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Help Guide

Managing Your Account

Signing Up:

Q. How do I create an account?

A. To Create an account you can use either of the following method to sign up i.e.

    Sign up with Google

    Sign up with Facebook

    Sign up with Email

Q. How do I cancel my account?

A. To cancel your account go to Account > Settings > Cancel my account.

Canceling your account also cancels your Any Reservation List.

Q. Can deactivate my account?

A. has the rights to deactivate your account if you do not adhere to the terms of policy. Your account can also be deactivated during the verification stage. The account can be deactivated for many reasons including falsifying data, or providing incomplete or irrelevant data. When your account is deactivated, you may not be able to receive assistance from Customer Support, access the platform, your account or content

Managing Your Profile:

Q. How can I edit my Profile?

A. To edit your profile information click on the name of your profile, click on the Edit Profile Button, then use the menu on the left to select the different sections of your profile to edit.

There are five sections you can edit.

Profile: From here basic info can be changed phone number, email your address etc.

Photo: From here you can upload your photo from the computer, mobile or tablet. Make sure your image is clear for everyone to see as it is a compulsory requirement.

Trust and Verification: Add verifications to complete your Verified ID.

Reviews: After you have completed your reservation, you can now write or read reviews in the section of your listings as well as others.

View Profile: Displays an overall view of the profile which is shown to others.

Q. Why is photo compulsory for my profile?

A. Your profile acts like a resume which is disclosed to other members. Having a good profile is a great way to for visitors to learn about you. It also helps in developing trust and safety amongst the CuddlyNest community.

Q. What do I need to have a great profile?

A. To have a great profile you must include: at least one photo, a verified ID, A description of yourself in 100 characters, you can talk about your interests and hobbies etc.

Verifying Your Account:

Q. Why do I have to verify my Profile?

A. Verification is a way to connect your CuddlyNest profile with other personal information about yourself such as phone, email or Facebook account. Verification provides a sense of trust amongst the Cuddlynest community.

Q. How do I verify my account?

A. To verify your account go to Edit Profile > Trust and Verification.

The following methods are available for the verification:

Phone Number: Would be shared with the guests or the hosts once the reservation has been approved

Email: You would receive a confirmation mail

Online ID: Connect your Cuddlynest profile to Google or Facebook account

Q. What is a Verified ID?

A. Verified ID is a process to build trust amongst the xyz community as well as provide you with the information when you decide to stay or host.

The verified ID works by connecting your profile to other information:

  • Connect another online profile to your Cuddlynest account i.e. Google+ or Facebook
  • Upload Photo and Provide your email and phone number
  • Take a photo or upload an image of your government-issued ID, such as your driver's license or passport.

Please note that we take your privacy very seriously so all the information you provide is encrypted. We won’t share your personnel details provided in the Verified ID process with the guest or host.

Security and Password:

Q. How to reset my password?

A. If you have forgotten your password or having issues in logging into your account click on the Forgot Your Password on the sign in page.

Q. How can I change My Password?

A. To change your password Visit your Security tab. Click your name in the top-right corner of the website, select Account, then click Security in the menu on the left side of your screen.

Look for the Change Your Password section and follow the given instructions

Q. How to change the email which I use for the website?

A. To change the email address you use on Cuddlynest, click your name at the top of Cuddlynest, click on Edit Profile then on Email Address and enter the email address you want to use, then click Save at the bottom of the page.


Q. I am not receiving email notifications?

A. There are multiple reasons for not receiving email notifications. You need to check your email notification setting, make Sure your email is correct and check your Spam Folder and Inbox.

Guest Refund Policy:

If any travel inconvenience arises because the listing doesn’t meet CuddlyNest standards, a guest may be eligible for a refund in compliance with the Guest Refund Policy.

Every listing on CuddlyNest platform must be consistent with its description provided by the host and minimum quality standards of safety, access, and cleanliness of all listings on CuddlyNest platform should be met.

A travel inconvenience is categorized within the following criteria:

  1. The accommodation is not safe, not generally clean, or not consistent with the property description on CuddlyNest.
  2. The host fails to provide the guest with the ability to access the accommodation, or the host cancels the reservation 24 hours or less ahead of the scheduled start of the reservation.
  3. The description of the property listing on CuddlyNest is different from the material condition of the property; such as difference in location, size, amenities, etc.

If a travel inconvenience arises, CuddlyNest will (at our discretion) either refund the guest -the amount of a guest refund will depend on the nature of the travel inconvenience, or provide a comparable accommodation for unused nights left in the guest’s reservation.

A guest will need to submit a valid claim for a refund. A valid claim is submitted after fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Having used all reasonable efforts to reach a resolution with the host prior to submitting a claim.
  2. Not having directly or indirectly caused the travel inconvenience.
  3. Notifying CuddlyNest of the travel inconvenience within 24 hours of the reservation start time, and providing evidence of the issue (photos or other evidence.)


Please Contact Us if you have more questions regarding the Guest Refund Policy.