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A Complete Guide To The Dubai Parks And Resorts

A Complete Guide To The Dubai Parks And Resorts

Activities & Adventure 7 MINS READ
riverland dubai parks and resorts

A trip to Dubai would be incomplete without a visit to the Dubai Parks And Resorts, which features the best theme parks in Dubai.

Dubai Parks And Resorts is divided into five different enthralling theme parks which feature exciting rides, attractions, themed restaurants, and other immersive experiences. The parks also feature a shopping center and three hotels within the park.

LEGOLAND® Dubai and LEGOLAND® Water Park are both extremely enjoyable, especially for kids, and are perfect for families to experience a fun LEGO-themed day with fun in the water as well as the exciting rides at LEGOLAND Dubai.

Experience Hollywood and Bollywood both at Dubai Parks And Resorts by visiting Motiongate Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai respectively. Be transported back in time while visiting Riverland, which is the gateway to these parks and doesn’t require a ticket to enter.

Ticket Prices: Ticket prices depend on how many parks you’re planning to visit over how many days. A two-park pass for one day costs AED 355, and a single park pass for one day costs AED 295.

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Theme Parks At Dubai Parks And Resorts

Motiongate Dubai

motiongate lionsgate dubai parks and resorts
Image Credit: Motiongate, Dubai Parks And Resorts

The Motiongate Dubai Park is the best park for Hollywood enthusiasts. This park is divided into four parts: Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, Smurfs Village, and Dreamworks. Each piece of the park celebrates different beloved Hollywood movies with the entire park having over 27 rides and attractions.

Some of the movies that the rides here are based on include Ghostbusters, The Hunger Games, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, The Green Hornet, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How To Train Your Dragon, and several other iconic movies.

You’ll find water rides, interactive shows, and thrilling roller coasters at Motiongate Dubai. This is one of the theme parks you shouldn’t miss at the Dubai resorts and parks.

Must-See Rides And Attractions: The Capitol Bullet Train, Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness, The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase, Smurfs Village Express, John Wick: Open Contract, Now You See Me: High Roller

Best Restaurants: Baby Brent’s Luncheonette, Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop, Dragon Flame Grill

Best Shops: Daily Variety Store, Smurfs Studios Store, Hiccup’s Workshop, Tim and Son’s Bait Shop

LEGOLAND® Water Park

legoland water park dubai
Image Credit: LEGOLAND® Water Park, Dubai Parks And Resorts

LEGOLAND® Water Park is the only water park in Dubai where all the rides can be enjoyed by kids aged between 2-12, as well as adults. Experience the adrenaline of over 20 LEGO®-themed water slides and rafts.

This theme park is perfect for a fun day out with the family. Rent a cabana to relax in, splash around in the gentle wave pool, build a LEGO® raft for the lazy river, and let your kids enjoy the DUPLO® Splash Safari as well as the huge interactive water park play area called Joker Soaker.

Must-See Rides And Attractions: Build-A-Raft River, DUPLO® Splash Safari, Joker Soaker, LEGO® Slide Racers, Splash Out

Best Restaurants: Waves Bistro

Best Shops: Bricks Beach Shop


legoland dubai
Image Credit: LEGOLAND® Dubai, Dubai Parks And Resorts

LEGOLAND® Dubai is one of the most popular theme parks in Dubai and it’s no wonder that children love it.

There’s so much for them to do here, from seeing how LEGO® bricks are made in the Factory, participating in interactive activities such as driving, flying a plane, and steering a boat at LEGO® City, and engaging in some good old building with LEGO® bricks at Imagination.

Don’t miss out on the iconic Miniland which sits at the heart of every LEGOLAND® offering a mini (yet, life-size) Dubai city built out of 20 million LEGO® bricks, in an air-conditioned environment. They’ve captured the Dubai skyline extremely accurately and this is a must-visit.

Must-See Rides And Attractions: MINILAND, Driving School, Boating School, LEGO® City Airport, Lost Kingdom Adventure, LEGO® Technic Twister

Best Restaurants: Granny’s Apple Fries, The Café, Knight’s Table, Caesar’s Pizza & Pasta Buffet

Best Shops: King’s Market, The Corner Shop

Bollywood Parks Dubai Parks And Resorts

bollywood park dubai parks and resorts
Image Credit: Travel Triangle, Bollywood Park, Dubai Parks And Resorts

Bollywood Park Dubai provides an immersive experience of the best that Bollywood has to offer. We recommend checking in advance if this part of the park is open considering that it was recently closed off for maintenance purposes.

From engaging musicals, vibrant colors and the art of how Bollywood films are made, to exciting mafia chases and 4D theatre adventures, you can experience Bollywood as if you’re a part of it, here!

Must-See Rides And Attractions: Ra One: Unleashed, Krrish: Hero’s Flight, Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh, Rajmahal Theatre of Royal Plaza, Bollywood Film Studios

Best Restaurants: Mughal-e-Azam, Spicy Dhaba

Best Shops: Maharani Sweets, Bollywood Hut, Mumbai Bazaar, Desi Emporium

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Riverland Dubai

riverland dubai parks and resorts
Image Credit: Riverland Dubai, Dubai Parks And Resorts

Riverland Dubai is the gateway to Dubai Parks And Resorts, and you don’t need a ticket to explore it. This is one of the best parts of the park and can truly transport you back in time to different parts of the world.

With accurate architectural interactive recreations of a French village from the 1600s, America in the 1950s, India under the British Raj from the 1930s, early UAE, and 19th-century Europe. You’ll find music performances and acrobats, the best restaurants in the park, and amazing retail shops.

Admire the medieval buildings while taking a relaxing stroll here.

Best Restaurants: Viva Ristorante, Bol Gappa, Costa Coffee, The Keg

Best Shops: Maharaja, Wired Up, Feet First (foot massage center)

Hotels At Dubai Parks And Resorts


lapita hotel dubai
Image Credit: Lapita Autograph Collection Hotel, Dubai Parks And Resorts

Your access to Dubai Parks And Resorts’ theme parks is unlimited when you stay at the Polynesian Lapita Autograph Collection Hotels. Enjoy every single day of your stay thoroughly by exploring the amenities of the hotel such as the Lapita Retail Shop, OLA Spa Boutique, and five different eateries, some of which even feature Polynesian cuisine.

This hotel is particularly close to Motiongate Dubai, Riverland Dubai, and the two LEGOLAND® parks. Each of their rooms exhibits meticulous attention to detail, artistic style, and luxuries like free Wi-Fi, pillowtop mattresses, exclusive balconies or terraces, and a marble bath.

If you’re looking to splurge and want to enjoy additional space, a plunge pool, a garden, and beautiful views, reserve one of the three villas.

Rove At The Park

rove at the park dubai
Image Credit: Rove At The Park Hotel, Dubai Parks And Resorts

The Rove At The Park Hotel is a one-stop destination for amazing, action-packed entertainment, inventive international food, and designer clothing at deeply discounted prices. The hotel is positioned on the right side of the city for access to District 2020, Dubai Marina, and the JBR beach, in between Motiongate Amusement Park, and The Outlet Village. Enjoy the hotel’s brightly colored funky interiors and playful atmosphere.


legoland hotel dubai
Image Credit: TimeOut, LEGOLAND® Hotel, Dubai Parks And Resorts

A family journey unlike any other begins at the LEGOLAND® Hotel, Dubai, filled with touches that the whole family will love and loads of LEGO®-themed fun.

The LEGOLAND® Hotel is a short distance from the theme park, so after a long day at the theme park, you can continue your journey there with in-room treasure hunts, a meal at the Bricks Family Restaurant, and nonstop play with LEGO®-themed entertainment and activities.

The hotel has a dragon-guarded entrance, engaging LEGO® activities, and specially designed LEGO® bedrooms that sleep up to 5 people with specific spaces for your kids!

When you stay at the hotel for one night, you get complimentary access to either LEGOLAND® Dubai or the LEGOLAND® Water Park, but when you stay for two nights, you get access to both!


What is included in Dubai Parks and Resorts?

The Dubai Parks And Resorts include three theme parks, one water park, a gateway area, a shopping outlet village, three hotels, and several restaurants and smaller retail shops. The parks in Dubai Parks And Resorts are:

  • Motiongate Dubai
  • LEGOLAND® Water Park
  • LEGOLAND® Dubai
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai
  • Riverland

The hotels in the park are:

  • LAPITA Hotel
  • Rove At The Park
  • LEGOLAND® Hotel

Who owns Dubai Parks and Resorts?

DXB Entertainments is the company that owns Dubai Parks and Resorts.

What is the dress code for Dubai parks?

You can wear comfortable water-friendly clothing and when not in the water park, you would have to be dressed appropriately in something like a long dress for women and a t-shirt and shorts for men.

How much does Dubai Parks and Resorts cost?

This completely depends on how many parks you’re planning to visit over how many days. A two-park pass for one day costs AED 355, and a single park pass for one day costs AED 295.

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