel

When it comes to travel books, the options are endless. Written by amazing authors all over the world, these books can simply whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure just using words. From Ernest Hemingway’s fictional escapades to Jedidiah Jenkin’s brave accomplishment of biking from Oregon to Patagonia, be inspired by reading or listening to international travel books. In case you want to travel from Italy to Bali, read the iconic Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Feel like uncovering the wilderness of Alaska? Then Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, should be on the top of your list. If taking a road trip across the United States is on top of your bucket list, then get some inspiration by reading the famous On the Road, by Jack Kerouac.

And there are also amazing books that are not necessarily about travel but can make explore amazing destinations around the world. Craving a trip to Barcelona? Then read the best-seller The Shadow of The Wind, by Carlos Ruíz Zafón, and visit some of Barcelona’s most picturesque spots, from the Gothic quarter to Montjuïc.

Just find one —or more— books that you can’t get enough of and be sure to pack it with for your own future trip.

3. Have a Movie Marathon with Films from Around the World

movie night - travel from home

Was there a movie that immediately made you think “wow I want to go to this place now”? Then this is the perfect opportunity to rewatch it. You can even start by watching the film adaptations of the travel books you read, such as Eat, Pray, Love; Into the Wild and On The Road. But there are more amazing films to include in your list. Midnight in Paris, by Woody Allen, will take you straight to Paris in the 1920s, and Walter Mitty will keep you daydreaming about Iceland.

There are hundreds of films that can take you far away and watching travel-themed movies is definitely one of the best ways to travel without leaving home. Pro tip: turn your backyard into a “home theater” by setting up pillows, Christmas lights, and a projector. Your movie experience will be so elevated, that you’ll even forget you are at home.

4. Take a Virtual Tour

Girl traveling in India.

The international community banded together to create innovative ways to offer global travelers the opportunity to travel without leaving home. Currently, one of the best experiences to explore the world from home is taking virtual tours, which are basically simulations of an existing location. Virtual tours are created from sequences of panoramic images that are stitched together and have become more popular than ever.

Thanks to virtual tours, you can visit museums, world monuments, national parks, and more. Whether you are interested in learning more about the intriguing artwork of Van Gogh or are curious about the history of the U.S. National Parks, virtual tours and experiences can be your unofficial tour guides right from home.

Art enthusiasts might wanna visit some of the world’s leading museums by using the Google Arts and Culture app. They can also take virtual tours on the website of renowned museums, such as the Salvador Dalí Museum, in Barcelona, the Guggenheim, in New York City, and the Louvre, in Paris.

Adventure-seekers will love exploring national parks and natural reserves. Currently, there are virtual tours in sites such as the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland, and the Yosemite National Park, in California, USA.

Is seeing the cherry blossom trees on top of your travel bucket list? Well, with Google Earth you can check some of the most beautiful sakura spots around the world. Google Earth is a computer program that renders a 3D representation of the planet based on satellite imagery. You can take

Discover endless opportunities to explore without moving from your sofa, by embarking on a journey through virtual reality.

5. Set Up a Fort in Your House

Three kids, a boy and two girls, playing at night inside a bedroom tent.

Especially with little ones in the house, making a fort is an excellent way to show them a brand new place. Whether you build a castle out of couch cushions and pillows and call it Buckingham Palace or layout all your towels, umbrellas, and boogie boards in the backyard to create the beaches of California, your kids will love going on an adventure you plan for them. It may just be their best yet!

6. Plan a Themed Dinner

themed dinner - travel from home

During the pandemic, cooking soon became the preferred hobby for many who were homebound. From experienced cooks to newbies, several people started playing Master Chef at home by baking sourdough bread and trying new recipes. And if you’re one of those people, you can take advantage of your new hobby and travel to a new destination at the same time by cooking typical dishes from other countries.

Hosting a themed dinner can make things even more fun, as you can also include your friends and throw a virtual party. You can celebrate Cinco de Mayo by trying delicious Mexican recipes, learn how to make homemade pasta, and even try some unique coffee recipes. Ask your pals to bring their favorite dish so you can celebrate together, eat yummy food, and enjoy your at-home restaurant.

7. Listen to a Travel Podcast

Woman listening to a travel podcast in front of the ocean.

Last week we created a list of the best travel podcasts to listen to in 2020. Not only these podcasts will give you helpful information for planning your future stay, but they will also provide you with great ideas on where to go, and what to do and see there. Podcasts are also a great alternative for books and movies, and you can listen to them anytime: while cleaning out your closet, working out, or before bed. Check out our list to find your new favorite show.

8. Re-Purpose Your Old Postcards

postcards - travel from home

Do you have dozens of postcards sitting in a shoebox under your bed? If so, there are a few different ways to re-purpose them! Do a DIY (do it yourself) project. All you need is a couple of pieces of string and some clothespins to turn your wall into a global paradise.

You can also make photocopies and mail them to friends and family. Your loved ones will be so thrilled to receive mail from you during this time, and it’s a great way to share your past experiences with them too.

9. Make a “Bucket List” Pinterest Board

A Pinterest board on a smartphone's screen.

We have given you dozens of ideas for bucket list adventures, and now it’s your turn to make them a reality. A good place to start is by creating mood boards on Pinterest to organize your “Travel Around the World Bucket List”. You can create specific themed boards for each travel type, like surfing destinations, mountain getaways, romantic vacations, best cities for foodies, and more.

The advantage of doing this, aside from being fun and almost therapeutic, is that when you start planning your trips in the future, these trusty boards will help you organize and plan based on your interests. You can check out our CuddlyNest Pinterest page for inspiration.

10.Learn a New Language

Young woman writing on a paper while studying in front of her laptop.

Believe it or not, learning a new language is one of the best ways to travel the world without leaving home. This basically happens because, when you learn a new language, you usually start gaining interest in a new culture, which most of the time makes you want to travel. So, to make the most out of staying in, save some time during the week to learn a new language you’ve always wanted to. You can either take online classes with a native speaker or download language-learning mobile apps, such as Duolingo.

11. Watch a Travel-Inspired TV Show

Woman smiling while watching a movie at nigh on her laptop.

Now that you already watched travel movies, read travel books, and listened to travel podcasts, you might wanna watch some travel-inspired tv shows. One of the best is, undoubtedly, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. This award-winning show follows the chef and best-selling author Anthony Bourdain as he eats his way out in the world. Bourdain travels to all five corners of the globe and explores the local culture and cuisine while visiting each destination. You can see him eating the most unusual things, such as goose intestines cooked in black beans sauce, pig soup, and balut, which is a fetal duck egg that is normally eaten in the Philippines.

And there are other great travel-themed shows to binge-watch from home. Available on Netflix, the Kindness Diaries is a documentary show that follows the journey of Leon Logothetis, a former London broker that travels around the world on his vintage Chang Jian motorbike. While exploring places like Alaska, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Logothetis relies only on the kindness of strangers for receiving food, gas, shelter, and everything else except for money.

12. Create a CuddlyNest Wishlist

international travel wish list

Travel is nothing without finding the perfect place to stay, and we are here to provide you with incredible accommodations at the best price. Use our CuddlyNest “Save to Wishlist” tool to plan your future getaway now, and stay later. To save to the wishlist, all you need to do is log in to your CuddlyNest profile, press the save button on the right-hand side of the listing, and it will appear in your wishlist under your profile, waiting for you to book and visit. It’s that easy. Your domestic or international travel plans can be done in seconds.

We would love to join your international travel from home. Let us know what journeys you embark on. Check out our blog for more inspiration to fill your wanderlust.

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Why Holidays are Important for your Health

Why Holidays are Important for your Health

Hacks & Tips 5 MINS READ

You can probably agree that holidays are the absolute best. First, because going on vacation usually involves travelling, and travelling is exciting. Aside from the indescribable feeling of immersing yourself in a new culture, eating delicious food, and meeting new people, travel holidays also provide you with health benefits. When you go on vacation your body, mind and soul can finally take a break to reset.

There are even studies proving that taking a proper vacation — where you’re not constantly on your laptop worrying about work —, is very important for maintaining good physical health, as they can decrease the risk of heart disease, improve your mental health and reduce stress.

So, if you’ve been thing about skipping your vacation days, you might wanna rethink it. Check out this post and find out the top benefits of a holiday.

Health Studies

health vacations

Several studies have been done over the years to prove the positive effects that holidays have both on physical and mental health. According to a research conducted by Gallup, an analytics and advisory company based in Washington, D.C, people who “always make time for regular trips” had a 68.4 score on the Gallup-Heathway’s Well-Being Index, in comparison to a 51.4 well-being score for those who didn’t travel frequently.

There are other studies that support the idea that taking time away to go on holiday and be with your loved ones can be highly beneficial for your mental and physical health. During the annual European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress, in 2018, the University of Helsinki professor Timo Strandberg said that “Vacations can be a good way to relieve stress.” Also, a study by Gump and Matthews, in 2000, showed that not taking going on a holiday was associated with a higher risk of morbidity and mortality during a nine-year period.

Kuoni Travel and Nuffield Health also conducted a study to clinically measure the mental and physical health benefits of taking a vacation. For the research, psychotherapist Christine Webber took a group of 12 people and have them full health assessments and psychological tests. She sent a lucky half of the group on holidays to either Thailand, Peru or the Maldives, while the other half stayed at home. Two weeks after the first group returned from their holidays, both groups had undertaken more tests and wore heart monitors. No need to say that the ones who went on a holiday more sleep quality and improved blood pressures than the ones who didn’t.

The Top Benefits of Going on Holiday

1. Decreased Blood Pressure

The study also found that the group that went on the holiday vacation had decreased their blood pressure by an average of 6%. Those who continued with their normal routine did not see any difference. Therefore, for people suffering from high blood pressure, a quick fix is to set some time aside for relaxation. Even if you take a staycation or quick weekend trip, the benefits can still help in your everyday life. Creating a habit of relaxing will allow you to add this to your routine and can aid in decreasing your blood pressure over an extended period of time. 

2. Better Sleep Quality

resting and relaxing for your health

Did you know that people can improve sleep quality by up to 17% during vacation? Yes.The research by Kuoni Travel and Nuffield Health also shown that the “holidaymakers” sleep quality improved by 34 points, why the sleep quality of the “stay-at-homers” decreased 27 points. And this mainly happens because when you take time away from work to go travel or go on vacation, you get less stressed. Less stress also makes you less anxious, gives you peace of mind and might lead to better sleep. And no need to say that a night of good sleep is crucial, as it determines how your body will function on the next day.

3. Healthy Heart

take a vacation for your health

In another study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, researcher Karen Mathews studied approximately 9,000 men between the ages of 35 and 57 who were monitored for 9 years. Each of these men was at high risk for coronary heart disease. The conclusions of this research were very clear. The participants who did not take vacations annually were 32% more likely to die from a heart attack.

According to research conducted in 2005 by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, women who take vacations less than once every two years are more likely to suffer from depression. In addition, those who do not vacation frequently are about eight times more likely to develop coronary heart disease or suffer a heart attack. One could make the argument that vacations save lives. 

4. Reduced Stress Levels

An investigation done by the Arizona Department of Health Services concluded that women who take vacations frequently have fewer chances to get tense, depressed, and suffer from stress. These psychological benefits also lead to a higher quality of life also produce better work performance. By taking a break and setting time aside to catch up on reading, get your body moving, or even taking a long bath, will allow you to stay distracted from stress and anxiety. The perfect time to do each of these things is while on a holiday break. Call your friends and organize a wellness getaway that will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. A healthier happier mind leads to a happier life.

5. Weight Loss

In case you need further convincing that vacations and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand: studies show that, aside from improving mental health, a vacation can lead to other health benefits, such as better mood and even weight loss. Another study determined that vacations can cause a drop in glucose levels, thereby reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes. Check out these tips for healthier holidays before you begin planning. Your vacation may just be the thing that changes your life. You can start making your health a priority, today, by planning a trip with Cuddlynest.

6. Increased Productivicty

So by now you already know that taking time —long or short — for a holiday can improve your physical and mental health, reduce your stress levels, help you sleep better and put on on a good mood. But there’s more. A proper vacation time can even help improve your productivity at work.

Ernst & Young conducted internal research and found that for each additional 10 hours of vacation employees took, their year-end performance ratings improved 8 %. Plus, frequent vacationers were also less likely to leave the firm.

Did you enjoy this article? Find more tips and guides for planning your future getaway on the CuddlyNest Travel blog and social media channels.

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The Top Ten Road Trips You Need to Take This Summer

The Top Ten Road Trips You Need to Take This Summer

Bucket List Travel 7 MINS READ

As countries around the globe are beginning to revive their summer tourism, now is the perfect opportunity to explore your own and neighboring countries by taking road trips. Travel experts are claiming that RV travel and domestic tourism will boom this summer, which means it’s time to hit the open road. The best part about road trips is that you can turn any 4-wheel ride into an adventure. But did you know there are certain places that are known for being the best road trip destinations?

Let the Road Trips Begin:

We have created the perfect guide to the top ten road trips you need to take this summer. That way when you settle in for an epic excursion, you’ll know exactly where to head. First stop: Route 66.

route 66 in the USA
Take a ride down the historic Route 66.

Route 66 – USA

If you have ever taken a drive in the states, you most likely heard of the U.S. Highway, Route 66. This highway first gained popularity in the mid-1920s as the country’s first all-weather highway linking Chicago to Los Angeles. In total it spans over 2,400 miles and offers so much to explore along the way. This route became very famous as it goes straight through the heart of America crossing over eight states and three time zones. These states include Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally California.

This road trip route will take you through historic and natural landmarks in the southern half of the country including the Grand Canyon, the Ozarks, Mojave Desert, The Painted Desert, and more. You can even pop in and visit the Route 66 Hall of Fame, to learn more about the history of this national treasure. One thing is for sure, if you are embarking on a USA road trip this summer, you better take a drive down Route 66.

Mongol Rally – Mongolia

Buckle in, bring a good book, and get set because the Mongol Rally road trip extends over 10,00 miles. That’s right! This epic adventure takes you all the way from the UK to Mongolia. While there is no official route, the goal of this road trip is to make it from any European destination to Mongolia in one piece and sometime between mid-August to mid-September. It can also take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on your route and can cross over 18 countries. So if you are looking for a wild ride through the world’s most intense terrains, and the opportunity to see Europe and Asia unlike ever before, then this is the perfect road trip for you. One adventurer, Bassam Tarazi, put it best when he said “When you travel across half the world, you learn some things.”

amalfi coast view
Indulge in all the beauty of the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast – Italy

A UNESCO Heritage site, due to its beauty and rare natural landscape, one must visit the Amalfi Coast in Italy at least once in their lifetime. The actual town of Amalfi and its neighbors are located in the southern province of Salerno. While the towns are typically only accessible by bus and ferry, this is the perfect destination for road trips from cities like Naples, Rome, Florence, and Milan. Often compared to a painting, the Amalfi Coast cities welcome thousands and thousands of visitors every spring and summer to back on its beaches and take in the panoramic views from the top of the hills. If you’re looking to fall in love with a destination this summer, then you definitely will with the Amalfi Coast.

Costa Verde – Brazil

The journey from Rio de Janeiro to Sâo Paulo is one for the books. While you have to pass through some busy traffic the city first, the drive along the Costa Verde is absolutely breathtaking. The full route is 350 miles (560 kilometers). There are multiple stops you will want to make along the way. Including visiting the UNESCO site of Paraty, taking a boat tour to one of the 365 islands off the coast, and hiking the Serro del Mar mountain range. We recommend taking a surf lesson, paddleboard, enjoy the sunshine off the Atlantic Coast and so much more. This is one of the best ways to see the best Brazil has to offer.

12 apostles beach in australia
The stunning Twelve Apostles on Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road – Australia

If Australia is in your travel plans this year or you’re an Aussie and want to explore your own country, then take a drive down Great Ocean Road. The expansive stretch of coast will take you along some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. Including the 12 Apostles, Great Otway National Park, London Arch, and more. The entire drive is about 250 miles (400 kilometers), about a 90-minute drive from Melbourne’s city center. It extends all the way to the southernmost point of the continent. Extend your getaway and stay at one of southern Australia’s vacation rentals or hotels to indulge in a one-of-a-kind outdoor getaway.

Panorama Route – South Africa

South Africa’s scenic road trip, Panorama Route, is not just a beautiful drive but a historic adventure through the world’s third-largest canyon, Blyde River Canyon. The entire route takes you through the Mpumalanga province and takes about two to three days to complete. Visitors will love adventuring through waterfalls, forests, and South Africa’s many natural landmarks including Echo Caves and God’s Window. You can also visit national parks and reserves including Kruger National Park and Mount Sheba Nature Reserve. Take a safari drive through the game reserve. You may even spot some of the big five along the way. This will be a trip unlike ever before.

iceland ring road view
Iceland’s coasts are filled with charming towns and villages.

Ring Road – Iceland

Iceland’s Ring Road will take you around the entire island. If you ever dreamt about exploring Iceland’s breathtaking waterfalls and geysers, then this is the best way to see it all. The full drive will take about 12 to 13 hours. However, due to the conditions and roads usually takes about a week to complete. There are a few routes you can take, and route one is about 800 miles long. Your trip will most likely start in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. Start off day 1 of your adventure by indulging in a day of luxury at the Blue Lagoon. Your excursions will also take you whale-watching, glacier walking, hiking, and so much more. Discover it all on your once in a lifetime road trip around Iceland.

Cabot Trail – Nova Scotia

While this list of road trip includes many that last anywhere from a few days to over a month, Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia is one of the shorter road trips on this list. However, that does not mean it does not have just as much to offer road trippers. The drive takes up to five hours and is 185 miles (298 kilometers). The route will take you around Cape Breton Island allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous views. The trail is named after John Cabot, an explorer who found his way to the islands in 1497. The rugged coastline will present you with a relaxing journey of views right over the highlands. Canada has many road trips you will want to embark on, and this one makes the top of the list.

Torres del Paine Park
Enjoy the views of Torres del Paine National Park.

Patagonia – Chile

While this time of year is actually the winter in Chile, June-September is still an excellent time to take a road trip to Patagonia. One of the most jaw-dropping sights in the world is a view of the Torres del Paine national park. Seeing the glaciers and frozen lakes up close offers such a remarkable feeling. You have to see it for yourself. There are also many advantages to road tripping in Patagonia this time of year. Including ice-skating on the lake, watching for arctic wildlife, and hiking. While many people choose to take this drive on their own, it is always a good idea to consult with a tour company or guided road trip. Extra planning comes in handy to make sure conditions are optimal before embarking on your journey. Find incredible accommodations on the way.

Nha Trang to Quy Nhon – Vietnam

This road trip is filled with Vietnamese countryside, fishing villages, and incredible landscapes. If you are a fan of motorbikes and bicycles, you’ll want to take this trip. On your route, you’ll also enjoy sites including Ba Ho Falls and Da Dia Reef. The journey up highway one takes a total of four hours and is 131 miles (212 kilometers). Not only is Vietnam very peaceful and beautiful, but it is also incredibly budget-friendly. Extend your trip by staying at one of the charming hotels along the South China Sea.

Are you ready to embark on one of these incredible road trips? Let us know which you plan to take this summer, and we will help you find the perfect accommodation. Check out our blog for more summer adventures.

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Destination Deep-Dive 6 MINS READ

8 Countries that Boast Pet-Friendly Travel

8 Countries that Boast Pet-Friendly Travel

Destination Deep-Dive 6 MINS READ

When planning a getaway there is a question that every pet owner has to ask themselves: to bring or not to bring our four-legged friend? Well, we are here to help you make that decision a little bit easier by sharing the top 7 countries that boast pet-friendly travel. It’s no surprise that travelers all over the globe would rather bring their pets with them along for the adventure. Especially, if the alternative is leaving them at home or at an over-night kennel.

Tips for Traveling with your Pet

Before choosing the right travel destination, a good idea is to do some research and learn everything you can pet travel. You can look up what airlines offer the best conditions for pets, what are the ones that allow them to travel in the cabin, and what are the most dog-friendly airlines if this is the case.

Once you have an idea about the best airlines, learn the basics about pet travel, especially about the bureaucracy. You might need to bring your pet’s medical records, and even get an ID for your animal, so it’s better if you learn about that in advance.

Before your travel, also be sure to look up accommodation that allows pets, and book it in advance. In many cases, pet-friendly hotels only have a limited amount of rooms available for travelers and their pets, so it’s best if you get all the necessary information about it beforehand. You should also find out if the hotel offers any pet-sitting service, just in case you need to go sightseeing in a specific place and not allowed to bring your furry friend.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

When planning your future trip to these locations, you won’t have to worry about that at all. The memories you make with your special companion will last a lifetime. While taking a trip tomorrow is not possible everywhere, we can use this time to plan the perfect adventure. Check out the top countries for pet-friendly travel in the Americas, Asia, and Europe to start preparing your itinerary for you and your pet, today.


woman and her dog

The Swiss really go the extra mile to ensure that your pet-friendly experience is of the highest quality. Restaurants even make it a priority to offer your dog water and treats. Have you heard of the fondue tram? Well, your dog can even enjoy this delicious and cheesy experience with you too, for a small fee of course. Enjoy hundreds of hikes in the Alps to walks around the stunning cities such as Zurich and Geneva. Your furry friend will adore your trip to Switzerland together.

The United States

man and his dog

It’s no surprise that with over 60 parks protected by the National Park Service, the United States is one of the best places to go with your four-legged friend. From road trips to outdoor monuments and sight-seeing in pet-friendly cities like Chicago, Seattle, and San Diego. To beach getaways in Florida, from coast to coast there are thousands of travel destinations to visit with your pet. Pick the perfect pet-friendly accommodation on CuddlyNest, and start planning the adventure you and your furry friend have always dreamt of.


Black and white dog running on a green park during the day.

The doors of almost every establishment are open to pets in Germany. Known as one of the most pet-friendly countries in the world, Germany takes a lot of pride in their animals and is a global example of how to treat pets with care and respect. In fact, Berlin is home to the largest animal sanctuary in Europe. By following their pet-friendly policies you and your pet can visit the country and have a one-of-a-kind experience amongst the resident pet. You may even want to consider adopting another furry friend after learning about the adoption possibilities in Germany.


A wet German Shepherd dog standing by a lake at the foothills of the North Shore Mountains, in Vancouver, Canada.

British Columbia’s city, Vancouver, is known worldwide as one of the best places to bring your pet in North America. While there are hundreds of pet-friendly vacation rentals and hotels to visit, Canada also boasts epic road trips filled with nature fun for you and your pet. From visiting Lake Banff to taking the pet-friendly Canadian ferries where your pet will travel in ultimate comfort, there are so many ways to explore Canada with your dog or cat by your side. He or she will love traveling by both land and sea.


Dog looking at the Eiffel Tower on a cloudy autumn day in Paris.

Does your pup want a seat at the dinner table? If yes, then take your pet on a French escape. France has a pretty relaxed policy when it comes to traveling with your pets because this country deserves to be visited by everyone and everything. Looking for the perfect destination to mix fun and exploration? Take your furry friend to the Pyrennees where they can roam freely while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday break.

The Netherlands

White and brown chihuahua on a bicycle carrier.

What’s one of the best parts of visiting the Netherlands with your pet? They can ride on any public transport for free, and on trains for just 3€ for an all-day pass either in your lap or in a carrier, depending on their size. While like all destinations your pet will require the proper paperwork and vaccines to visit, The Netherlands is a great place for you and your dog to explore the many open-air outdoor attractions including parks, the Amsterdam canals, the charming neighborhoods, and more. Amsterdam was even named the most animal-friendly city in the Netherlands in 2019. We can’t wait to visit with our own pets.


Kitten up on a cherry blossom tree, in Japan.

While the busy streets of Japan’s larger cities, including Tokyo, may not seem like the best place to visit with your pet, the country has actually made major strides to promote a pet-friendly culture and atmosphere for both its residents and tourists. With almost 1,000 pet-friendly hotels, pet-friendly offices, and spacious parks, there is so much to do, see, and explore, with your pet pal. He or she will also love visiting Japan’s beautiful beaches where they can run and enjoy the water. Be sure to check Japan’s passport rules for animals before jet-setting off to the country to avoid any issues upon arrival.


Woman walking with her unleashed white poodle in Vienna, Austria.

From Vienna to Salzburg, Austria is home to many places for you to explore with your furry friend. In the capital city, you can take your pet on a cruise along the Danube river, stroll with your dog in the Ring Road and go to the famous Naschmarkt, Vienna’s outdoor market, with 120 food stalls and restaurants. Vienna also has a multitude of pet-friendly cafes and restaurants, and dogs are allowed on public transport. Small dogs traveling in a container or in a fully-enclosed bag are free of charge. Other dogs have to leash and muzzled and have a half-price ticket.

Salzburg, the Austrian city located on the border of Germany, is also a perfect pet travel destination. The city is more compact and walkable than Vienna, so you won’t have any problems strolling around with your dog when exploring the history of Salzburg by wandering around the narrow alleys of Salzburg’s Old Town.

So where will you plan your first pet-friendly getaway?

With so many places to explore, you and your pet will have a full itinerary ready for future trips. Be sure to check the pet-friendly travel policies and guidelines for both you and your pet before making any travel plans, including paperwork and vaccines. Always take the extra time to make sure you have everything, so you can avoid pre-trip mishaps and focus on the experience with your best pal. We can’t wait to hear what are the travel destinations you plan to visit. Let us know and we will provide you with the perfect pet-friendly accommodation on CuddlyNest. Find more information about pet-friendly travel on our blog.

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Corona Virus Outbreak 7 MINS READ

The 16 Best Travel Podcasts to Listen in 2020

The 16 Best Travel Podcasts to Listen in 2020

Corona Virus Outbreak 7 MINS READ

Are you looking for a way to get quick access to travel news and information? We have just the thing for you! Travel podcasts. Podcast culture has quickly risen over the past few years to become a leading medium for entertainment, news, and more. With hundreds of different shows and platforms to listen to, podcasts are one of the best ways to fill your wanderlust. We guarantee you’ll have fun while listening.

The Best Travel Podcasts in 2020:

podcast hosts

We compiled a list of the top travel podcasts to listen to in 2020. From advice during the current pandemic to tips and hacks on how to make your future travels budget-friendly, these hosts cover it all. We got the inside scoop on what sets these podcasts apart from the rest. Check them out here:

The TravelPulse Podcast:

Hosted by TravelPulse’s Eric Bowman and Dan Callahan, travelers will gain so much insight into the travel industry by tuning into this podcast. What sets them apart from the rest? “The TravelPulse Podcast cuts through all the noise and brings you the most important and relevant news from around the world,” says Bowman. “Everything from travel advisors looking for advice on where to send clients, to travelers that love learning about trends.” This podcast will provide you with the ins and outs on all sides of the travel spectrum.

REI’s Wild Ideas Worth Living:

Wild Ideas Worth Living, hosted by Shelby Stanger is all about making your wild dreams and ideas a reality. “Part of living wildly is staying healthy, mentally, and physically.” From better breathing and changing up your routine during this current pandemic, there is still a lot of adventure to be had. REI and Shelby will guide you on excursions through their episodes. Keep an eye out for Shelby’s podcast Vitamin Joy, launching soon.

Wander Woman:

Brought to you by award-winning travel writer, photographer, and broadcaster, Phoebe Smith, Wander Woman is a place to explore off-the-beaten-track. This podcast will give you incredible insight into what it means to be a solo female explorer. What’s our favorite part about Phoebe’s podcast – Wander Woman of the Month. “The key is to ask lots of questions, dig a little deeper and wherever you go, go with an open mind,” says Phoebe. We couldn’t agree more.

couple traveling

Women Who Travel – Condé Nast:

Featuring over 100 stories by real female travelers, Condé Nast’s podcast is all about empowerment and smart travel for women. “A women’s place is wherever she chooses.” From Jane Goodall’s influence on how we can all be better travelers to inspiration during a time of uncertainty, WWT offers a safe and welcoming community for women across the globe.

Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg:

Running his podcast for the last 12 years, and a radio show for the last 20, Peter Greenberg is a true professional traveler. For Peter, it’s all about the conversation and giving his audience the information that can’t find anywhere else. “There are three things people want to know about today…health, finance, and travel,” says Peter. He guides his audience on how not to be a victim of simple travel mistakes and errors. We live for the fun we can have when traveling safely and smartly. Travel Today with Peter will guide you on the right path.

Amateur Traveler:

Amateur Traveler has more than 700 episodes to choose from, and you can join along to hear about every adventure of Chris Christensen. What’s Chris’s key to keeping his audience informed and up to date when planning their travels? He’s already been there. This means he can give you all the ins and outs, in an episode. Tune in every week to explore a new destination. When listening to Amateur Traveler, you’ll have a full travel list ready by the time we can explore again.

The Travel Diaries:

The Travel Diaries with Holly Rubinstein includes traveling vicariously through her fun and entertaining episodes. “Listening to this podcast is a great opportunity for people to be transported to far-off lands from the comfort of their homes. It’s wanderlust guaranteed,” says Holly. From virtual tours and experiences to making your bucket list, listen to episodes with special guests, and let your travels take you virtually anywhere.

RV Miles Podcast:

“We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Today Show’ for RVers and other road travelers,” says podcast host Abigail Trabue. Offering entertainment, interviews, and tips, there is something for anyone looking to hit the open road. Abigail and her family are full-time RV travelers, for the last three and a half years, calling everywhere they explore home. Now is the perfect time to tune in and learn how to explore the great outdoors from the comfort of an RV. You can find their other podcasts See America and America’s National Parks for additional episodes.

podcast listener

The World Nomads:

The World Nomads Podcast is a go-to for real-life stories and testimonials to give you the best insight for travelers who love a nomadic lifestyle. Phil and Kim have created a network of people who know a destination inside and out. Those experts share everything a traveler needs to know before visiting a destination. “The true joy of travel is forging your own path,” says Phil. From healthy doses of inspiration to ways to face future travel, this travel podcast offers facts and fun all in one.

Indie Travel Podcast:

Hosts Craig and Linda began a new adventure through the Indie Travel Podcast, launched in 2006. Together, Craig and Linda guide their listeners through everything from how to travel with kids to how to pack your suitcase. There are so many parts of travel one may not even consider when planning or preparing for a trip. This travel podcast is the place to go to make sure you don’t miss a single step.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie:

What if you could explore the world without breaking the bank? You know, at CuddlyNest we have the best price for every stay, and Jackie Nourse gives incredible tips for budget-friendly adventures on her podcast JUMP With Traveling Jackie, formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler. We make the perfect pair. Loved her positivity, if you are looking to feel empowered while seeing the world, JUMP with Traveling Jackie is the best travel podcast for you.

Armchair Explorer:

“Every adventure begins in the imagination. The Armchair Explorer is all about firing that imagination up.” Aaron Miller has created a world for each of his listeners to explore. What makes this travel podcast so unique? It is made in a documentary-style format and set to music to create a storytelling experience. We want to immerse ourselves in this world, too. A place for adventure and action, that’s the Armchair Explorer way.

Food Fun Travel – The Dish:

Mixing three of our favorite things, food, fun, and travel, this podcast satisfies our thirst for new experiences. “The Dish” food and travel show is hosted by Tommo & Megsy, two food and travel bloggers who have visited 95 countries seeking the best “Food Worth Traveling For”. Enjoy learning about their favorite dishes from around the globe and the insane adventures they had to go through to find these delicacies.

Extra Pack of Peanuts:

The Extra Pack of Peanuts travel podcast was formerly hosted by Travis and Heather, a couple who has been obsessed with traveling the world since 2010. Now, the podcast is hosted only by Travis, which teaches you everything you need to know about budget travel. On Extra Pack of Peanuts, Travis also interviews some of the world’s most renowned travelers, as well as giving practical advice on how to use frequent flyer miles, find cheap hotels, and travel on a budget. A brand new episode of this travel podcast is released every Tuesday.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast:

“A show for travel lovers”. This is the best way to describe the Thoughtful Travel Podcast by Amanda Kendle. In each episode, Amanda shares travel stories from fellow travel addicts on a range of interesting topics, which will take you on a journey around the world. From traveling with grandchildren to the best writing retreats around the world, these will surely feed your Wanderlust spirit and put you in the mood for some travel adventures.

Travel With Rick Steves:

Rick Steves is the United State’s leading authority when it comes to European travel. He’s a travel writer who encourages people to explore less-touristy destinations and to fully become immersed in the local way of life. Since 2005, he has been running his own travel show “Travel with Rick Steves”, which also has a podcast version where Rick brings you a weekly interesting conversation about travel, cultures, and people from around the globe.

We hope you enjoyed tuning in with us! We can’t wait to hear what travel podcasts you listen to. Don’t forget to let us know.

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 provides all accommodations to all travelers at an unbeatable price. This blog post is the eighth post in a series by the CuddlyNest team, on the Coronavirus Outbreak. To see more information about our policies please visit our response page.

Cuisine Crawl 4 MINS READ

Mexican Food vs. Tex-Mex

Mexican Food vs. Tex-Mex

Cuisine Crawl 4 MINS READ

FoodAmericasHolidays and Festivals Around the WorldNutritionTips

Have you ever wondered what the difference between Tex-Mex vs Mexican food is? If so, this blog post is for you! We recently watched Taco Chronicles on Netflix, which made us think, “What is the difference between Tex-Mex vs Mexican food? So if you’ve been pondering this question just like we have, read on as we delve deeper into this common query.

mexican food tacos

The fifth of May is an important day for many Americans and Mexicans, as it celebrates Cinco de Mayo, or Mexican Independence day. Just like Mexican food and Tex-Mex, this holiday has its own misconceptions. We are going to debunk myths about the celebrations surrounding this holiday. As well as the difference between the two delicious cuisines.

Cinco de Mayo: Why is it celebrated?

Cinco de Mayo is a United States holiday that celebrates Mexico’s Independence Day. However, this is a very famous misconception, as Mexico’s Independence Day is actually September 16, 1810. In Mexico, this day marks the “Battle of Puebla.” This battle was fought on May 5, 1862, between Mexico and France. The Mexicans unexpectedly defeated the French, thus they were able to keep the independence they already had.

cinco de mayo history

Why Cinco de Mayo is really a celebration of Mexican Food:

Two years after Mexico won the Battle of Puebla, the U.S. began celebrating Mexican culture on May 5th. Since then, millions of Americans celebrate this tradition every year. From festive parades and dancing in the streets to large tables of nachos and enchiladas, this celebration is all about food and fiesta.

cinco de mayo dancing

Food and Drink Consumption in the U.S. on Cinco de Mayo:

  • According to the cocktail market, about 126 million liters of tequila were consumed on Cinco de Mayo in 2019. It is also the seventh-largest beer-drinking holiday.
  • The California Avocado Commission says that about 87 million avocados were consumed on Cinco de Mayo in 2017.
  • Fiesta Broadway is the largest celebration of Cinco de Mayo. It is held every year in Los Angeles, California.
  • Mole Poblano is the official holiday dish.
  • There are over 360 tortilla factories in the U.S. that contribute to the production of tortillas.

mexican food margaritas

Mexican Food vs. Tex-Mex: What’s the difference?

In order to truly celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you need to know the difference between Mexican food and Tex-Mex.

  • The term Tex-Mex is short for Tex-Mexican (Texas and Mexican), a combination of both American and Mexican cuisines.
  • The most notable difference between the two cuisines is the ingredients. In almost all Tex-Mex dishes, cumin is the main ingredient, however, most traditional Mexican dishes don’t include it at all. Traditional Mexican plates use ingredients such as chile peppers, oregano, cacao, cilantro, and more.
  • Tex-Mex taco shells are typically hard tortilla shells, while Mexican taco recipes call for soft corn tortillas.
  • If you find cheddar on your Mexican food, then it is a Tex-Mex dish. Mexicans always use white or yellow cheese.
  • Many typical Mexican dishes including enchiladas, tacos, and more belong to both Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. However, Tex-Mex prepares them with their own flavors and style.

Iconic Tex-Mex Dishes

Here we’ve listed a few iconic tex-mex dishes to give you some ideas about what to eat during your next Cinco de Mayo celebration!

  • Chili con Carne: Chili con Carne is a classic Tex-Mex dish made of chili, which is chilis, chicken broth, and your own (or others) secret ingredients, and Carne, either chicken, beef, or pork. If you haven’t tried traditional Chili con Carne before, then what are you waiting for?
  • Steak Fajitas: Fajitas are grilled meats usually served on a taco and doused with delicious spices and toppings. A definite must-have during your next traditional Tex-Mex celebration.
  • Queso: Queso has been described as one of the pillars of Tex-Mex cuisine, and is even sometimes referred to as the “national party dip of Texas”. Essentially gooey, melted yellow cheese with green chiles, you’ll be able to find this dish almost anywhere Tex-Mex food is served.

Iconic Mexican Dishes

Mexican cuisine is a diverse and massive array of cultures and ingredients, so it’s hard to list just a few dishes. However, we’ve listed a few traditional Mexican foods here just to give you an idea of what Mexican cuisine offers.

  • Tacos: Tacos are a hugely popular Mexican food all over the world, and for good reason. At its most basic, tacos are small tortillas filled with cheeses, sauce, and fillings such as meat, beans, or vegetables. Traditionally, a Mexican taco is very basic, and rarely contains more than just meat and some sauce and few toppings.
  • Enchiladas: Enchiladas were made for cheese lovers! A large tortilla stuffed with veggies, beans, and meat, then covered in cheese and baked, this mouthwatering dish is a Mexican classic and one you won’t want to miss.

 We hope you learned a thing or two, about Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy your feast, and don’t forget to let us know what you make at home.

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Corona Virus Outbreak 2 MINS READ

CuddlyNest Launches Plan Now, Stay Later Logo and Slogan

CuddlyNest Launches Plan Now, Stay Later Logo and Slogan

Corona Virus Outbreak 2 MINS READ

CuddlyNest Launches Plan Now, Stay Later Logo and Slogan

CuddlyNest, the booking platform with all accommodations for all travelers at the most unbeatable price has added “Plan Now, Stay Later” to their “Browse. Book. Stay.” slogan, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plan Now, Stay Later

With the inclusion of “Plan Now, Stay Later” in its mantra, the booking platform, with over one million accommodations worldwide, has also altered its logo to demonstrate social distancing with its birds flying in opposite directions. The edit to the logo and slogan has been made across the platform’s social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, PinterestLinkedIn, and Youtube.

CuddlyNest’s Partner & COO, Ritesh Raj says, “We wanted to clearly show that social distancing and adhering to the policies set by the CDC is a priority of our business. While travel is at the core of what we offer, we want to encourage our guests to stay home at this time. We also want to help guide them in planning a safe and incredible getaway in the future.

CuddlyNest continues its efforts in providing the travel community with information, tips, inspiration, and guides for future travel.

The travel industry and the global community are seeing a major set back right now, but we will overcome this pandemic stronger than ever. With the support of our team, families, and friends, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to explore our beautiful destinations again, very soon,” says Raj.

The CuddlyNest support team is working endlessly to ensure that the safety of its guests, hosts, and partners is the top priority. The platform has a banner located on its homepage that directs to its response page, which answers all COVID-19 related questions. The support team can be reached on the website’s contact page, and at [email protected].

For more information on CuddlyNest’s COVID-19 Response please visit, here.

About CuddlyNest:

An Orlando, Florida, based start-up, CuddlyNest is a fourth-year start-up and has grown exponentially since, offering reliable bookings at over one million properties all around the world. CuddlyNest’s mission is to offer all travelers all accommodations at an unbeatable price. The online rental marketplace created an innovative booking fee-sharing model that has been the key to the company’s success. Having the lowest aggregate commission fee in the market allows property managers to be in charge of their earnings while providing guests with the lowest booking price in the market.

Cuisine Crawl 5 MINS READ

5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Alicante, Spain

5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Alicante, Spain

Cuisine Crawl 5 MINS READ

Traveling to Spain, or even Italy and Portugal may be at times burdensome for those thriving on vegan diets. Filled with hearty meats, super fresh seafood, cheese, and other animal source foods, these countries’ typical dishes are delicious, but not suitable for everyone. So, if you’re vegan, a good idea when traveling is to look up vegan-friendly options on your destination beforehand.

Known for its soulful cuisine, Spain sure offers a myriad of delicacies that are filled with meat and seafood, but you should know that the country also has amazing vegan restaurants, from North to South. In fact, Spain grows almost all known varieties of fruits and vegetables, and thanks to its privileged location in the Mediterranean basin, the country produces almost ten million tons of fruit annually. Spain’s healthy supply of fresh fruits and vegetables includes apricots, artichokes, onions, berries, oranges, cherries, and several types of peppers.

And, in case you’re looking for a vegan-friendly destination for your next trip to Spain, you might wanna consider going to Alicante. Located in the Valencian Community, this port city has a showcase of vegan options for all tastes and budgets. Plus, Alicante is filled with mind-blowing beaches, a bustling nightlife scene, and ancient gothic buildings.

Take a look at the list to find out what are the best vegan restaurants in Alicante, Spain. To which one you’ll go first?

Best Vegan Restaurants in Alicante

Purpura Project B’art

Purpura Project is both an art gallery and a vegan restaurant in Alicante, Spain. Aside from hosting art exhibitions, the restaurant offers a range of vegan and gluten-free eats made with super fresh ingredients. The restaurant serves a variety of salads, tasty main courses, and desserts, which you can eat with your hands. The bonus: craft beers and eco wines are on the menu. Definitely worth a try!

How to get to Purpura Project?

The restaurant is located in Calle San Agustín, 2. To get there, you will have to walk about 30 minutes up the city, so plan your lunchtime ahead.

What are the opening hours?

Open Mon 7pm – 11pm, Wed-Thu 1pm-4pm, Thu-Sat 8pm-11pm, Fri 12pm-4pm, Sat-Sun 1pm-4pm. Closed Tue.

Our recommendation

The staff is always friendly and recommend you the freshest food, but the CuddlyNest team loved the Battered ‘squid’ sandwich for early lunch and green rice (Arroz Verde) and vegan tiramisu for dinner.


“Bodhi” means “awakening” in Sanskrit, and that’s exactly what this vegetarian restaurant in Alicante intends to do: to awake our bodies and minds by providing us with super fresh food made with natural ingredients. One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Alicante, Boddhigreen also serves gluten-free, vegan, and raw dishes.

On their menu, you’ll find creative adaptations of typical global eats, such as tacos, burritos, pad thai, and hamburgers. Their “Bangin Burrito”, which is one of the restaurant’s specialties, combines kale, roasted vegetables, brown rice, eggplant chutney, and guacamole.

How to get to Bodhigreen?

The restaurant is located in Calle San Fernando, 46, and you can get there by bus (09, 21, 23, 24, C-6), light rail (L1, L3) or train (C1, C3).

What are the opening hours?

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday at lunchtime from 12:30 pm to 4 pm, and dinner from 8 pm to 11: 30pm.

Our recommendation

You should definitely try the restaurant’s specialties, such as the Bangin Burrito, the Raw pad Thai, the Hippie Dream “Vurger” and the Boddhi Bowl Bibimpap. All of them have vegan options. For dessert, why not order a raw chocolate and mint vegan pie or a vegan chocolate brownie?

Mish Mish

“Our food is never about the cooking of just a single dish, it is about delighting ourselves with no less than a thousand and one flavors.” This is how Mish Mish, in Alicante, describes their food. Inspired by the rich Middle Eastern flavors, this Lebanese restaurant has a concept menu (Monday-Friday), which allows you to select 3 individual Mezza dishes, together with the main dish and a dessert.

Some of the “Mezza’s” (small appetizers typical in the Middle Eastern cuisine) are the famous hummus and the baba ganoush, which is roasted eggplant, garlic, and olive oil. These can be combined with vegan options, such as stuffed vegetables and chickpea falafel. Mish Mish also has a brunch menu, in case you want to have a late Middle-Eastern breakfast.

How to get to Mish Mish?

Mish Mish is located in Plaza San Cristóbal, 8 Bajo, within a walking distance from the 1600s Concatedral d’Alacant Sant Nicolau de Bari. You can take the bus (21, 23, 24), train (C3), or light rail (L1, L3)

What are the opening hours?

The restaurant is open daily from 10 am to 11 pm. Mish Mish also has a tea room, which is open daily from 3:30 pm to 11 pm. You can also order take out!

Our recommendation

Mish Mish has more than 15 Mezza dishes for you to choose from. In case you want to stick to the basics, try the hummus or baba ganoush. But if you feel like eating something more different, order the vine leaves stuffed with rice, parsley, mint, onion, and pomegranate molasses.

Restaurante Lluvia

Lluvia is a real vegan paradise in Alicante, Spain. Inspired by Asian, Italian, and Latin American flavors, this creative restaurant will take you on a gourmet tour around the world. The dishes take fresh ingredients sourced by the Alicante Central Market.

How to get to Restaurante Lluvia?

The restaurant is placed in Calle Poeta Quintana, 20, close to the Mercado Central d’Alacant, a bustling food market with a range of vendors.

What are the opening hours?

From Mondays to Tuesdays, and Thursdays to Saturdays during lunchtime (1 pm to 4 pm), and dinner (8 pm to 11 pm). On Wednesdays during lunchtime (1 pm to 4 pm). Closed on Sundays.

Our recommendation

Sushi lovers can try their vegan Uramaki, which is stuffed with fresh peaches. Fancy some pasta? Then order the orecchiette with broccoli cream. In case you feel like eating Mexican food, eat their tacos filled with guacamole, black beans, and pico de gallo sauce.

Kambon Alicante

Kanbon is a new concept of Thai Street Food cuisine in Alicante, Spain. Filled with vegan options, this restaurant will take you straight away on a quick trip to Thailand, where you’ll be able to try dishes made by chefs from Bangkok. On the menu, there are all kinds of Thai dishes, from the most traditional ones to authentic delicacies from the Bangkok street markets.

How to get to Kanbon Alicante?

Kabon is located in Plaza de San Cristobal, 4, in the Old Town of Alicante, which is in the very heart of the city.

What are the opening hours?

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during lunchtime (12:30 pm to 4 pm) and dinner (7 pm to 11:30 pm). On Thursdays from 4 pm to 11:30 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

Our recommendation

Kanbon Alicante has a special vegan menu, where you’ll find dishes such as Thai style banana flower tempura, and the Kaeng Lueang, the famous Thai yellow curry with tofu and vegetables.

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Florida 3 MINS READ

Tips to Level up your hosting skills

Tips to Level up your hosting skills

Florida 3 MINS READ

This post is dedicated to those PM who want the experience of their guests to be unforgettable. Let’s be honest, since remote times the best publicity you can have are the positive opinions of those who have already tried it, that is, word of mouth.

There are many things that are unintentionally overlooked, small details are the ones that make the difference. You must bear in mind that your guests expect to find what they have hired will fulfill their expectations. So, we’re going to give you some simple tips that would help you learn how to turn your house into a rental property paradise, and that proof that you pay attention to detail.

1. Check the dishwasher filter

Something as simple as that tells us what state the apartment is in and what the cleaning standards are for it. So, be sure you take a look from time to time.

2. Check the coffee machine

It is very important that the coffee machine is in impeccable condition. No matter what model it is, make sure it is as good as new. There is nothing more unpleasant than starting the day with a coffee of dubious origin.

3. The shower

Something very important is to keep the shower clean. Pay attention to the corners as it is the part where the dirt accumulates. A detail would be to include a bathroom kit with the basics, it does not need to be anything special, it is simply a detail that makes the guest feel more welcome.

4. The dust of the lamps

Especially the ceiling and wall lamps. Imagine that you arrive at your holiday home and everything is impeccable. Suddenly, you look up and see a lamp full of dust and with some cobweb… All your efforts have not served at all.

5. Make sure all bulbs work

Following with the lamps, check of each and every one and make sure that the bulbs work correctly. In addition, it would be very interesting if you keep spare bulbs in case of a need during the stay of the guests.

6. Show them where the plug and the electricity box are

When you welcome your customers, make sure that you show them where the important things are like the plugs and the electricity box. Thus, if at some point the light will jump, they will know how to solve it.

7. Clocks on time

Although it may seem unimportant, it is. Think that many of the guest are in other time zones (yes, now we all have phones that tell us the exact time), but it is a nice touch to arrive at a new place and see that everything works with Swiss precision.

8. Kitchen utensils (that do not stick)

Many of your guests take an apartment with the intention of cooking in it. That is why you should check the utensils (and try them) from time to time. There is nothing worse than start cooking and realise that everything sticks.

9. Have a complete set of dishes

Easy: if you have 7 forks, make sure that there are also 7 knives and 7 spoons. It is something extremely simple but that the majority ignores. It does not need to be an super luxurious tableware, it just must be balanced.

10. First aid kit

Something that never hurts. You never know when your guests are going to have an emergency. It is not necessary to have a defibrillator, simply with some strips, a little alcohol and betadine is enough.

Have you found these tips useful? If you have any suggestions, we will be happy to hear it from you, we all benefit from universal wisdom. Remember, with Cuddlynest there is a space for everyone: book anystay everywhere.

Hacks & Tips 5 MINS READ

How to stay in shape during summer holidays

How to stay in shape during summer holidays

Hacks & Tips 5 MINS READ

Holidays are a period to unwind and have fun. Forget about everything that generates stress and dedicate time to oneself to be able to reach a state of relaxation and well-being.

It is shown that exercise is widely beneficial both for the mind and for the body. If you usually have an exercise routine, it’s time to break it. But this does not mean that you should spend a few weeks doing absolutely nothing, take advantage to do things that usually do not have time to do in the normal day to day.

General advice

  1. Forget about the clock. Disconnect. Do not put a schedule, take the opportunity to exercise when the body asks you and you want. Learn to listen to your body.
  2. Do group activities. Many times we confuse exercise with having to crush us, remember that it is your vacation and the most important thing is to have a good time with your friends and family.
  3. Do not obsess. As we have noted, neither schedules nor restrictions. Do you fancy an ice cream between hours? Ahead. There is nothing healthier than knowing how to enjoy the pleasures of life (and food), at certain times.

Vacation on the beach

If you have chosen a destination with coast, take advantage of it. You can do millions of outdoor activities that, in general, daily life does not allow us to enjoy. Do you like to swim? There is nothing better than swimming in the sea. Save 20 minutes for it. Are you going with your family? Propose them a challenge: who is able to go and return twice to the buoy faster. This can become a fantastic and fun exercise for the whole family. Swimming has many benefits such as: delays the aging process, helps increase our motor capacity, improves memory, burns many calories, makes our body more resistant and favors the proper functioning of the cardiorespiratory system.

Swimming is not your thing? Nothing happens. You can always spend 40 minutes walking the beach. It is known that walking decreases the risk of being hypertensive, and in patients with high blood pressure reduces pressure values, produces favorable effects on cholesterol, prevents the onset of diabetes, improves your sex life, increases Vitamin D levels and It helps to lose weight. You can take some time just for yourself (sometimes it is necessary to do it), and get lost with your thoughts while leaving your footprints in the sand.

On the other hand, an activity that many people practice on the beach is playing with paddles or football. Although it may not seem like it, it is an excellent exercise in which you involve the whole body. The resistance of the sand makes your legs work twice. You can get to burn 220 calories in an hour. Why not organize a championship?

Other activities that you surely do not have time to do in your day to day are: kayak, beach volleyball, surfing … You may never have tried them, so why not take advantage to do something new that who knows, could become your new hobby of the weekends.

Last thing, use new technologies to return to the origin. Summer is an excellent time to practice outdoor sports and those who are dedicated to it know it perfectly. Many gyms or professionals who work on their own, take the opportunity to form groups of short duration and offer yoga or crossfit classes that you can attend without any commitment. Google it and you will find something around your are.

Holidays in the mountains

In general, people who choose this type of vacation are self-interested in sports. Surely you have already chosen some routes that you would like to do. Well, our advice is that you take the time to take care of yourself. Do not forget that the work period is as important as the recovery period.

Give yourself a prize and reserve yourself a day at a spa or doing activities that go a little out of your mountain routine (like drinking a mojito while enjoying the views).

Holidays in a big city

Maybe this type of vacation is the most complicated to follow a program. You can always access YouTube videos with 15-minute routines that are an excellent way to start the day.

In any case, the best way to discover the most exciting places in a city is to get lost in its streets. This involves walking (sometimes walking a lot), which as we have noted before, is a great exercise. Do you like to ride a bike? Well do not hesitate, hire a bicycle tour of the city. There are companies that are dedicated to this and there are excellent tours with which you can combine culture and exercise at the same time. It sounds good, right?

If you prefer to have a time just for you and your body, do not forget that you are in a big city and that you can always go to a gym. But let’s be honest, you can do that in your city. Find new things. Most cities have a park where people go to exercise, grab your sport shoes and run it, you may even find yourself with some group practicing tai-chi who are always happy to welcome someone else in their family.

Holidays and diet = no holidays

One of the issues that most worries when it comes to staying in shape is food. We will not deny what is widely known: being in shape consists 20% of exercise and 80% of diet. But, what are holidays if you can not give yourself a whim? Well there’s the trick, some whim.

That is, do not take advantage of this time to throw away everything you have achieved. That is the big mistake of the majority (and more when there is a free buffet). Treat yourself from time to time, but do not make it the norm of your vacation. The best way is to follow a balanced diet (at all times of your life).

A balanced diet does not mean that you have to restrict foods from your list, it means that you must learn to eat well. We all know that fried foods are not the most recommended foods, just like sweets. That does not mean we should eliminate those of the list, we should simply reduce their intake. Think that if you stuff yourself with this kind of food it is likely that your energy goes down and that all those things you had planned to do during your vacations remain in thoughts. That’s why it’s important to find the balance.

In conclusion, vacations are not the time to set goals and get an excellent state. You already try that all year. Take the opportunity to do new things and have fun with your ones. It is important that you do it in a healthy and conscious way because it is the way with which you will enjoy more of your relaxing time.

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