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CuddlyNest personal safety policies

Booking and staying with our hosts is safe.

We always make sure of it with a regularly inspected properties, professional property management, and our Guest Refund policy.

Guest Refund Policy makes it possible for a guest to be refunded in case of those specific circumstances.

These circumstances include failure to meet CuddlyNest standards, such as safety, cleanliness, and guest access to the rental.

In those circumstances, CuddlyNest either refunds the guest or assigns a comparable accommodation for unused nights left in the reservation.

To read more about the refund policy, click here.

Property Damage Protection and Refund

If CuddlyNest has received a report with an evidence of the damage demanding to release the security deposit, we always consider both parties’ opinions.

We will open a case, contact the guest and the host separately and solve the problem following the best mediation practices.

The refund will be then released to either of sides upon the conflict resolution.


How to Save the listing to Wishlist

To save the listing to your Wishlist and come back to it later, please go to the listing and press “Save to Wishlist” button on the right-hand side of the listing.

It will then appear in your Wishlist under your profile as soon as you are logged in.

How to manage My Trips

To manage and track your trips, please go to “My Trips” on your profile.

There, you can keep track on your bookings, pending and approved reservations and other trip-related details.


How to contact the host in advance

To contact the host even before booking, please go to the listing description and click the button “Contact Guest.”

You can also message the guest when booking the place ( you can find the message box on the bottom of the page.)

What does the price per night mean? Is the price listed per person or per property?

The price listed on the listing is the price per night per space, be it apartment or villa.

There may also be an additional charge for every additional guest after a certain number of guests, in case the host has stated so.

How to pay securely?

As a guest, you can pay for your listing according to what payment options the specific host allows on our platform.

We accept all major credit or debit cards along with PayPal.

We want to provide our guests and hosts with a safe and secure payment options, and therefore strongly recommend to never use any other means of payment apart from official payment options.

That way, we can always keep track on the transactions between our guests and hosts and help in case there are any issues arising on either side.

Do guests pay through your site or pay the host directly?

We strongly recommend to never bring any transaction outside of our officially provided payment options.

CuddlyNest takes both our guest as well as host safety seriously, and wishes to ensure the payment is done in a safe way in case there are any issues arising (cancellations, refunds, etc).

Please, not that we can only refund your stay and deduct the damage protection deposit in case the transaction has been carried out in a transparent and CuddlyNest-approved way.

How the reservation appears on my card or bank account

For the guest, the reservation on your card or bank account is debited once your reservation is approved and booked.

What is the service fee?

The service fee for the booking for a guest depends on the host’s preferences.

It can be as low as 0%, but it can be shared with a host (1% to 8%), or paid entirely by guest (9%).

How is the service fee calculated?

Guest pays a maximum of 9% of the booking fee.

The specific amount depends on your host’s service fee sharing preference - the host may pay part of the 9% guest’s payable.

The fee is calculated depending on the specific fee sharing preference on the basis of the booking price.

What are the additional fees?

There may be additional fees for additional guests in the property, a one-time cleaning fee or additional taxes for specific listings.

You can find the additional fees on the listing description.


How do I submit a complaint?

To submit a complaint about the property accessibility, accuracy or cleanliness, please contact CuddlyNest via Contact Us form as soon as possible.

How to change the review

Once your review is submitted, you cannot change the review manually.

To change the review submitted by yourself or wish a false review to be removed, please contact our support team via

How to write a more helpful review

To write a review that would help other guests to decide if the specific property is of a good fit, please mention the ease of communication, the accuracy of the listing and the host’s hospitality in your review.

Remember that the more precise it is, the easier it is for other CuddlyNest travellers to find their perfect place to stay.


How to cancel the reservation and get refunded?

You can cancel your reservation by going to your Dashboard, choosing the reservation you want to cancel and clicking “Cancel.”

It depends on the specific cancellation policy if your cancelled reservation will be refunded chosen by our hosts.

We offer three standardized cancellation policies: flexible, moderate and strict to protect both CuddlyNest guests and hosts.

The cancellation policy is stated on the listing just below the description.

The Flexible cancellation policy allows the guest to get a refund in full (except for service fees) up to 24 hours prior to arrival.

The Moderate policy allows for a refund of 50% in the case of cancellation up to 5 days prior the reservation.

The Strict policy listing reservation must be canceled at least 7 full days before the official local check-in time to get a full refund.

The Super strict policies refund the reservation 30 and 60 days before accordingly.

The guest can cancel the reservation by going to Dashboard, clicking “Your Trips” and “Cancel.”

In case of complaints, safety issues or other serious circumstances, Guest Refund Policy may be applicable.

What to do if I have complaints about the property?

If you have any complaints about the property, you must contact CuddlyNest in no more that=n 24 hours from check-in time.

In the case of the listing failing to meet CuddlyNest standards such as safety, cleanliness, and guest access to the rental.

In those circumstances, CuddlyNest either refunds the guest or assigns a comparable accommodation for unused nights left in the reservation.

To read more about the Guest Refund Policy, click here.

What to do, if the listing I booked is not visible on the site anymore?

Even if the listing is not available while searching only, the booking is still valid.

It means that if you have booked your stay, but cannot find the property in the search anymore, your booking is valid and you can manage or modify it by going to “Your Trips.”

What to do if the host cancels my reservation?

If the host cancels the reservation, the guest is fully refunded.

CuddlyNest may suggest some other places to stay.

Please contact our support team in case of a late cancellation.

How can I modify my reservation?

To modify your reservation, please go to “Your Trips” and click to choose the reservation.

Here, you can contact the host, change the dates of your stay or ask for other modifications in reservation.


How can I manage the rates?

You can manage the rates and pricing for your listing by going to “Your listings” and clicking on “Manage Listings”, choosing “Manage Listing and Calendar.”

Then you can edit the base price and long term discounts.

By clicking on “Calendar” you can edit the price for specific dates or time periods.

How can I hide and unhide the listing?

You can unlist the listing on the listing management page by clicking on the bottom left button and choosing to list or delist a specific listing.

You can also hide the listing from search engines by going to your account Privacy settings.


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