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Experiencing Wildlife Up Close At Dubai Safari Park

Experiencing Wildlife Up Close At Dubai Safari Park

Destination Deep-Dive 5 MINS READ

Dubai Safari Park, located in Al Warqa, is designed to provide a real animal experience for visitors looking for the wildest day out amid the desert city.

With over 2500 residents covering over 250 rare and nearly extinct species, spread across four distinct sections—Asian Village, African Village, Open Safari Village, and Arab Village featuring a Bedouin oasis—all carefully sourced from various zoos worldwide. Additionally, this park, an eco-friendly zoo powered chiefly by solar energy, aims to be ranked among the top 10 zoos in the world with an emphasis on animal preservation, education, and conservation.

From majestic lions and graceful giraffes to playful otters and elusive Arabian oryx, the park offers visitors a chance to witness the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom up close.

Discover the wide variety of uncommon species in the Arabian desert by exploring the 119-hectare animal sanctuary. It’s time to embark on a wildlife adventure at the most recent destination in Dubai.

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What to Expect At Dubai Safari Park

One of the highlights of Safari Park is its immersive safari experience, where visitors can embark on a guided tour through different world regions, including African, Asian, and Arabian ecosystems.

Furthermore, these regions will easily take you to the beautiful African savannah and Arabian steppes, showcasing many cultures and environments. You may participate in falconry, hunting dogs, and camel rides. Remember to take advantage of the opportunity to ride elephants and feed giraffes.

The drive-through safari experience in a sturdy, secure vehicle is the most exhilarating feature of this park. This will allow you to get up close and personal with the wild animals that wander free in Open Safari Village, including wolves, hippopotamuses, and Bengal tigers. In addition to the enormous lion and elephant drive-through exhibits in the UAE, it has the world’s first crocodile drive-through display. Additionally, there’s a 1000-seat theater with interesting raccoon and binturong performances.

The park’s Wadi area, also home to various unusual bird and animal species, offers several recreational and culinary options. It includes a kids’ play area, a ski area, and an adventure zone. Finally, one of the park’s most significant features is that it uses no energy, as solar energy powers most of its amenities.

Rianna, the tourist, says, “One of the greatest zoos and safari parks in the world. Excellent value for the money, suitable for both adults and children! They had enough cooling fans around the walkways to keep you cool even in the hot heat, and everything worked like clockwork with no problems. Magnificent!”

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A Journey Through Five Key Areas

Are you aware that the five central regions of Dubai Safari Park are African Village, Explorer Village, Asian Village, Arabian Desert Safari, and Al Wadi? However, travelers may set out on an enthralling tour across varied habitats and come across many fascinating creatures worldwide, from the Arabian desert to the African savannah. Let’s explore the magical realms of each critical area.

African Village

Step into Safari Park’s African Village to experience the true essence of Africa. African Village, which features creatures from the enormous continent of Africa, like the African elephant and the meerkat, offers tourists a genuine experience of Africa.

Arabian Desert Safari

Photo Credit: Dubai-Tickets

Inspired by the vast deserts of Western Asia, Arabian Desert Safari is a drive-through attraction. This expedition brings the historical nomadic desert of the Arabian Peninsula to life, adorned with iconic animals from the region.

The Children’s Farm or Petting Zoo is the primary attraction of Park’s Arabian Desert Safari. You may engage with the animals at the zoo with your children. It contains animals from the Arabian Peninsula, such as the Arabian wolf and oryx.

Asian Village

Photo Credit: Xplore With Us

Inspired by the elaborate architecture that the Asian continent is known for, the Asian Village is an excellent representation of the rich cultural diversity of Asia. Discover the conservation issues these animals face in the wild and explore carefully constructed habitats that mirror their native environments.

Explorer Village

Giraffes, lions, and tigers are just a few exotic creatures that may be seen up close at Explorer Village, an open area accessible by bus. Safari Journey is a unique 45-minute drive-through trip that allows you to closely see animals from Asia and Africa while traveling in one of the safari buses.

Don’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with these amazing animals and get a greater respect for the natural treasures of Asia.

Al Wadi

After all of the excitement and action, this is where you can relax. Elegant picnic areas, abundant vegetation, two eateries, and a snack shop may all be found there. This area of Safari Park is not to be missed, whether your goal is to replenish your energies or unwind in a lovely environment surrounded by ducks and swans.


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How much does it cost to go to Safari Park?

Adult day passes to Safari Park cost AED 50, while kid passes cost AED 20.

When is the ideal time to go to Dubai Safari Park?

The best months to visit Dubai Safari Park are November through March when the temperature is cold enough to allow for comfortable exploration of the facility.

How many hours are required to visit Safari Park?

Visitors usually take 4-5 hours to explore the entire park.

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