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Our mission is to be the most diversified and accessible accommodation booking platform out there.

How are we doing that?

By offering every property type

Besides apartments, hotels and hostels, our catalogue of unique places to stay is the most diverse available online. Fancy the full monty, 5 star hotel experience? An intimate B&B with a fireplace? Perhaps a rustic treehouse where you’ll slumber in the clouds? If you can imagine it, trust that we’ve got a Nest to match.

By accommodating every budget

As travelers, we know all too well what it’s like to be on a budget in one currency, while visiting the land of another. Whether you’re in the mood to splurge, or need to keep a close eye on costs, we’ve made sure there are ample perfect stays no matter your budget. You decide the rate, and we’ll match it with the best value for money available.

By considering every kind of trip

Very often, the type of trip determines the type of accommodation, which is why we keep this in mind. A romantic getaway for two just 30 miles outside of your hometown calls for a very different sleeping arrangement to a 12 person hike on a different continent. No matter the venture, we’ll find you a perfectly suited place to stay.

Our Story

Founded in 2017, CuddlyNest is the fastest-growing accommodation booking platform on the planet, offering millions of properties across all types of accommodation (hotels, apartments, bungalows...) and spanning 188+ countries with no end in sight.

"We live in an unprecedented age of options. As the hospitality industry has grown to offer more and more variety, the traveler has increasingly become accustomed to the power of choice. “

Ritesh Raj, Co-founder and COO

Imaginations collided when CuddlyNest co-founders, Haitham Saead and Ritesh Raj, bonded over mutual dissatisfaction for the existing accommodation booking services available online. As frequent travelers for both work and play, they felt a lack of cohesiveness across their different itineraries, especially when budgets would vary from one trip to the next. With all of the many booking services available online, there wasn’t a single platform that could centralize all types of properties, for all types of trips and all types of travelers.

So they had no choice but to go ahead and build CuddlyNest.

Haitham’s financial expertise (owed to years with the Big Four) paired with Ritesh’s lifelong proficiency within the travel ecosystem were, shall we say, a match made in heaven. In joining forces they found they had all the right equipment to leverage into a market that was more than ready for them to walk in.

Bonds deepened at a home-away-from-home

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Group travel
Corporate travel
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Adventure travel
Romantic getaways
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It’s variety that sets us apart

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We live & breathe our values

They say if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. We stand for our values. Our avalanching expansion and soaring prosperity are directly proportionate to our upholding of core values. Whether you’re a guest, Nester or a CuddlyNest team member, you’ll sense these five values in all that we do:

Safety is Paramount

We’re committed to protecting all CuddlyNest stakeholders and uphold the highest standards of safety across all procedures.

Value Meets Variety

Remain mindful toward providing all types of accommodation, for all types of travelers, with all sorts of budgets.

Unwavering Commitment

To strive to go above and beyond for each and every customer, offering the same outstanding service and assistance to all.

We’re a global team that lives, breathes and dreams travel.

To us, travel is about far more than just a holiday.

It’s more like a language that only certain hearts can understand. We work from anywhere & everywhere; across boarders, sometimes even at sea! We’re a smart bunch, that’s for sure — tech-savvy and diverse in culture & experience.

Orlando, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Bali, Indonesia

New York, USA

Orlando, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Bali, Indonesia

New York, USA

New Delhi, India

Milan, Italy

Dubai, UAE

New Delhi, India

Milan, Italy

Dubai, UAE

Our people

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Ritesh Raj
Co-founder & COO

“ I have a knack for finding the best artisan coffee in every city I visit. Need tips? Get in touch with me. ”

Currently breaking records in types of trips taken

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Join the future of travel

Think you’ve got what it takes to revolutionize the travel industry from the inside out? Join us — we’d love to meet you!

Perks & Benefits

Competitive pay and ESOP stock options

Work from anywhere you like with flexible hours

Accelerated individual career growth

Education assistance where needed

Opportunities for professional development, team building, and events

Paid parental leave

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