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Just like birds that go around town looking for twigs and leaves to build a comfortable home, we have and continue to travel the world to pick the most captivating stays for you.

We aren’t one of your usual run-of-the-mill travel companies.

We’re a brand built by world travelers who connect everyday from around the world with one vision — this time, to make YOU travel the world!


We have one mission, one goal, one purpose – to make you experience the most incredible stays of your life!

Whatever may be your budget, your style or the occasion, we strive to offer the widest range of properties no matter the kind of traveler you are.

We aim to be your one-stop shop for all things accommodation and are driven to make travel possible for anyone and everyone!


And all that variety sets us apart

From luxurious megawatt hotels and budget-friendly hostels, to one-of-a-kind vacation rentals — our range of accommodation will spoil you for choice!

CuddlyNest is the fastest-growing accommodation booking platform built for travelers, by travelers!


4 million


80 thousand



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How can we help?

Don’t know where to go? Follow us!
Can’t decide where to stay? Let us recommend.
On a tight budget? Worry not!

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Why choose us?

We understand you like nobody else. Whether you have a query, a problem or a destination on your bucket list, we’ve seen it, solved it and guess what, even been there.

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Why trust?

We always prioritize user experience and steer clear from vicious tactics and misleading pricing.

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Travel is for everyone.

Traveling solo? We’ve got you covered! Looking for spaces that fit the whole gang? Choose from our arsenal of accommodation! Want to bring your furry friends along? Our pet-friendly stays are just what you need! Looking for accessible hotels? We’ve those too!

That’s right, we really mean it when we say it.

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