5 Insurance Tips All Short-Term Rental Property Owners Should Know About

If you want to begin renting out your property on a short-term basis, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. One of the most important things to think about before committing to renting out your property is insurance.


As a property owner, you likely already have some kind of insurance…but is that enough? What other precautions should you take before renting out your home on a short-term basis? CuddlyNest has compiled a list of five insurance tips that you should know about as a potential — or current — short-term rental property owner.


1. Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t enough.

Many fledgling rental property owners believe that because they already have a killer homeowner’s policy with their insurance company, that will be enough to cover any incidents with renters. Typically 9.9 times out of 10 this isn’t the case. Most insurance companies have separate policies for home-sharing and consider making money off of your home not to be covered by your insurance.


2. Acting as a “landlord” won’t cut it.

Another common misconception about short-term property renting is that as a property owner you can essentially assume the role of a landlord, just from a short-term perspective. This also isn’t the case.


Many new short-term property owners will draw up something like a “mini lease” that explains their policies, but often these aren’t legally binding as there’s no tenant vetting process.


3. Always talk to your insurance provider beforehand.

You never want to make the mistake of allowing someone to rent out your property, only to find that damages they caused aren’t covered by your insurance because you neglected to contact them about home-sharing policy options.


Contact your insurance provider before you decide to rent out your property and explain the situation to them. Ask if your current policy covers these issues, if they cover home-sharing and, if so, which policy you need to be 100% covered.


4. Document everything.

It never hurts to keep receipts! As a short-term rental property owner or manager, it’s your job to make sure that you document the entire transaction. CuddlyNest can help with some of that, as we act as a go-between by listing your property. Other aspects of the rental, however, are up to the discretion of the owner and renter.


This is especially important if you’re a property manager. You have to constantly be on top of the policies in place by your hosts so that you’re informed.


5. Fill in insurance gaps.

Let’s say that you have a great homeowner’s policy, but it doesn’t cover your home when it’s being used as a vacation rental. What should you do?


Don’t immediately cancel your policy and get another one. Look for other policies and insurance companies that can help fill in those gaps. That’s especially important if your current insurance provider won’t cover home-sharing at all! Insurance providers like GuardHog have policies that complement pre-existing policies so that both owners and renters are protected.


Insurance isn’t just a formality — it’s a necessity. Always consider your current and potential insurance options before you let someone rent out your home.

The Best Food You Can Find in Bali

The island of Bali is particularly colorful, and so are their food options. If you want to book a vacation rental on this island nation, we’ve got a list of the best eatery options in Bali for you to take a look at.



Image result for sizzle wraps bali

Want some quick food to snack on while you’re exploring the island? Try and visit SizzleWraps. While of course, you want some Indonesian food while exploring its most beautiful island, SizzleWraps actually has some of the best Mexican food you’ll ever eat in your lifetime.


SizzleWraps specializes in wraps, tostadas, nachos and even Indonesian Nasi Goreng, all prepared in a Mexican style. Food is made fresh, prepared in front of patrons and vegan and vegetarian options ARE available.


Suka Espresso

Image result for Suka Espresso


Looking for a great cafe to frequent in between your trips to Bali beaches? Suka Espresso could be just the place for you. Their coffee is fabulous, and their food is even better.


Suka Espresso is known for having generously portioned food options at reasonable prices that aren’t inflated for tourists. Their most noted specialty is their famed avocado toast.


BLANCO par Mandif


A trip to Bali wouldn’t be complete without some fine dining. While BLANCO par Mandif is quite an expensive restaurant, the price matches the experience and the quality of the food.


BLANCO par Mandif is also an Indonesian restaurant first and foremost. If you want to experience fine dining in Indonesia, this is the place. Their best dishes are their crab and lamb options, and these always go well with a drink pairing. This isn’t a restaurant that you’ll want to go to every day, but it’s worth it to attend once or twice.


Kubu at Mandapa


For another fine dining experience, feel free to check out Kubu at Mandapa. While the food is more European and Mediterranean, Kubu at Mandapa is still a wonderful Bali restaurant experience. This again is a restaurant that you won’t want to visit nightly, but an occasional visit isn’t out of the question financially.


In that same vein, Kubu at Mandapa’s is well worth the price of admission. The food is exquisite, and their customer service always gets rave reviews.


Fat Tony’s

Image result for Fat Tony's bali

Let’s bring things back to everyday, street food. Fat Tony’s is a quaint street food restaurant in Bali that serves American food options like hamburgers, fries, grilled chicken sandwiches and more. The food is cheap but at a great quality, making it the perfect place to stop and eat if you’re looking for some comfort food that reminds you of home.


Sangsaka Restaurant

Image result for Sangsaka Restaurant bali


Finally, round out your food adventure with Indonesian food that’s more in your price range. Sangsaka Restaurant specializes in Indonesian food options that aren’t too pricey, yet still top quality. The food is modern but flavourful, filled with Indonesian spices and flavors that are absolutely delicious. Although the restaurant is rather small, the food is full of massive flavor!


There’s, even more, to explore in Bali than just the food. Find a vacation rental in Bali and begin your island adventure today.

5 Must-See Bali Tourist Attractions

In truth, every street you turn down in Bali will have something to offer you. From magnificent cityscapes to traditional architecture, Indonesia is a beautiful country — Bali is no exception.


If you want to experience the best of Bali, however, you have to go to the most beautiful and wondrous attractions available on the island. CuddlyNest has compiled a list of five different Bali tourist destinations that you definitely should stop by if you’re looking for a vacation rental on this beautiful island.


Uluwatu Temple

Bali is known for its magnificent sea temples, built to honor the sea spirits that protect the waters surrounding the beautiful island. Uluwatu Temple is one of the most picturesque and beautiful of these temples, situated on a high cliff overlooking the sea. Sunsets from this temple are absolutely breathtaking, and you must experience at least one while in Bali. While there, you may get to meet a monkey or two that live in the forest surrounding the temple.


Ubud Monkey Forest

Also called the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, the Ubud Monkey Forest is incredibly popular among tourists and locals alike. Here you can find gray long-tailed macaques, playfully living normal lives while visitors watch them swing happily and hang around the forest’s canopies. You can also find smaller temples throughout the forest with beautiful architecture and ancient guardian statues positioned outside.


Tanah Lot Temple

Indonesia is filled with historic temples, but the most iconic of all in Bali is definitely Tanah Lot. This temple isn’t just beautiful up close — from a distance; you can see a silhouette of amazing architecture as it’s perched on a giant rock. Surrounded by the ocean, Tanah Lot is dedicated specifically to sea spirits. Around the temple, on the shore, are various smaller shrines that are equally beautiful and easier to access if you’re afraid to get your feet a little wet.


Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah translates to “elephant cave”, though there are no elephants here. Instead, the cave is an artistic and archaeological landmark with massive historical value in Bali. Instead of elephants, visitors can find a massive courtyard filled with ancient relics and crumbling statues that represent the history of Bali. The most impressive part of Goa Gajah is a well-preserved rock-wall covered in intricate carvings of faces, creatures and other geometric patterns. This attraction perfectly encapsulates the archeology found in Bali, and it shouldn’t be a spot you miss when visiting the island.


Tegallang Rice Terraces


Subak is a traditional style of irrigation found in Bali, used primarily in their numerous rice fields. The Tegallang Rice Terraces are one of the more picturesque examples of their unique style of rice harvesting as the rice grows on step-laddered plains cascading up and down craggy cliffs. The views seen within the rice terraces are absolutely stunning, and you can’t see fields like this anywhere else.


Bali is waiting for you, and it’s never been easier to stay on this beautiful island. Find a CuddlyNest discount rental property on the island and begin planning your getaway today.

The 10 Best Music Festivals on the Roads Less Traveled

Been to Coachella and Burning Man and want to experience music like never before? The key is to move down the ladder, not up. If you want the best indie music in the most atmospheric locations, aim for the roads less traveled and the music festivals less frequented.


Rochester International Jazz Festival – Rochester, New York


Into jazz? This festival draws thousands of jazz artists to take the stage and takes place over 19 different venues. You’ll find smaller jazz names, genre students, and even headliners, so you get an even mix. You can also use apartment rentals here to make the most of your New York visit.

Forecastle Festival – Louisville, Kentucky


This waterfront festival occurs just off the shores of the Ohio River. While still not a big fest, it’s one of the largest in the Southeast and has seen big name headliners in the past. The real draw? The Borbon Lodge, where tons of local distilleries hand out free samples throughout the fest.


Big Dub Festival – Artemas, Pennsylvania


This burner festival is essentially Burning Man lite. It’s much cheaper, has better music selections and has just enough people to feel like you’re part of something, but not too many that you’d get claustrophobic. It’s EDM centric and also focuses on music workshops and yoga.


Festival of the Bluegrass – Lexington, Kentucky


Lexington is famous for its bluegrass, so lo and behold the biggest bluegrass festival in the country is held here. If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll find unknowns and bluegrass legends performing here, as well as live animal shows and music classes. Also, there’s a horse museum.


Crown Summer Series – Kalispell, Montana


For two days in July and August, enjoy live music acts in Montana Raceway Park, Glacier National Park’s less attractive sister area. Still, the view is great and the music’s even better.


Electric Forest – Mothbury, Michigan

The name really explains it all. Enjoy big electronic music headlines and unknowns while taking in the view of thousands of trees covered in neon lights and dayglow paint.


Sloss Music & Arts Festival – Birmingham, Alabama


Do you like live music? Do you like smelting metal? Come to Sloss Music & Arts Festival, where you can have your cake and eat it too in the venue (an old iron factory).


Rockin’ the River – Ft. Worth, Texas

Ever been to a music festival and thought “this would be so much better if I was in a river right now?” If so, Rockin’ the River is right up your alley. Hop on an inner tube and enjoy great live music for no charge at all. Avoid it if you aren’t into country style, though.

Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival – Trumansburg, NY


Finger Lakes has been called underrated by many a traveler tired of hearing about how fantastic NYC is. Their music festival lasts for four days and helps raise money for charity, and it’s famous in the Midwest. It’s known for celebrating undiscovered acts and also featuring big names on occasion.


Hinterland Music Festival – St. Charles, IA


The Hinterland Music Festival is one that’s still cheap, at about $50 a day, and big name and indie act alike play here. If you enjoy folk, rock, and country, you’ll be right at home here.