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Age is NOT a travel barrier

Age is no barrier to travel since long ago. Anyone older than 14 can fly alone, and in most hotels, it does not matter how old are you to book a room to stay. On the other side of the spectrum, the elderly travellers are enjoying their holidays much longer and going to places where they were not 50 years ago. Age segregation is now largely left to schools and housing; travelling is not the case.

What is it about age?

Although the image of friend adventure travellers are set into minds of many, along with the packaged family summer holidays, travel is not just about those young or middle-age groups of explorers. While millennials are supposed to crave new experiences, racing to discover new cities, countries, cultures, food, languages and – oh, so much more – the elderly travel, along with the youth travel is being embraced in the last decades.

Freedom from Business, Time for Travel

Latin “otium” meaning “leisure time”, a time free from business, was the best way to live to Roman upper classes, meaning you have taken care of your business and can earn the fruit of your hard work, having pleasure while doing what you love. To most of us, travel is a source of pleasure and as such, is increasingly popular amongst the elderly as well.

The proportion of the elderly is especially increasing in the West. However, our perceptions of old are changing along the way. We are becoming more efficient in ensuring a good living, health, and safety to everyone. Therefore, irrespective to their age, we can see more people travelling.

The number of candles on the birthday cake is no barrier to flying. Anyone able to walk one city block or climb one flight of stairs without shortness of breath can.

However, some barriers emerge.
In hot climates, high altitude, cold climates or air pollution can play a toll on the elderly’s travel experiences. The immune system is weaker. It means that your grandma is more likely to suffer from diarrhoea after trying street food in Vietnam or have a short breath after climbing up to the Neuschwanstein in Germany.

You may see elderly travelling to resorts and mild climates. Southern European countries, like Croatia and Portugal. Others, such as Africa, are providing the pleasure of being in nature.  Long road trips are popular, exploring the ”Bigg Apple” from New York to Boston. On the other hand, health retreats, as well as educational and cultural travel gains momentum. Concerning historic sights and landmarks, theer are new opportunities to elderly.

Young and Wholesome

Youth is travelling on their own; from sporting camps and excursions in groups to individual travel, the increasing safety is ensuring the children travel to increase.

According to WYSE Travel Confederation, every 5th traveller arriving in their destination country is a young traveller, composing 304 million travellers annually. Youth travel is one of the fastest growing segments in international tourism, according to Taleb Rifai, Former Secretary-General of UNWTO.

What do young travellers seek? They are bringing the social change, and foster communication between host populations, and champion environmental protection. Students are keener on sharing accommodation and choose green accommodation over the usual hotel room.

What to Expect

We already see the changing travel trends. Luxury travel is becoming more educated. With more wealthy elderly, who are in good health and seek new experiences. Thus, there are more health retreats available than ever before. On the other hand, young travellers are helping. They shake up the traditional tourism and flee from the developed world.

Destinations all around the world can now benefit from mobility, as anyone – the young, the old, the middle-aged – no matter their gender, age or religion – can now travel.


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cusslynest blog travel blog croatia vacation beaches holidays in europe spain florida naples dubrovnik granada alicante valencia san sebastian zaragoza madrid barcelona travel guides

Budget European Surfing Destinations

In winter, it may be tricky to maintain the physical strength and stamina until the summer season. When on vacation with your surfing friends, you do not always have to splurge on expensive airplane tickets to catch the wave. Here we suggest 4 best destinations for your surf craving this spring – and for cheap.

Image Source: Red Bull, The Big Wave Tour

Surfing Paradise Nazare, Portugal

One of the least expensive, guess what, budget, destinations for your early spring surfing getaway are to be found in Portugal. From ones craving the extreme (and we warn you, this requires a super-skill) experiences, Nazare Canyon is one of the most exciting. Yet, it may be one of the most dangerous and extreme places to get on the wave.

Some of the world ’s records are from here, amongst which was the Rodrigo Koxa. He broke the world’s record wave in 2017 on an 80-foot wave in off the coast in Praia do Norte. The record was close to death, but definitely worth it, bringing him. If you are on a safer side, we suggest opting out for Algarve for a nice swim, supporting the adrenaline junkies watching the documentary The Endless Summer portraying adventures of the surfing team.

Source: Skyticket

Surfing in Biarritz, France

Another great pick to go on Europe surfing weekend in Biarritz in France. You can find accommodation easily if start looking early on, and the best time to go being June and July. If you are not a complete beginner, then go from April up till late October. That’s the season for seasoned surfers, and Biarritz is then a good surfing destination. Do not expect to break world records here, though, as it is located in the inner side of the Bay of Biscay.

Source: Isles of Sicily Travel

Cornwall, Ireland

Are France and Portugal not your cup of tea? Ireland off Continental Europe has a good offering as well. The climate in Northern Ireland is rather mild. Also, waves are consistent, making it an excellent choice for those just starting out. But beware the summer crowds, as here it is a thing. The best places to visit are Chapel Porth, Godrevy and Gwenvor. The latter one has the longest surfing area of all.

Source: Conde Nast Traveller

Algarve Surfing

We cannot help it, Portugal is one of the best spots for surfing. But if you are the one traveling in a company of s surfer, we advise you to plan going to Algarve instead of Nazare. You will love the white sandy beaches. Don’t forget taking a swimsuit with you, no matter the season you are in!


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Feminist Tourism, Debunked

Women travel, and day by day there are many more brave solo travelers. More and more female students take a gap year on their own, and more spiritual travelers go on mindfullness journeys.

This month we celebrate womanhood, just like women, men and transgender people do all around the world. While it seems like people are aware of issues, it is not a solution. Globalization is converging the standards, misconceptions and empowering women to raise for their rights and celebrate freedom all around the world. However, individual travel experiences, especially when traveling to patriarchal regions, may show another scene. CuddlyNest follows and empowers women to travel.

Here we explore the most common trends.

From the Roots of Education Trips

The travel as we know it today finds its roots in journeys by young men around Europe starting the 18th century. On great tours, nobles used to learn about science, culture, and get to know art all around the world. Travel used to be an essential part of young men’s education. Back in the day, however, only the wealthy could go on a discovery trip and culture travel.

But as recognized by UK tourism and hospitality scientists Seow and Brown, gender differences in leisure activities are changing over time. Cultural norms hold major influence. Since the nineteenth century, the golden age of travel, woman have been traveling more and more. Moreover, since the upraise of feminism and change in the social role of women in 1970s travel for women was gaining popularity. Soon after, marketers started to recognize women as independent and capable of traveling solo.

Women Who Travel: Scandalous and Immoral

Leisure travel, however, is not without its burdens. Women are still more restricted than men to travel around the world. It is, in terms of society’ s perception of their family responsibilities and the otherwise strict social norms. When going abroad and exploring other cultures, it becomes even more evident.
Today, women in India are still restricted to family responsibilities and social prejudices; women from the developing world are not usually unable to travel because of those prescribed gender roles. Asian women, for example, are considered to risk their family’s reputation by going on a public leisure trip alone. Those who step up and travel, are constrained in their travels and do not fully indulge in their leisure activities.

If you step out from Denmark, Sweden or Estonia, where gender equality is largely not problematic anymore, and enter the world of strongly religious, traditional cultures, where gender roles are highly patriarchal, as a woman born and raised in a free, equal world, then no wonder, problems arise. Violence is constraining both adult women and adolescent girls; women are objectified in the form of sexual harassment, and therefore commonly refrain from traveling to maintain harmony at home, accepting male subordination. This is to be changing, however, as more and more Islamic women are traveling, of all levels of education, income and family states. Halal tourism is on the rise, and millennial women are one of the main segments.

Transformation or Shopping?

Women travel to attractions. Women buy more souvenirs. And women trust word-of-mouth more than their male counterparts. Yet, women are not alike.
While Japanese women travelers prioritize lifelong learning, relaxation, and escape, Chinese women love to shop. Asian tourist motivations and experiences are different from each other, and even more different from women of Western origin. Dependability versus independence, group, and family versus individuals are just some of the things that matter.

For example, women from France, Italy, UK, and the US are searching self-identity, self-empowerment. They also reported an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. Think Eat Pray Love here. Just like in the iconic German movie, women in the West are willing to escape the routine. They want to put themselves out of their comfort zone.

Women and their travel motivations are diverse depending on region and strongly correlate with their social and economic statuses.


What’s Next?

We see women running solo marathons in Islamic states like Iraq. We see hijab travellers discovering the world beyond their cultural space.

What does the future hold? One can expect women to travel more frequently, go further away. We can expect them to step out of their comfort zone even in environments that are not traditionally feminist. Traditional countries as Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan are expected to experience more midi-skirted travellers and accept women without a headscarf to be as equally treated as women in hijabs.

It is not to say that every woman must jump into the adventure. Women will go on wellness getaways, luxurious ocean and river cruises. Apart from leisure, women travel for learning, history and to visit national parks. Culinary adventures and art classes’ getaways are on the edge of the traditional view of women. Therefore, these may appeal to travelers seeking meaningful and calm travel experiences.

We share the excitement with all of you women around the world. Comment below on your best travel experiences so far!


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Colorado Steamboat Springs Cuddlynest Blog

Top 6 Things to Do in the Winter in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Steamboat Springs in Colorado, you must check out some of the top things to do in the area this winter.


Snowshoe on Rabbit Ears

To take a break from your traditional skiing ventures, try snowshoeing, which allows you to have fun at a more leisurely pace. Once you see the views of the Flat Tops and Yampa Valley, you’ll be glad you chose this activity.


Night Skiing

Just because when you picture yourself skiing, it’s in the daylight – that doesn’t mean all fun starts when the sun goes down. In fact, night skiing can be even more fun. It’s a whole new experience. Wait until you see everything lit up at night as you glide through the slopes.


Hot Air Balloon Rides

Yes, even in the winter you can take an adventurous ride in a hot air balloon. If you’ve taken a ride in a hot air balloon before, nothing will beat the beautiful view of Yampa Valley when it’s coated in white snow. This activity is fun for most ages and it’s a great way to experience Steamboat Springs, even during the winter.


Snow Tubing Fun

You will leave with nothing but laughs and smiles with the family after snow tubing at Steamboat Springs. Make sure to catch a ride on the magic carpet so you can reach the top of the hill faster. You’ll want to hold on tight during your ride down on the snow tube.


Winter Carnival

When you hear of a winter carnival, you may think of the same traditional activities such as fireworks and a parade but Steamboat Springs takes a different approach. During their winter carnival they have adults on shovels that are being pulled down a street behind horses. Not to mention, the skiers that jump through fiery hoops – How much more exciting is that than other winter carnivals? It’s sure to be fun for the whole family.


… But, of course, there are still fireworks

Although fireworks are traditional, they are a staple when it comes to winter in Steamboat Springs. Come celebrate winter and watch the sky light up with gorgeous fireworks.



Have you ever went night time skiing? What did you think of it? We would love to hear.