The CuddlyCare Program

We know it’s been a rough couple of years.
At CuddlyNest, we genuinely care about our property owners.

Our intention is to support you every step of the way.

We’re pleased to present our CuddlyCare Program.

We’re waiving our entire service fee for both qualifying homeowners and independent property owners.

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It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the travel industry drastically.

All stakeholders were impacted in one way or another. Vacation home owners who rely on short-term rental as their primary source of income were drastically affected during this period and continue to be. Independent hotels and hostels without access to emergency capital were also harmed significantly.

At CuddlyNest, we supported our property owners through the pandemic with increased support, adjusted cancellation policies and thoughtfully tailored resources.

The unexpected circumstances took a toll on all of us, the CuddlyNest team included. It left us inspired and determined to find new ways to co-create more effectively for the benefit of our community partners — and the CuddlyCare Program is only the beginning.

The outlook for the tourism sector appears to be moving positively and we look forward to ongoing collaborations with property owners — or as we like to call them, Nesters — worldwide!

So, how does the CuddlyCare Program work?

Property owners who qualify for the CuddlyCare Program will incur no platform service fees on their listing up until to 31 December 2024. Scroll down to see if you’re eligible!

Who can apply?


Independent property owners who are listing their first or second home. Hospitality groups are not eligible to apply.

Independent property owners

Independent property owners and small business owners who are listing their hotel, B&B, or hostel. At this time, hospitality chains or franchises with two properties or more are not eligible to apply.

How do property owners apply?

Property owners can apply for the CuddlyCare benefits after listing their property via the CuddlyNest Dashboard.

Applications are vetted by a dedicated team and are considered on a case-by-case basis.

List your property

Apply to benefit from the CuddlyCare Program

Once your property is listed on CuddlyNest, use this form to submit your property for CuddlyCare consideration. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours!