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Jumeirah Mosque – All You Need To Know

Jumeirah Mosque – All You Need To Know

Destination Deep-Dive 5 MINS READ
Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most iconic landmarks in Dubai. The mosque is a must-visit if you’re a culture vulture seeking to soak in the history and traditions of Dubai. Over here, you can get a closer look at the intricacies of Islamic architecture and gain insights into their religion and faith.

Unlike many other mosques in the United Arab Emirates, it is open to non-Muslim visitors, making it a popular tourist destination. This cultural landmark is a key activity under the “Open Doors, Open Minds” program of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). taken by the authorities to cultivate a greater understanding of the rich Emirati and Islamic culture.

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A Brief History

Jumeirah Mosque - History

Construction of the Jumeirah Mosque began in 1976 and it took three years to be built. Inspired by Cairo’s Al Azhar Mosque, the mosque was a gift from the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the former ruler of Dubai, to his son, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the current ruler of Dubai. Today, the mosque can accommodate over 1,200 worshippers and has become a popular spot for prayer, reflection, and learning.

Design & Architecture

Jumeirah Mosque is a beautiful example of Islamic architecture, built in the medieval Fatimid style that originated in Syria and Egypt. The Fatimid style is known for its use of geometric patterns and this is visible across the facade and domes.

Jumeirah Mosque - Design

The mosque is entirely clad in white stone, which gives it a clean and elegant feel. Two minarets featuring intricate stonework flank the facade, and the large central dome is the focal point that symbolizes heaven. The lush and shaded pathway leads to an outdoor ablution space and an indoor majlis.

Inside, the main prayer hall pulls all focus with its richly decorated interiors, soothing tones of apricot, cream, and blue, geometric motifs, stained glass windows, plush green carpets, and dramatic chandeliers. Look for Quranic verses adorning the Qibla wall, also known as the prayer wall. Also check out Mihrab, a recessed niche within the Qibla wall, marking the focal point for prayer.

Jumeirah Mosque - Interiors

Jumeirah Mosque is designed to be a spiritual space. The use of white stone, geometric patterns, and natural light, all contribute to the serene atmosphere.

Stay Near Jumeirah Mosque

Plan Your Jumeirah Mosque Visit

Opening Hours

Jumeirah Mosque is open to visitors of all faiths from 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday to Thursday.

The mosque is closed to visitors on Fridays, the Islamic holy day.

Visitors are welcome to explore the mosque grounds and admire the architecture. However, they are not allowed to enter the prayer hall while prayers are being held.

Getting There

Jumeirah Mosque is situated on the northern end of Jumeirah Beach Road, opposite Dubai Marine Beach Spa and Resort.

Metro: Jumeirah Mosque is not directly accessible by metro. But you can use the Red Line to get off at Max Metro Station and then take bus X28 to Jumeirah, Grand Masjid. From here, it’s 4 min away.

Bus: 12, 8, 88, C10, X28. The nearest bus stop is Palm Strip Center – 02. It’s 2 min away.

Guided Tours

Jumeirah Mosque - Guided Tour

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) offers both public and private guided tours of the Jumeirah Mosque, six days a week. The tours are a great way to learn more about Islam, Emirati culture, and the mosque’s history. The tours are conducted in English and Arabic, and there is an entrance fee per person. If you are visiting during Ramadan, you can still tour the Jumeirah Mosque, but you will need to book in advance.

  • First Guided Tour: 10 AM
  • Second Guided Tour: 2 PM
  • Duration: 75 minutes

Dress Code

Jumeirah Mosque - Dress Code
Photo Credit: Jumeirah Mosque Official

When visiting Jumeirah Mosque, visitors are required to wear modest clothing. Men are required to wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. Women are required to wear loose-fitting clothing that covers their arms and legs. Women are also required to wear a head scarf. Kandooras (the Emirati dress for men) and Abayas (the Emirati dress for women) can be borrowed for visitors wearing clothes that don’t meet requirements.


Photography is permitted at Jumeirah Mosque. In fact, it is one of the most photographed mosques in Dubai. However, visitors are expected to be respectful of worshippers and should avoid using flash and taking photos of people while they are praying.

Jumeirah Mosque - The most photographed mosque


  • It is ideal to reach the mosque 15 minutes before your guided visit for a smoother entry.
  • It’s customary to remove your shoes before entering the mosque.
  • Avoid peak heat hours, especially midday. Evenings are ideal to appreciate the intricate details.
  • Be prepared to follow the law and respect local traditions even if you are not religious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-Muslims visit the Jumeirah Mosque?

Yes, Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai open to non-Muslims. As part of the “Open Doors, Open Minds” program, it welcomes visitors of all faiths to promote cultural exchange and understanding of Islam.

Is there a dress code for people visiting Jumeirah Mosque?

Yes, respectful and traditional clothing is required. For both men and women, clothing should cover the shoulders and knees. Women are also required to cover their heads. The mosque provides rentals for those who aren’t appropriately dressed.

Are there guided tours available at Jumeirah Mosque?

Yes, Jumeirah Mosque offers guided tours through the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours provide a deeper understanding of the mosque’s beautiful architecture, Islamic traditions, and culture.

Can you visit Jumeirah Mosque without a guided tour?

Yes, visitors are encouraged to explore the mosque at their own pace, and there is plenty of signage around to help explain different facets of the building.

What’s the best time to visit Jumeirah Mosque?

The mosque can get crowded, so weekdays outside of prayer times are generally recommended for a quieter visit. You can also time your visit according to the guided tours that are regularly conducted.

Where can I stay near Jumeirah Mosque?

Mercure Gold Hotel Al Mina Road Dubai, ibis Styles Dubai Jumeira, and Hyatt Place Dubai Jumeirah are some of the many hotels situated nearby. They offer comfort and respite and are conveniently located to aid your exploration of the mosque to the fullest.

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